The Innovation of Natural Ingredients in Skin Care products

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arnica-montanaAre skin care products better for your skin, and less likely to be bad for rosacea sufferers, just because they contain natural ingredients ? Of course the answer to this seemingly simple question answer is not straight forward.

Regardless of the answer to this question, the interest in natural products to treat rosacea is very high – I can see this from the traffic to the blog for example. Natural ingredients provide the promise of low irritancy and high efficacy; as well as the opportunity to create marketing stories based on all the benefits of these sometimes `miracle natural ingredients’.

It is true that a handful of natural ingredients have been discovered to be beneficial in skin care products. The most promising natural treatments for rosacea sufferers include colloidal oatmeal, licorice, green tea and feverfew.

This just published paper explores the ongoing innovation in skin care that is driven by the desire to use natural ingredients. The paper specifically mentions green tea, niacinamide and feverfew as relevant to rosacea.

Innovations in natural ingredients and their use in skin care.

J Drugs Dermatol. 2010 Jun;9(6 Suppl):S72-81, Fowler JF Jr, Woolery-Lloyd H, Waldorf H, Saini R.

Natural ingredients have been used traditionally for millennia and their application in topical creams, lotions and preparations within the traditional medicines and healing traditions of many cultures has been observed. Over the last 20 years, clinical and laboratory studies have identified the benefits of an array of natural ingredients for skin care.

Consequently, a number of these ingredients and compounds are today being developed, used or considered not only for anti-aging effects, but also for use in dermatologic disorders.

Certain ingredients, such as colloidal oatmeal and aloe vera, have been identified as beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, respectively, due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

For combating acne and rosacea, green tea, niacinamide and feverfew are considered efficacious. As to hyperpigmentation and antioxidative capabilities, licorice, green tea, arbutin, soy, acai berry, turmeric and pomegranate are among those plants and compounds found to be most beneficial. Additional research is needed to determine to confirm and elucidate the benefits of these ingredients in the prevention and management of skin disease.

Over to you

Are you swayed by the use of natural ingredients in your skin care products ?

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