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Date:  Tue Apr 27, 1999  3:07 am
Subject:  [rosacea] Re: my rosacea controlling measures

Hi Suzanne,

The biggest changes for me have been in my diet and in my year-round devotion to wearing my hat.  Also very important is taking my supplements without fail and using Desitin every night.  I wear that hat everywhere I go, because it has been my experience that sunlight and fluorescent lights are two of my worst triggers.  At first it was kind of hard because I felt geeky in the hat I had and I was still having some problems with my face, but about a year ago I found this great tie-on straw hat at Target for $4.99 and it’s been with me ever since.  It has become part of my wardrobe, and I actually style my clothes around the hat!  This year when Target got them in again I bought 4 more with different color ribbons!

I found that certain shampoos and conditioners cause a problem, and I only use one kind now that doesn’t.  For me that’s Vidal Sassoon Extra Body Shampoo and Vidal Sasson Deep Moisturizing Conditioner (can’t use any of their other shampoos or conditioners).  I use warm water in the shower and completely avoid letting the water run over my face while washing my hair.  When I’m ready to wash my face I reduce the water temperature so that it’s cool.

On my face: I wash twice a day with the green Zia gel cleanser; I apply metrogel to my face twice a day and benzamycin twice a day only to my nose; in the morning I follow that with Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin lotion and Cover Girl pressed powder (both of these contain dimethicone which seems to soothe my skin); at night I follow the metrogel with the lotion again and then a thin layer of Desitin.

I avoid almost all of the known rosacea food triggers, and we have recently started eating a caveman style diet where you don’t eat any grains, beans or processed food of any kind.  It’s amazing how much bread our culture has us eating!  It’s odd switching away from bread, but we have done it gradually.  The thing I can’t give up is my bit of gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate that I eat almost daily.  This is blasphemy to the dedicated paleos, but it helps to keep me sane.  I have so many food triggers that I had cut out so many foods-it was a relief to find a diet that is considered healthy in which I can eat most of the allowed foods!  One of my worst food triggers is corn – in any form, but especially corn syrup – and I avoid it like the plague!  I drink only water or warm green tea, and limit my fruit intake.  I can have lots of fresh pears or blueberries, but only a little of most other fruits and no citrus at all.

I also make extra efforts to stay cool temperature-wise and in terms of temper.  I try to do something relaxing every day.  One of my favorites, since I do wear my hat all the time outside my house, is to wait until the sun goes down and then go for a walk in the park near our house in the twilight without my hat.  It sounds like a silly little thing, but it is so enjoyable now, and I love watching our kids chasing a ball around the park or studying the pebbles before they throw them in the stream.

That’s about all I can think of right now.  It doesn’t look like much written down this way, and yet my whole life has changed drastically!  I don’t know if any of these things are particularly important in the present state of my skin, or if the combination is what is helping, but my derm says that people would never know I have rosacea-he hasn’t seen me in a flare!

Take care.

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4 Reader Comments

  1. Larry says:

    I too am finding that diet plays a huge role in my skin. Not just my rosacea but also my oiliness and the seb derm/acne that comes with it. I’m still learning what I need to avoid but as of right now I’m gluten free with moderate success.

  2. V says:

    are you still doing well, having success with managing your rosacea Kerry? would love to have an update.

    thank you,


  3. S says:

    can you tell us what your diet consists of in more detail, see i have rosacea. but i dont have acne. i was born with it and i do hate it at times. people always mistake me for blushing. everytime i get a flare i feel like a red fat sweaty ball. like the ones we used to kick around on the kick ball field.

  4. hellie says:

    A very helpful and positive letter from kerry. Thank you terry for sharing your regimen. I will attempt to follow it where I can.

    I was always the one who just got rashes and burns and headaches from the sun where others were enjoying themselves. I have had breakouts for many years and am now an old lady and jut found out recently from a dermatologist that my “adult acne” was Rosacea.

    Have the courage to do the things you must do to avoid aggravating your Rosacea. I know it is not always easy to take evenig ,walks and eat restricted diets and all the rest of it. Good Luck.


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