My Rosacea Treatments: Rozex Gel, doryx (doxycycline), and Tinted ZincO

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My daily rosacea-beating regime has changed over the years.

I have gotten it down to the simplest and most elegant combination that I can. Everyone wants to find their ideal rosacea treatment.

Remembering that everyone is different, I hope the following might prove useful.

My main rosacea symptom was my constantly red nose.

I was a rudolph for at least 15 years.

Even while I was using Rozex Gel and on antibiotics (Bactrim and Doryx mostly) I was unsatisfied with my rosacea treatments.

I have also uploaded some photos of a rosacea flareup that set me back.

By this stage my rosacea was already 80% better.

Like most people I don’t have photos of when my rosacea was at its worst. You can also find an old photo on the profiles page.

Now I very rarely have pustules or papules and can sometimes even think about going without my tinted sunscreen.


Wash with Galderma’s Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This is a low lather cleanser, very gentle. It might not remove the strongest of grime though.

Moisturise nose and cheeks with Galderma’s Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.

Apply Rosacea Care’s (formerly Linda Sy’s) `Tinted ZincO Cream SPF 20‘. Tinted ZincO’s colouring is very good for me. Reapply in the afternoon if required.


I used to use the Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Razor and blades have once every 10 days or so with a lubricated twin razor to discourage ingrown hairs.

Previously my face is was too sensitive to shave with a blade everyday, but using Dermalogica Close Shave Oil has really helped me shave with a blade again. This is a very slippery oil, along with a lubricated twin razor (Gillette II Plus Pivot) has basically eliminated nicks and greatly reduced irritation and razor burn.


The wonderful `Tinted ZincO Cream SPF20‘ is my daily sunscreen. For me using a sunscreen every single day is important. This is another gem that took me a few years to learn.

Previous Regimes

Previous daily regimes have included the following products.


I have used these `disks’ for several years, both the brown and yellow as directed. The papules and pustules have now almost totally gone so I no longer need to use these.

Linda Sy Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin

This is a regular looking soap that has a creamy lather. For those looking for a regular soap styled cleanser this is worth a try. It cleanses as well as any I have tried. If you are going to use a moisturiser or jojoba oil after cleansing then any drying effects will be negated.

  • Linda Sy: Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin. Sadly this product is no longer available.

Linda Sy Vita-Oil

I would never have believed that gentle cleansing, moisturising and protecting my skin would sort out my rosacea. This light oil is great for the whole face. Perfect for underneath the ZincO. A guy espousing the merits of moisturising – you read it first here !

Linda Sy Acne Cover Lotion

Was a wonderful boost for my self esteem to be able to hide my red nose for the first time in more than 10 years. Quite a thick colouring especially for the nose, you need to apply it just right to get a natural look – i.e. don’t put too much on. I feel that it was part of the calming and protecting my skin regime. Sadly this product is no longer available.

  • Linda Sy: Acne Cover Lotion


I have taken antibiotics for 6-7 years on and off. Antibiotics were important while I was getting my skin under control. The dosage varied between 50mg and 100mg a day. I tapered down to 50mg every second day when I felt that I could come off them. Years ago when I had teenage acne, I took Bactrim for a while. Since being diagnosed with rosacea I was on doxycycline (doryx) for an extended period.

Rozex Gel

Also known as Metrogel, this is the bog standard rosacea treatment that will probably be offered to you first off. I was always disappointed with how effective this was. It was giving me some relief from redness and probably cut down the pustules a little. I would still get new pustules every night even when on Doxycycline and Rozex. Stopped using it as it just wasn’t a good enough solution. In fact I started the rosacea-support email group because I wanted to find better treatments.

Laser Treatment

Several years ago I had 2 Pulse Dye Laser treatments of my nose. These left black crusty scabs that eventually healed. The treatment was painful. I would not recommend this as a rosacea treatment. I was disappointed to see that I had pustules return even while the skin was healing.

More Information:

Many of these products are available via mail order from their web sites.

Linda Sy – sadly Linda Sy is no longer in business. RosaceaCare is now selling the Vita-Oil, Tinted and Untinted ZincO (called Translucent ZincO) and the Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser. See to order from their web site.

Rosacea-LTD – Order via the web site at

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151 Reader Comments

  1. John Bedford says:

    Hi Stefan:)

    Yes, this one!
    And please remember, they offer a money back guarantee if your not satisfied, but you will be don’t worry, as long as you have Rosacea, this is specifically designed for Rosacea, yes it will help with other skin conditions, but again, if you’ve got Rosacea, it will be gone in weeks.
    Also, if you wouldn’t mind please, once your Rosacea is gone, would you please recommend it on sights like this one to help others.
    Its not important if someone takes your advice or not, its the fact that you gave it which is important.
    Many thanks Stefan, oh and please let me know when your skin is clear, for me it was about 2/3 weeks and I had stage 2 Rosacea, but you wont have to wait any longer than 4, this is the maximum time period they state.
    Also, maybe drop them an email before hand, get some reassurance, I wouldn’t call unless you live in the US, as the call is expensive from the UK, well lol unless you can afford it, ask any questions you have, I did, there doctor is very friendly and there to help ok!
    There is a nice lady there called Nettie, I don’t know her personally, but have build up a friendship since my time using her products.
    Redness and Blemish cream ok, oh and there are others products on her sight, for instance lines, exma etc, but I cannot personally vouch for them as I have never used them, “just saying”

    Redness and Blemish Control

  2. Stefan says:

    John, Thank you so much for all that information.

    I’ve tried lots of difference things like all the others with rosacea and haven’t found anything that helps yet. I must admit that today I’m pretty skeptic every time buying a new product, so I’m wondering how you can be so sure about it will help everybody with rosacea. People with rosacea are very different. I’ve read about people it helped and some it didn’t, so I don’t think you can be sure that it will help me? 🙂

    I think a lot of the ingredients are interesting, therefore I think I gonna give it a try, and I will report back to you with the result.

    I have a mild rosacea, no pimples, but a red rash and the annoying flushes (that im fighting everyday). I have very sensitive skin, earlier I tried tea three oil, which is one of the ingredients in the blemish control. Unfortunately it didnt work for my skin, which got very red and irritated and burning.

    But again thank you for recommending the cream, I’m giving it a try with crossed fingers 🙂

  3. David says:

    Stefan Hi!…You are certainly correct with regards to people being different. In appearance and genes. I am 88 years and now relatively rosacea free after 35years. I am also of Aboriginal descent. Yes and I have two friends of Chinese descent both Rosacea suffers. The compaint is non selective and universally wide spread. I wont waffle on but would be interested to know if you are an Australian. If so may I offer you suggestions to help (not cure) this compaint.David

  4. Stefan says:

    Hi David.

    Thank you for your interest and your offer to help, but I’m not an Australian, but Danish.

    I’m happy that your rosacea got better, I hope to do the same.

  5. David says:

    Hi! Stefan.

    No worry.. My Mother was born in Denmark in1894.. Good luck. David

  6. John Bedford says:

    Hi Stefan

    No, you are right, I cannot be 100% sure this cream will cure your Rosacea, and this was the thought I had myself about me when I found this site… but it was two things which did it for me in my decision making, 1) After talking to them direct, which I said I did, very expensive, was told, they have only had positive feedback from customers, from people using the cream just once and are completely clear, to people that have to top up now and again to keep Rosacea free. Yes you could argue that, one could say ‘of course that’s what they are going to say’ its selling! But then the 100% money back if your not satisfied guarantee and the fact that you can actually speak to someone removed any doubts. Also, there is NO risk of damaging or hurting your skin, as they only use all natural ingredients, again, very interesting for me as like you, ive tried many other things, all involving chemicals, antibiotics, things that can only make your condition worst or maybe partly clear it for a short period of time while leaving your skin even more sensitive than it was before, hence, forcing you to move on to the next medication of a stronger substance. Never use laser or skin peels, the problem is not a cosmetic issue, its a chronic bacterial problem, and your cleanliness or hygiene has absolutely nothing to do with it.
    I actually carry a pot of the cream with me, when ever I travel, like just in case lol, but 3 years on and im yet to get a symptom, well, apart from Paranoia of it coming back lol but there’s no cure for that:)
    Mate, its totally your choice, maybe I was a little OTT in terms of enthusiasm, but that’s just because I know the benefits and effectiveness of this cream has had on me personally, and ive tried everything out there apart from skin peels and laser.
    Order a small pot to start with, that’s what I did, look hay, im not trying to sell this product, im trying to get it known, get it out there to help others, dont know if your on Facebook, but you can find me under Don’t mind disclosing who I am, don’t see the point, and especially on this subject.

    Anyway, have a think about it, if your not 100% sure then thats fare enough, just don’t use laser or peels or even antibiotics for that matter, absolutely no good for you mate.

  7. raza says:

    Hi guys

    i also suffer from rosacea from last seven years and to be honest i m sick of it and have been to many docs but same reply no so called perfect treatment. i have had mine first laser treatment about week ago and was told by doc. that it may take 2-3 treatment to get some result and now i am quite curious if it will work or not.

    Don’t know what to do?
    any suggestions guys.

  8. John Bedford says:

    No!!! Please!!!
    Do not use laser again, ever again, and im saying coz people need to understand that laser does not rid infection, it is just cosmetic thing, cool for healthy skin, not rosacea skin though.

    All im gonna add, is this, nothing else, have write too much on this product and now its just a short messege and let people get on with it.

    Hope you dont use laser again mate, please.

    Google> Purple Emu LTD and look for Redness & Blemish Control.

    End of…

  9. Unimpressed says:

    Hi John,

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to stop telling people to avoid laser treatment.

    While you personally do not like it, that does not mean it will not help some others.

    I have read this post, as I have rosacea and was hoping to read information about the Demodex mite. However I have read many posts of yours, with accompanying exclamation marks, requesting people to stop using laser and I’m quite tired of reading it. Surely once is enough?

    Thanks to all other posters here.

  10. John says:


    In response to your comment, it sounds like you are very bitter right now.

    Im guessing you have already used laser and im guessing you are not at all happy with the results, and understandably!

    If you have not used laser and you are just speculating, then please, don’t listen to a word I have to say, go and Google it yourself, you have hands, you have then internet, start being pro active about this and stop taking your frustration out on people who are trying to help, its unattractive.

    Ok Mr/Mrs anonymous, Lets do a little experiment here shall we, please, go and use laser on your problem, go and use it once, twice how ever many times you feel, then come back to this forum and post us a photo, THEN, criticizer me, and if you’ve ruined your face already, then post it today, I mean it sounds like you’ve already proven me wrong and you’ve done this laser technique, don’t hide behind words my friend, “I HAVE POSTED MY REAL NAME, I HAVE POSTED MY REAL EMAIL ADDRESS, I HAVE POSTED MY FACEBOOK IN ORDER TO MAKE MYSELF KNOWN, I HAVE EVEN POSTED MY OWN BLOODY FACE IN A BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTO.

    To be honest with you, I come across your type once in every 50 emails, I understand your frustration, but you gotta get over yourself, be my friend, im trying to help and advice you on one dam important thing, (your skin)

    Think about it !

    • Thank you John, you are trying to help people and Your info is very helpful and educational!! I did laser before seeing your info and it was a nightmare!! It made it worse….you are so right!!

  11. lynn says:

    Metro cream and locoid lipocream together is the answer worked miracles for me but the lipocream is very expensive

  12. Cyndi says:

    It has been a long while since I have made posts. I am now off the doxy completely as it had an opposite effect after a while. As soon as I took the slightest bit (I was breaking the capsules up), I could feel a tingling sensation. My capillaries had had enough and so had my intestinal tract. I pretty much don’t take as much as a tylenol
    anymore due to the damage to my digestive system. I have managed my rosacea
    with strict diet away from breads, cereals, (loaded with capillary popping niacin), and
    eating potatoes, rice, and vegetables. and meats, Found vinegar and sour fruits (strawberries,
    lemons, oranges) were big triggers. Say goodbye to milk and yogurt (which I know
    is good for the intestinal tract, but still made me break out). Say goodbye to spicy
    foods and soy sauce. Learn to eat nuts for a snack or canned peaches or pears. Make sure you don’t get the new sugar-free loaded with the artificial sugar. The corn syryp in the regular is fine.
    This is my only dessert. I was house bound and and now I am not. Contrary to
    others, I found all sunscreens to burn my face. I now use powder titanium dioxide
    with water found on ebay. This dimethicone is in everything and I hate it as it seems
    to keep the heat in on the rosacea—ouch! Don’t get upset and raise your voice-
    another flusher as well. Can’t even call the dogs in anymore and just wave my arm
    for them to come in from the yard. Diet is the only way as all meds and creams
    will eventually stop working.

  13. John Bedford says:

    Hi guys

    I always try my best to visit this group when I can, and leave the cream that did it for me, its called PURPLE EUM REDNESS AND BLEMISH CREAM, from PURPLE EMU, just type that into Google search and you will find it.

    Wont go into details about it as have had some rude comments back saying im just selling, well, there you go, you dont help, and no one gets helped, you try and help, and 5% bring you down on… just, this cream does work, ive been rosacea free for about 4 years now, and no, its not my company, but when a person, group, company, god, whatever, cures you of somthing life distroying, you tend to suport them in any way possible, and my way is recommending them.

    If you are not keen on trying this, its ok, and hope you find your cure another way.

    Good luck.


    • John, don’t let those negative people bother you. Continue your work!! Have you ever heard drinking bone broth will help due to the natural and high protein? I’m going to look up the purple eum for sure!

      Kind regards,

  14. Sherri says:

    My Dermatologist just gave me a prescription for the drug “Apprilon” in Canada. Has anyone tried it and if so, does it work? Any side effects experienced? It’s very expensive $195 for 2 mos. supply so hesitate to try unless I know it works.

  15. Hi Sherri,

    Apprilon is the name for Oracea in Canada. So all comments you see online relating to Oracea will equally related to Apprilon.


  16. Roni says:

    I have seen no mention of ocular rosacea in the posts. I have very mild stage 1 Rosacea limited to my chest. The ocular rosacea is quite painful, with a whole new set of rules. The light sensitivity, soreness and dry eye is unbearable. I am getting IPL laser right now to alleviate the blockage to the Meibomian glands with favorable results, but find lid scrubs with ocusoft eye cleanse, Restasis and avoiding eye strain, emotional tears, and computer work (my profession as a RN case manager) have reduced some symptoms. I read about 15-20% Rosacea sufferers develop stage 3 ocular symptoms. I took a prescription strength ($67) flax seed oil, Omega 3 and Evening Primrose Oil capsule recommended by my Ophthamologist, but had to stop as all the oils were causing gall bladder flare-ups (sigh). Most important are the daily hot/warm eye compresses. Rosacea care skin products have been wonderful (contains Vitamin K) for the vascular dysfunction. Latest discovery is tepid ginger tea and coconut based Lauricidin pearls, which is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibiotic product. I can’t take antibiotics because of candida overload, and abdominal distress. Please don’t ignore symptoms of ocular rosacea, it can lead to severe consequences, even blindness. Blessings to you all.

  17. Cyndi says:

    Fish oils and flax will only thin the blood and allow for more redness. I tried this and
    it made my rosacea worse!!. Alot of the tea products contain tanins and also made
    it worse. I have calmed most of my rosacea down with a low carb diet. I do not eat
    breads, pastas or cereal. Any grains are unleavened and unprocessed (no niacin, which is a flusher)
    such as oatmeal or I can eat unprcossed flour crackers such as Triscuits and be okay. If you want to settle
    this down start with a diet of meat, potatoes, and no dairy. Forget the antibiotics
    because they will only make it worse even though they do work briefly. I honestly
    believe stress is a key cause. You may not know who the stress person is or whether it is the job you have, but something is causing a deep stress in your life
    that needs to be uncovered. I tend to yell alot and that has stopped. No alcohol, no
    carbs, no stress, light excercise, and sleep on 2 pillows keeping your head elevated.
    Sunscreen burns and no products are best to be honest. There are one or two
    cover makeups that are okay. I have to use the ones with no sunscreen
    and use a topical powder titaniun dioxide mixed with water now. Easy does it
    on the skin. There is simply too much junk in these sunscreens -even Neutrogena
    for sensitive skin BURNS the living daylights out of my rosacea nose. i hate all
    of the commercial sunscreens! Way too many ingredients lead to one big OUCH
    on my skin. —-Almost
    Cured in Philadelphia
    PS–If you have candida (I did too), that is a big sign that your diet has too many
    carbs. Say hello to red meat and rice or potatoes. Say goodbye to breads. I had
    to give up being a vegetarian but plan on eventually going back once this is cured.

  18. Roni says:

    Thanks Cyndi for the comment. I am already on a Paleo diet, and only eat meat, vegetables and my protein drink. I do not eat any sugar ( unless it’s accidental) particularly potatoes as the starch …is sugar when broken down in the gut. My chronic candida is not carb related, it’s steroid related from Asthma medications ie: steroid inhaler and Prednisone, which I have to continue (or stop breathing) haha. I don’t have facial Rosacea only ocular and mild chest rosacea which I use Vanicream sunscreen for sensitive skin. ( Titanium Oxide 7.5% and Zinc Oxide 7.5%), seems quite mild and works for me. I already sleep with head elevated 30%, due to esophageal and bronchial issues and that is comfortable for me. The Omega 3 is the only oil I use now since it’s well documented to balance the Meibomian gland dysfunction in the eye lids. I also have Psoriasis of the scalp, so I have found tea tree shampoo very helpful ( I use Dr. Woods with Shea butter) since it is so drying. I’ve yet to use the 50% dilution of tea tree oil for the eye lids, I’m too scared. I have to agree with you diet and stress are big factors, and I have a moderate amount of stress because I have been unable to work , duh. I am an avid meditator, and recently started using the Silva Method (mind/body healing) CDs, which I find very soothing and helpful for my needs. I tried Doxycycline, and various anti-inflammatory eye drops, which were a waste of time since the side effects are worse than the Rosacea. I believe eye lid scrubs, refresh ointment at night, daily hair cleansing and plenty of water are my best bet. Unfortunately I can’t tolerate vitamin C, even fruit (again sugar) or I’d be eating that all day for vascular benefits. I completely stopped using any eye makeup, but I did find a mascara that is clay based, I will try and see how that works. Thanks to all posters, great stuff, and shows how individual we all are.

    • I have found Tea Tree products to be a big help with my Rosacea as for the eye problems I found a face/eye lid cleanser that makes my eyes feel so good, otherwise my eyes watered so much and I had a sty in the middle of my eye lid, it takes almost a year for all of the symptoms to go away . I used Gentle Formula, Tea Tree, eyelid and facial cleanser

  19. Cyndi says:

    Roni-I honestly believe that the Omega oil is not worth taking EVEN if it supposedly is helpful to “the glands”. Your goal is to have no rosacea. Once your rosacea is
    cured, then you can reintroduce it and see. Right now, ocular rosacea is a danger
    and you need to stop everything until it is cured. I found protein drinks to be also
    a big problem They are either made from whey (horrrible for me) or soy protein.
    Both are big instagators on top of the fake sugar (usually sucralose). I grew out of
    my severe allergies by weening myself off of the steroid sprays. I run my airconditioning even in the spring and keep it on low. I recently had surgery on
    my nose to correct a bad nose job from 16 years ago. The doctor (not a plastic
    surgeon) said I did not have enough cartilage to support breathing through my nose.
    It was really a rhinoplasty revision but somehow he got my insurance to cover it.
    I have one tiny rosacea spot from before the operation but my breathing is 100 percent better. I am still on the rosacea diet but am wondering if the lack of structure in my nose caused the rosacea there. The doctor wasn’t sure but he
    was happy I can now breathe. It was a 4 hour surgery and I am almost healed
    after 2 months. Not being able to breath properly through my nose was a huge stress. It had noticed my nose was starting to collapse in when I breathed. thank
    God , after visiting 2 other Ear Nose and Throat docs, this one noticed it, too. Now,
    I am just waiting to see if my rosacea comes back. I also am staying light on
    my heavy excercising I used to do. I am telling you my nose was chronically red
    and swollen!

  20. Andy says:

    I have to disagree with cyndi. I think a diet rich in omega 3 fats and oils especially from fish is a key contributor to overall skin health including, moisture retention, suppleness, redness etc.. Omega 3’s help to inhibit inflammatory cytokines, reducing inflammation and damage, whilst contributing to overall cognitive performance and health

  21. Kelly says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with Rosacea I have had skin issues for awhile,but now this is the label I have received. I basically have the acne type with papules. I don’t really have the flushing, but I feel like I get a new papule, pustule every day. Some itch and some hurt. It is all very frustrating. I was given Oracea and I feel it did nothing. Monodox and it makes me sick with a headache and furry throat and I have Finacea. Some type of cream. I don’t know if this is the worse it is going to be or if it will progress so I am pretty nervous. I also think I have signs of the Ocular Rosacea, but I don’t know what to do. My eyes are sensitive to light sometimes, red and dry. Oh and I also have these sores on my scalp. I hate them. They hurt and I pick at them to relieve the pain. How do I go and get my hair cut and colored with these nasty gross sores? LOL

    PS I have read many of your posts and I feel for you guys.


  22. Ashley says:

    Not to discourage you, but rosacea can worsen with time (I won’t go into details). Some people have food triggers, but I think my case started hormonally. Oracea does work, but you need to give it several months to see results. Also, do not take any calcium product at the same time. Please try not to stress out about it (I know it’s hard) since that won’t be helpful.

  23. Ricky says:

    seems all we have here is some purple guy trying to take advantage of real people in their grief. Because of his comments and others trying to “sell” their products I have no faith in anything I read here. Sad how greedy people prey on everyone. John, suggesting your product once might have got my attention but geez, give it a rest. We all know by now that you know everything and your product is a miracle cure so just shut up already.

  24. Diane Smith says:

    Is it rosacea if tiny, very itchy pustules appear all over your face? Mine are on forehead, chin, cheeks, even under my eyebrows. I have a sallow-olive complexion and no redness associated with rosacea. This is driving me nuts. Does anyone else have these symptoms? I’ve had then ten years now.

  25. debbie says:

    had bad skin all my life and rossessa now,, tired everything, nothing works …

  26. Trav says:

    I’ve suffered from very similar symptoms for quite a while. Came on out of no where about 4 years ago. Not fun to get acne on your nose and cheeks non stop, some of which can take weeks to heal.

    Is it food allergies, mites, stress, sun, alcohol, who knows? I have cut out a lot of stuff but nothing really cures it. All I know is something caused it and I’ve tried everything to fix it. After literally 50 attempts from (antibiotics to homemade skin creams) I was in a Super Supplements and told the clerk about my symptoms. She told me of a lady who came in and complained of the same thing for years then she discovered that every time she went to the hot springs, it cleared up her acne. After time, it turned out it was the sulfur from the hot springs and she told me to try some sulfur soap. They didn’t have any so I went to a local drug store and they didn’t have any as well but the clerk showed me a product Prosacea. It’s a clear sulfur gel so I bought some to try it. The tube was about $10 and has lasted me over a year. A very thin coat after washing your face with warm water does a great job at keeping my symptoms under control.

    I do get cocky thinking I’m cured and will miss days, sometimes up to a week at which time the acne does come back and then I have to get it back under control but once I do, I can again maintain my clear skin relatively well.

    I am still in search of a cure which is how I found this page. The gel I’m using has a slight sulfur smell and putting a thin layer on at night can smell like a burnt match. Since it’s on your nose, you do smell it. Not bad but you get whiffs of it which isn’t optimal but well worth the acne it prevents.

    I just checked out the cream John mentions, PURPLE EUM REDNESS AND BLEMISH CREAM by searching Google and found the ingredients:


    Ionized water with Silver ions, Emu Oil, Sulfur USP (in microencapsulated form), Blackcurrant (Ribes Nigrum) Seed Oil, Borage (Borago officinals) Seed Oil, Azelaic Acid , Primrose Oil, Safflower Oil, Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) Oil, Serine, Zinc Oxide USP(in microencapsulated form),Camphor, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Vitamin E (d¦Á Tocopherol), Grapefruit seed extract.

    Notice the third ingredient? Sulfur.

    I’m not a doctor and I’m not trying to sell anyone on any specific product but I do know sulfur appears to be the common denominator to the most effective treatment I have found. What I don’t know is the the risks of long term sulfur exposure on the skin. I also don’t know if there are other sulfur products that may be better. I only post the Prosacea gel as it has really helped me deal with my skin condition and is pretty cheap.

    Best of luck…

  27. Jo says:

    Hello David,

    I’m so grateful I found your website. After seeing dermatologists regularly for years, spending too much money on prescription drugs and suffering their side effects, all with little result, I read your articles. I started using tea tree oil and I ordered the disks from Rosacea Ltd. This has made a vast improvement in my skin and has almost totally eliminated the rosacea I’ve battled for years. If I have an occasional red spot, I put some tea tree oil on a q tip and it is usually gone in a day or so.

    Most people who have “normal” skin have no idea what a difference this can make to self-esteem and confidence every day.

    Thank you so much!!

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