My Rosacea Treatments: Rozex Gel, doryx (doxycycline), and Tinted ZincO

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My daily rosacea-beating regime has changed over the years.

I have gotten it down to the simplest and most elegant combination that I can. Everyone wants to find their ideal rosacea treatment.

Remembering that everyone is different, I hope the following might prove useful.

My main rosacea symptom was my constantly red nose.

I was a rudolph for at least 15 years.

Even while I was using Rozex Gel and on antibiotics (Bactrim and Doryx mostly) I was unsatisfied with my rosacea treatments.

I have also uploaded some photos of a rosacea flareup that set me back.

By this stage my rosacea was already 80% better.

Like most people I don’t have photos of when my rosacea was at its worst. You can also find an old photo on the profiles page.

Now I very rarely have pustules or papules and can sometimes even think about going without my tinted sunscreen.


Wash with Galderma’s Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This is a low lather cleanser, very gentle. It might not remove the strongest of grime though.

Moisturise nose and cheeks with Galderma’s Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.

Apply Rosacea Care’s (formerly Linda Sy’s) `Tinted ZincO Cream SPF 20‘. Tinted ZincO’s colouring is very good for me. Reapply in the afternoon if required.


I used to use the Panasonic Wet/Dry Electric Razor and blades have once every 10 days or so with a lubricated twin razor to discourage ingrown hairs.

Previously my face is was too sensitive to shave with a blade everyday, but using Dermalogica Close Shave Oil has really helped me shave with a blade again. This is a very slippery oil, along with a lubricated twin razor (Gillette II Plus Pivot) has basically eliminated nicks and greatly reduced irritation and razor burn.


The wonderful `Tinted ZincO Cream SPF20‘ is my daily sunscreen. For me using a sunscreen every single day is important. This is another gem that took me a few years to learn.

Previous Regimes

Previous daily regimes have included the following products.


I have used these `disks’ for several years, both the brown and yellow as directed. The papules and pustules have now almost totally gone so I no longer need to use these.

Linda Sy Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin

This is a regular looking soap that has a creamy lather. For those looking for a regular soap styled cleanser this is worth a try. It cleanses as well as any I have tried. If you are going to use a moisturiser or jojoba oil after cleansing then any drying effects will be negated.

  • Linda Sy: Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin. Sadly this product is no longer available.

Linda Sy Vita-Oil

I would never have believed that gentle cleansing, moisturising and protecting my skin would sort out my rosacea. This light oil is great for the whole face. Perfect for underneath the ZincO. A guy espousing the merits of moisturising – you read it first here !

Linda Sy Acne Cover Lotion

Was a wonderful boost for my self esteem to be able to hide my red nose for the first time in more than 10 years. Quite a thick colouring especially for the nose, you need to apply it just right to get a natural look – i.e. don’t put too much on. I feel that it was part of the calming and protecting my skin regime. Sadly this product is no longer available.

  • Linda Sy: Acne Cover Lotion


I have taken antibiotics for 6-7 years on and off. Antibiotics were important while I was getting my skin under control. The dosage varied between 50mg and 100mg a day. I tapered down to 50mg every second day when I felt that I could come off them. Years ago when I had teenage acne, I took Bactrim for a while. Since being diagnosed with rosacea I was on doxycycline (doryx) for an extended period.

Rozex Gel

Also known as Metrogel, this is the bog standard rosacea treatment that will probably be offered to you first off. I was always disappointed with how effective this was. It was giving me some relief from redness and probably cut down the pustules a little. I would still get new pustules every night even when on Doxycycline and Rozex. Stopped using it as it just wasn’t a good enough solution. In fact I started the rosacea-support email group because I wanted to find better treatments.

Laser Treatment

Several years ago I had 2 Pulse Dye Laser treatments of my nose. These left black crusty scabs that eventually healed. The treatment was painful. I would not recommend this as a rosacea treatment. I was disappointed to see that I had pustules return even while the skin was healing.

More Information:

Many of these products are available via mail order from their web sites.

Linda Sy – sadly Linda Sy is no longer in business. RosaceaCare is now selling the Vita-Oil, Tinted and Untinted ZincO (called Translucent ZincO) and the Mild Oatmeal Facial Cleanser. See to order from their web site.

Rosacea-LTD – Order via the web site at

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150 Reader Comments

  1. Kate says:

    I don’t know of a ready-made product which is both a cream/lotion and contains Jojoba — I’ve never found one which suited my needs. I’m just happy with the Vita Oil itself but I don’t have the contact lens issue.

    This website, Guide to Spas, has an excellent series of home-made all-natural cosmetics which often can be useful to concoct your own treatments or products with ingredients you control. You could always try a very small batch of one of these treatments/lotions, using Jojoba as the carrier oil.

    The downside is you may have to experiment with various recipes and you may discover allergic reactions to one ingredient or another. The upside is, you can make small batches, the investment is small, and you know the ingredients are fresh.

  2. Ashley says:

    Thanks Kate for all your help.

  3. Ashley says:

    Just wanted to know whether you felt the Bass & Boney company had good customer service. I started to kind of break out (whiteheads) a little with the Dove Sensitive Skin soap (not sure soap or humidity is the cause) and I wrote to the company whether I should switch back to Neutrogena. Someone wrote back and said I should read their website (which I have several times) and did not answer my question about whether someone might have better results with one over the other. Perhaps it doesn’t matter?

  4. Ashley says:

    Since I received no guidance from the company, I decided to stop using the Dove soap. The soap definitely was causing the breakout to spread over my face. For anyone reading this with oily skin, I would recommend not using Dove Sensitive Skin bar.

  5. Jules says:

    Has anyone used Dermarest Rosacea advanced redness I am in Australia so can’t get it but have read very good reviews so I am trying to find out if it’s good?

  6. diva says:

    hi everyone..i just found out i have rosacea, i’d like to know what’s the best solution for it without having to take any medications.

  7. Ashley says:

    Hi Diva!

    I assume you would prefer not to take oral medications, but topical ones are O.K.? Finacea, Metrogel, and Retin-A have been helpful for the p&ps. For the redness, I’m not sure because I don’t get real red in the face.

  8. DaVid G says:

    Have found Vita Oil helpful but more recently using “Hopes Relief”- slightly more effective for me and much cheaper- still looking for”perfect solution”

  9. Hates the colour red!! says:


    I have the rosacea LTD disks but have been to scared to use them in cas it made my skin worse, so now i would like to use them but have misplaced the instructions or letter that they send with it.

    Could anybody help with this?

    Kindest Regards.

  10. Hates the colour red!! says:

    P.S do the rosacea LTD disks work on redness or just p&p?

    Thanks x

  11. Ashley says:

    With the disks, your face should be wet and then glide the disks gently over the surface. I had trouble finding the right amount to apply because it comes on clear. It is supposed to be best for p&ps. Perhaps you should try a small area first, as it can be stinging to sensitive skins. It takes a while to show improvement. My face showed some improvement, but then for some reason got worse later on and I had to return the product. Hopefully, it works for you.

  12. John Bedford says:

    As a “former” Rosacea sufferer, and a person who takes alot of negertive questoning when trying to give pass on personal advice on variouse Rosacea forooms, here is the door at the end of your nightmare… I for the 1000th time am not profiting from this website because its not even mine, but I have created a Facebook group on it out of appreciation!
    Again, this is only for people who want a soloution to there Rosacea, not a short lived hope.

  13. Hates the colour red!! says:

    micamench what do you think to cover fx make up as i am thinking of trying this.

  14. Kate says:

    With respect to the discs, mine are still going strong. You wet the disk (and your face) and swipe it once around the relevant areas and let it dry. You use the beige during the day, and the yellow at night.

  15. PJ says:

    Hi all,

    I just want to corroborate John Bedfords story RE the purpleemu website….I have been using the ‘Redness and blemish control’ product for approx 3 years now for my rosacea and it has really helped matters….to the point where my rosacea is gone believe it or not! Ive had rosacea fo 5 years now + for the first 2 years had been trying alot of diff things (l-lysine, apple cider vinegar, Rosex but to no real avail). I then stumbled on another great website called where sufferers of many conditions pass on info on what has cured them just like here. Thats where I heard about the redness cream above.

    The product is available in 2 sizes, it takes approx 2-3 weeks to notice a difference, its used once or twice a day for the first few weeks (then as needed after that), is unnoticable to the eye (coloured white and blends into skin like a moisturiser), and lasts a really long time. Ive seen comments that its expensive but my tub (the larger size) has lasted me for the last 6 months and theres prob another 2 months supply left. Its all natural ingredients too which is great. I hope this is posted because I cant say enough about this stuff…………just remembering now how embarrassed I was going to work/meeting friends with tiny pustules everywhere, blushing to the point where my face started sweating (even having those minor blackouts that you sometimes get during a really bad flush) for absolutely no reason. This may not work for everyone but its certainly worked for me so best of luck.

    I HAVE JUST ONE QUESTION THOUGH……..I still blush quite easily eventhough the visible signs of rosacea are gone……Im a male so I think this may be uncommon but does anyone know what I should take to stop this???? A chinese herbalist told me I had alot of ‘heat in my body’ which I guess adds up but the unregulated medicine he gave me didnt work. I take red clover + I think it works a little but definitely not enough Im afraid. THANKS ALL

  16. Hates the colour red says:

    Why am I skeptical about this purpleemmu cream, I looked at the website also but am still unsure.

    I’m just too scared to go out and try random things in case my beautiful complexion (lol I wish) gets worse! Rosacea oh I hate you!

  17. John Bedford says:

    It is normal to be skeptical, we all are id imagon!
    I think its the hope vs dissapointment facter that comes into play when thinking about another product.
    PJ you are the first person to back up my advice in liturally 3/4 years of spreding the word on this Purple Emu Redness and Blemish cream, really, as I mentioned in the above, I recieved alot of negertive replys, one guy was even rude, but no its great, and if I can make and skeprics less skeptic, it comes with a money back garentee… but they fully well know that no one will ask for there money back because of how effectieve it is.
    As PJ said it comes in two sizes, I usually buy the large size, but last month I could only afford the small one… em think the small size is to small to be honest, even though it does last a hell of along time.
    As for the blushing PJ, I still get this, dont think theres an orfull lot you can do about it to be honest, but saying that, it is 0.1% of the problem compaired to full on Rosacea.
    I can eat what I want know, drink anything, go in the sun for how ever long, excersize, everything, without any symptoms it really is THE BEST thing going, and the fact that its all natural with no known side effect is quality.
    Be warned though, this cream acts by not attacking your Rosacea like an antibiotic, it draws the Rosacea out deep from within the skin… meaning, you WILL get a little anxiouse in the first 2/3 weeks, your skin will look worst, only for liturally a few weeks.

    But after that, trust me, its a big weight of ones shoulders… great skin for life!!!

    Again, thanks for mentioning your expeariance PJ, have never spoken to another purple emu user before:)

  18. cyndi says:

    Sorry-I don’t believe in purple emu only because it is just too superficial to
    try after already trying everything from jojoba to seabuckthorn oil and metrogel
    and sulphur products. I also tried Elidel which was 125.00 a tube with not
    one sliver of improvement. I had to cancel my last visit to see a laser specialist
    last year after the first guy was only able to calm my nose for about a week
    with the Genesis and light IPL- I have the little swelling lumps and no general
    redness. Each bump is small and hurts. They will bleed and flatten if I prick
    them with a pin though as a last resort but fill up again. Eventually, they go
    away but getting the underlying blood out makes the soreness go away. I know
    this is gross but, overall it flattens them and only leaves a tiny mark which I cover
    with makeup. Can someone let me know if they had any success with laser for
    these red bumps? I don’t have the red cheeks so it is almost a totally different
    type of disease than the red face. i have been using topical dmso lightly with
    zithromax. I am tired of taking antibiotics orally as they are making my skin
    look aged (I am 55). Topically is a less amount. Metrogel did not help and the
    Oracea was too expensive to keep up (80.00 for my last refull!). Any specifics
    on laser types would be helpful. I see posts about rosacea and lasers but no
    specifics on the type of rosacea or the type of laser. This is extremely not
    helpful at all. The types of lasers can get very complicated so I would like
    to know any real details for red bumps and swollen nose tip. Thanks!

  19. PJ says:

    Hey John (Bedford),

    totally agree that the flushing I still experience is 0.1% of the embarrassment of the Rosacea. Gone also is that horrible ‘crawling’ sensation that you feel (particularly when lying in bed at night)……I really cant say enough about that cream. To anyone still skeptical…..ask yourself is this $40 (approx – I havnt checked the price recently) worth it in comparison to the hundreds that you have probably spent already? Again, it may not work but they will refund your money if not so just go for it.

    John – I forgot to mention that I also use Sage Leaf (available in health food shops as capsules) for the flushing. This has definitely helped but Im still searching for that magic gem that will keep it in complete check…..I know its out there so I’ll just have to keep searching!!

    I have noticed that if I get a cold/the flu I dont get these flushes, even to the point where I kinda enjoy having the flu as it at least means I wont get them, sounds weird that doesnt it! Anyway, my point is that my body somehow stops producing these hormones or triggers (or whatever) that lead to flushes when Im sick so Im thinking theres a link there somewhere…..what isnt produced by my body when my immune system is under attack? It may be a question for those in the health food shop (or elsewhere) the next timer Im there (they suggested the sage). For now though I would try the sage leaf if I were you (think its useful for women with flashes during the change of life too) and let me know (its def more slow acting than the redness cream tho….3-4 wks at least….but there is no increase in redness/flashes first). Hope that hjelps. Best of luck!

  20. PJ says:

    Hi ‘Hates the colour red’,

    Ive just seen your post now (sorry, its late here + Im quite tired!). I dont want to keep harping on about how good that cream is so I would just ask you to consider what myself + John are saying….just consider it, thats all.

    On a different note – I read something before that said thousands of years ago people managed to deal with all sorts of ailments using only natural means…..I thought to myself theres something in that so after going to the doctor (I know, youre supposed to trust them right!) who put me on the Rosex (that only worked temporarily!), I decided to start my own research. From there I found the really great site that I mentioned above ( It has a whole load of remedies that people across the world have to Rosacea (plus many more ailments, quite literally from A-Z… dermatitis, balding, toothache etc etc etc).

    If you take anything from this post it would be to go to that site + try a couple of the suggestions. If it works let people know there, but also dont forget to let people know here too!! Its forums like this that spread the word……we all know that rosacea wont kill us…..but it certainly makes life very hard to live with.

    The very best of luck to you.

  21. David Copley says:

    It has been a while since I commented.. I am now 88 years of age..Rosacea for 35 years..The beginning was the worst not knowing exactly what was happening..Just a few slight flushes now and then..Progression was steady and more often..Treament over the years have been many..My rosacea is no longer with me..I am free..Its downfall was a combination of treatments and determination to beat it..I have had over the last 5 years no less than 25 sessions of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) with progressive improvement..This treatment was applied by a PROFFESIONAL who knew what he was doing..No back yarders..The final cure came because I developed medium high blood pressure with age..I was placed on a drug NOTEN (ATENOLOL)..To start with 25mg..This has been increased (by my Doctor) to 25mg 3 times daily when I noticed that I no longer suffered from fushing at all, and mentioned it to him..He explained that it had been recognised thst some types of High Blood Pressure Tablets blocked flushing in patients suffering from ROSACEA..Of course there is a problem here if you do not have high blood pressure..Taking ATENOLOL can have side effects..My pulse rate is a bare 50 beats a minute even under stress of exercise..O.K. if your over 80 not so good if your under 60..If your younger still and go in for sports the results maybe DISASTROUS..It seems that there is always a price to pay with some medications..In my case I am not worried..Wishing all of you along and Happy Life free of ROSACEA..David Copley

  22. John Bedford says:

    Thanks for the tip PJ, ill give Sage Leaf a go… but, and this sounds crazy after having Rosacea, but I kinda like the mild blushing lol, I look healthy so people say.
    Also, I think, well I dont know PJ, but am guessing… the reason why your flushing may lesson when your sick, is because your mataberlism<spelt wrong, may be slowing down, as it is focusing on fighting the cold!!! Just a thought ha who know:)

    Sorry you dont believe in Purple Emu cyndi, and you have every right not to of course… but knowing how this cream would really change your life, I hope one day in the future you will give it a go like.
    I to have spent alot of money of more exspencieve remodys, infact alot more!!!
    ie. Antibiotics for like, a year!!!
    Diet and life style change!!!
    Apple cider vinager!!!
    Chineese herbal tea at a cost of £35 per week for 52 weeks!!!
    Chineese accupuncha at a cost of £35 a session, twice per week for 52 weeks!!!
    Random cream from both GP and over the counter!!!
    Spiritual healing at a cost of £500 for a 2 day course in Earls court "never again"
    To the point where I ended up booking myself an appointment at a skin specialest at Harly Street, costing £130 for a 15min conseltation, which lasted about 2 minutes as the docter said, we cant help you because this is a bacteria problem no a cosmetic… and any laser treatment would a) make the stmptoms worst and b) damege your skin.

    Ive spent 1000s on this problem, because with my level 2 Rosacea, my life was over, in always.

    Then… after persisting, I stumbelled apon Purple Emu! Yes was a little skeptical of course, why should this work I thought??? Had no hope when I bought it, infact I think I just bought it because I needed hope haha, really!!!

    Best thing ive ever done, I can eat chocolate now, drink alchole, go in the sun, and inside I feel me again, that guy who was someone else for the 2/3 years that I had this diseese.

    Anyway, this emails getting to long now haha, just to say cyndi, if you dont want to give Purple Emu a go now, atleast keep it in mind as your last alternitive, am sure your be really impressed with the results!

  23. Hates the colour red says:

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks John for your reply sounds like your in a very happy place.

    Let me give you a quick history of my face!

    I am a very pale, freckled, never tans female. I moved to a hot countryfor work purposes and after about 2 years I started to notice a difference in my perfect skin. I went to dermatologists who gave me acne meds, a face peel (good god) and then I was diagnosed with rosacea. Well in this part of the world the dermatologists are probably used mostly for hair laser removal or cosmetic purposes (botox etc) so I think their knowledge wasn’t that great when it came to rosacea.

    In this part of the world you can’t get rozex etc but you can just waltz in and buy antibiotics and the conratceptive pill without a prescription!!!

    I was given elidel to use and antibiotics whichdud help.

    I went through the stress of planning a wedding and my husbands huge family always being involved and many family dramas.

    My rosacea then was mild.

    I became pregnant and during this time my husbands family would comment on my skin and as a private person I didn’t tell them about my problem (my husbands famil would not think twice about telling youhow bad your skin was or how fat you have become) so I went back to the dermo and he gave me a cortisone cream (I know I know, I knew inside don’t use it but you think he’s a dr he knows!)

    As you can imagine this I believe tipped me over into moderate rosacea, I had to take an antibioticto clear my face even though I was pregnant (my son is fine)

    After that my skin never went back to it’s normal state. It now resembles sandpaper especially I bright light and daylight. P&ps with all over redness.

    I became pregnant again and this pregnancy my skin actually became better (still rosacea, but better)

    After delivery and breastfeeding I went back to a different dermo. She said oh I don’t like giving antibiotics you’ve on them for life! Try a low dose accutane! Her low dose was 40mg a day!!!!!!! I did some research and found this was not so low but stupidly I thought she’s the dr! I took the 40mg for 3 days and stopped! My goodness what a strong drug! My face was pillarbox red and extremely dry and after 20 mins of taking the drug I would get a headache (the dermo said no you shouldn’t me be getting them but I was!)

    So it’s taken 2 weeks of nothing on my face and living like a hermit which is hard with 2 babies my skin has calmed down. I did twice a day put blended advocado and yogurt on my face for 15 mins, this was moisturizing and cooling.

    After that experience I haven’t ruled out Accutane in the future if I need it but just at a low dose of say 5mg a day.

    Let me get back to the present. Last night I decided to go ahead with the disks after receiving an email back from bass and boney saying the disks were ok to use. Might I add that it was a sarcastic email back saying in not so many words the disks are ok and we’ve told you before so now stop bothering us! How rude!

    I wash my face with QV wash (I can’t get the others here and I’m happy with this soap free cleanser) applied one drop of jojoba oil to my wet hands and spread all over my face. U then applied the smallest amount on my rosacea areas and spread around. It felt ok but a bit itchy however I think that is because you have to air dry your face. It then did get a little stingy on my chin where I had a few P&ps but that stopped quickly.

    I woke up this morning and my face hasnt gotten worse which I thought it would and seemed less red. The things I have done differently in the past few days are stopping cetaphil moisturizer which made me red after use and using lysine but the lysine couldn’t have worked after only one day, could it? Or could it be the antihistamine I have been taking for 3 days? Whatever I am going to continue with the disks.

    I’m going to continue and I will post back every now and then to let you know how I am going even if no one is interested as it might help at least one person
    Oh I forgot to mention I have had about 6 ipl sessions when my son was a year old. I
    think they did help and thinking about it now I don’t really flush anymore.

    Right I shall stop waffling on.

    Just one last thing. Thank you David for such a wonderful website, it’s so nice to be able to not feel alone and know that I am not the only one suffering.

    Bye for now.

    Hates the colour red! X

  24. John Bedford says:

    Hello miss!

    I just logged on and read your story and first, id just to say I personaly really respect you sharing your Rosacea expeariance, as this is always a personal and sometimes quite sencitive subject to talk about.
    Alot of what you said reminded me of my 3/4 year battle with this condition, so I really admire your pursistance in keeping strong, because for me, I was a nervas reck after the first year believe me, am only sounding posertive shall I say because its over, but saying that, the cream I used to get rid of it… I still use because im so worried of it returning.
    Yes my skin is now a normal colour now and looking very good, but as for the texture of my skin, this is something that I think I will have to live with, because it is defernantly a little different, and it defernantly a scaring like thing from having Rosacea, but its cool, I no one really notices it and ive even questioned someone over it lol, god im a paranoyed person… or mearly effected enough to keep worrying… hay, maybe both;)
    Not because its there or I see the symptoms, but because mentally I have to say im still scared!
    Ive always been aware of triggers and stuff, but in the early stages of my problem, one of the first things I read, was that people with pale skin are most effected, I myself are failry pale:)
    The Roacuteen “sorry my spelling is not the best” is from what I know, is mainly used for normal acny, a friend of mine was on it and yer it helped, but on Rosacea, im really not to sure! Also the side effect were not nice, really really dry skin, mood changes and ive even heard links to suiside! But not after such a short time as you mentioned so no need to worry.
    Um… and as for what docters say, well thats my big anoyance in life, they say whats best according to “THEM” or “THERE KNOLODGE” but as for anything else, ie. in my case Redness and Blemish cream, they cant and dont comment, even though im sitting right in front of them with clear skin they said I would never have.
    I have a friend who is a dermertologiest in Kings road/chelsea, and she yes was impressed, but on the down side for me, said, “you know I cannot recommend anything like this to my customers” which I understand as its a buissness, but makes me quite sad as people are suffering out there you know… but yer!
    One thing I havnt mentioned, and that is, that I use “sounds crazy” Emu Oil!!!
    I use this over my redness and blemish cream as a moisteriser is recommended.
    Its is a 98% match to human skin and will benifit the texture of your skin regardless of a condition or not… anyway, just putting it out there as its amazing, and you can get it pretty much anywhere, I get mine from the Health Zone in the high street.
    Im sorry that your husbands family commented on your Rosacea, I had a few people at work as what was all the redness on my face when I had it, and I can tell you, I KNOW EXSACTLY HOW YOU FEEL… quit my job over it aswell, retail is the worst, coz you are forced to show your face lol, god, was terrible:)

    And again, just to say, thanks for sharing your expeariance really, good to hear your Rosacea is not as bad as it was at first, and hay, a little bit of pink, like I was saying to PJ, for me is healthy so dont worry!

    Nice to chat to you ” Hates the colour red” have a good weekend:)

  25. Jules says:

    Hi I’m really interested in the Emu oil I did some research on line it also said that it is good for black marks under the eyes! I am a Rosacea sufferer but I don’t have the pimples just a bright red nose I live NOr in Perth and can not for the life of me find a place to get it is it available at chemists I really wanna try it! I have tried a few other things from this forum with NO AVAIL but everybody is different!! Is it expensive and how lOng did u use ur before u saw the red go away thank you

  26. Hates the colour red says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks so much.

    Rosacea has effected me quite badly I’ve gone from a happy, confident girl who would go out and give anything a go and would feel comfortable in a crowd to a terrified shadow of my former self. Now I think how to avoid old friends or old boyfriends as I want them to remember the old me and not the person I have become.

    To be honest I have heard of emu oil before, if all else fails I may give this purpleemu cream a go. It just scares the life out of me that it will go all wrong, it just sounds too goo to be true!

    Until then my babies keep me going and I live my life for them. Right I best go apply the war paint as I have to face and avoid the world lol x

  27. Jules says:

    Hates the colour red, my heart goes out to u darling I feel exactly the same i feel some people can be so rude and I have tried most things on this forum I get excited and spend so much money and then wake up a month, 3 months, a year later and still have a bright red nOse taunting me in the mirror, the amount of tears I have shed over it is ridiculous but I can’t help it! I pray we get a magic potion that gives us white skin!! Keep your chin up darl I hope we find a cute for ourselves! Take care

  28. red nose says:

    I wish there was a magic cure for Rosacea. I am interested to learn more about the Emu Oil. How long does it take to see a difference. I do not have acne on my face and went to a specialist and spent a lot of money and he told me nothing at all about this condition really except that I will basically have to live with it. He gave me antibiodics and said it will clear it up in 3 weeks well it has been six months I am still paying off the credit card bill for seeing him and still have the redness!

  29. John Bedford says:

    Hay Jules how are you!

    Thats strange, Emu Oil comes from Australia, thought it would be more than easy to buy!

    Well, id say, your best bet is to order it online I think, you can actually get some good deals that way. I personaly buy it from the shop lol, call me lazy:)

    Emu oil “dosnt cure Rosacea” but is amazing amazing amazing for the skin 10/10.

    Hates the colour red… it maybe best to email Purple Emu first, it is owned by a lovely lady in the US. It may not be finantualy the best idea to phone as calling America is very exspencieve, but yer, atleast email her to ask some questions before you try it, shes very nice and DOES NOT force loads of products on you like most of these skin help places!
    I did call her a few times, well more than a few, just I was very paranoyed about how the cream works, because a few hours after applying it my skin looked haha much worst… yet, I knew and was told a million times that this was normal and if the skin didnt react like this then that ment it wasnt working… so aventually I relaxed about it and 4/5 weeks later, was like, OMG thank god thats over coz really, for a few weeks it really does get worse to begin with!!!

    By the way, my name is actually John bedford and you can find me on facebook with this name or Why? lol I dunno:) Just feel like identifying myself so im taken seriously… and not from most of you nice guys, but from people who dont give me the light of day when I try and help them.

    Anyway, nice day outside, think ill enjoy the last few hours.

  30. Hates the colour red says:

    Oh the temptation to go and search on facebook! Lol X

  31. John Bedford says:

    Red nose… No you dont have to live with it, its these docters who no nothing other than what they are told to say/ruien peoples lifes which have to live with it!!!
    Sorry, but DO NOT listen to that sort of rubbish.
    Again, Emu oil will not do much for Rosacea, but WILL improve normal skin or dry skin.

    Hates the colour red… yep, Im a wanted man you know;) lol.
    Nooooo, just thought id put that out there, shows im trying to be honest with people, theres alot of sceptics out there who think, if they dont know much about the sourse, then they must be corrupt or trying to make money or something, lol believe me, on other forums there where on or two who were dam rude and dont deserve help.

  32. Hates the colour red says:

    Oh my goodness or as my son would say oh my goodmess!

    It’s been 6 days not even a blooming week and my face looks like a blind person could use my face as braille!

    Help anyone, does it get worse before it gets better on the LTD disks? I lost my letter of instructions so am just going bythe website!

    Hope I hear from someone as in close to ditching them and rubbing to get some antibiotics x

  33. Rob says:

    Not all Rosacea responds the same way, but some may be misdiagnosed, or compounded with other things. A sufferer for years, I was especially embarrassed by a red nose and adjacent cheeks. Various treatments did not help, but the one that did was laser treatment. It took two goes, several weeks apart (don’t plan to go out for a few days – you look as thgough a prize fighter has been at you) but the effect was remarkable. I get no redness now, even when hot. The nose does tend to go blue in winter cold, but that is better than year-round affliction.
    I recently had a bad return of redness to face and neck (but not the parts previously laser treated). It was finally diagnosed as underlying Rosacea with dermatitis on top. Difficult, as cortisone cream (which had helped the dermatitis for a while) was no longer working, and actually makes Rosacea worse.
    The best topical treatment for this has proved to be Elidel cream (Pimecrolimus) from Novartis in Australia, but probably other manufacturers elsewhere.
    This carries the warning that initial use may cause irritation, redness and even blisters, but it was immediately effective for me, showing improvement overnight. I use it daily and can now emerge without makeup to cover blemishes.
    I have since had further laser treatment (another session to go) and hope for sustained relief from the combination, with laser being apparently the best for Rosacea and Elidel for dermatitis.
    Laser treatment is expensive (I am in Australia, $85 Aus per treatment) and in this country cannot be claimed through health insurance as it is deemed cosmetic tretament, but I would rate it as by far the most effective treatment for my Rosacea – very effective at that.

  34. cyndi says:

    Rob-Can you be more specific about the type of laser that was performed on you?
    I just had anothre laser treatment that did not help. Just posting that you had
    a laser treatment is about as helpful as saying you used a “cream”. I am wasting
    so much money chasing the exact laser that will work. I found Elidel to be no
    help either.

  35. Rob says:

    I am not sure, but I could find out. Although my eyes were covered, it seemed to emit a yellow light, but that is not much help. I can ask the therapist. I also had a venous lake removed from my lip, and a different laser was used for that, as it had prviously been treated with a laser that made no difference. I suspect that new lasers are coming along all the time, and it may be better to do a systematic enquiry rather than rely on one therapist’s view, but I can enquire.

    I suspect (I have a PhD in Physiology) that Rosacea will turn out to be several things nestling under the one label, and that different treatments will help different cases, especially as it can be misdiagnosed. The Elidel worked on my dermatitis, but not the Rosacea, but the dermatitis had been diagnosed as rosacea for a while, so that would explain it. Also, cortisone had been somewhat effective for me before, but now is not, so conditions change, or we adapt to various treatments over time.

  36. John says:

    Please stop wasting your money, Lazers will only ruin your skin… and thats the words of a top docter at harly street, but knew that anyway!
    I think I posted my treatment a few months back, treatment which worked for me, no side effect nothing, oh and it does actually work!!!
    Rosacea Redness and Blemish cream from Purple Emu… some of you may remember me leaving a comment about it, think it was a few months ago.
    Google Purple Emu and if you want clear skin, try it, but if you dont want clear skin, dont buy it, but dont send attacking messeges either, think I recieved a one dam rude email from a dissbeliver out there, fine people are skeptical, fine nobody wants to spend a fortune or loads of different products all claming, but this is fairly resonable in price, again does work and if you have rosacea like I did, you will know you cant be picking and choosing as there are few and in my expeariance, one as yet treatment which work.
    This messege is ment to be polite to those who take this seriously and hard to those who just come onto this site to give abuse.

    Thanks and aplogies for my spelling, its crap:)

    Ill put the link here anyway…

  37. Rob says:

    Perhaps some lasers damage skin as you claim, but I had two treatments some years ago that were very effective, just had another and will complete the fourth in about a month. I have checked with my therapist and the laser used against redness (in response to the query some days ago) was apparenntly a Candella V Beam.

    I have read about some of the dangers of lasers. Some can allegedly (and paradoxically) leave the skin with patchy white areas; apparently because the treatment is very effective in those patches but they have not been blended well enough with surrounding areas, so a clear line is evident. The problem (if people have problems with lasers),may be the competence of the therapist in question rather than lasers themselves. Mine is a specialist in laser treatment.

    Again, we are not all the same (our unfortunate condition is certainly not), but i found this laser treatment to be very effective and long lasting for my red nose and cheek problem, and Elidel the best for my dermatitis problem. I hope that may help someone else.

  38. Den says:

    Up to about 10 years ago I used to get dandruff in several places on my scalp particularly on the hairline to the back of my neck. I found Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo very effective – it sorted the problem long term and I now only need to use the shampoo about twice a year. It was also very effective at dealing with redness and itching on the skin near the sites. The active ingredient is ketoconazole.

    I probably also had rosecea without realising it.

    Since then I have developed rosecea to my nose, forehead and cheeks. I was prescribed the usual Rozex which worked well for perhaps two months but is now ineffective. I remembered other posts discussing the possible causes of the condion such as yeasts, infections ect. Some of this seemed pretty close to what causes dandfuff so I bought some Nizoral and tried it on my face. I used it neat on a wet face and left it on for five minutes before rinsing and patting dry and moisturising with Simple Kind To Skin hydrating moisturizer. After a mild burning sensation and an initial increase in redness by the next day all my symptoms had dimished. I then did this twice a week and found it very effective at controlling the redness, itching, scaling, scabs and white pustules. Now I leave it until the itching and burning sets in again before using the Nizoral and leaving it on for 3 minutes.

    It is now 6 months since I began this and it still seems to be working.

  39. Christine G says:

    I have just found this website today because I was given a new cream to try but I am so distressed with this recent flare up of my Rosacea, & for once I have found somewhere that is current & up to date thankgoodness so this is my 1st time that I have decided to write on here ..

    I had my 1st flare up was when I was married & expecting my 3rd child after I had lost my 2nd child only 12mths b4 & I was told by the doctors that it came about because of the extreme stress I was dealing with, but after reading everyone here I realised that I actually had it years b4 while at school when I was 15-18yrs old but I only had the red nose & part facial redness but no pimples or anything else.

    So it while I was pregnant for the 3rd time I was 25yrs & had alot of redness & pimples (though not acne) from my nose up to & including my hairline, cheeks &
    eyelids … it was very embarassing & yes other people were very rude, so I avoided leaving the house as much as possible.
    I was finally diagnosed with Rosacea (after having it for 7yrs) but I was told by a very good skin specialist that while there was medication I could take, it was best to wait until after I had all my children, then I had another child 16mths later & commenced treatment 2mths after that.
    All I took was a course of very strong medication over a 1 mth period though I dont know what it was called, which is a pity because I could so do with it now.
    I was so lucky after that because I had absolutely no problems as it had totally disappeared & I was free of it for 25yrs ….. THEN it came back after another bout of extreme stress 2yrs ago & has slowly got worse, moreso in the last 2wks … but unlucky for me, my previous skin specialist retired only 9 months.

    So Ive been on the rollarcoaster of try this & that …Doxycillian worked but only to a point, it eased the redness & slowed down the pimply rash & I had no side affects but it just couldnt get passed the last hurdle of completely ridding it, then I tried Roaccatane for 3mths with Sigma court cream n had to stop re side affects & the continual blood tests every month were taking their toll as well but I felt the cream worked better along with the QV face products, then I was told to just to put a cream called Epiduo on the effected areas of my forehead, cheeks & around my eyes & wulla … it was gone & that was 4mths ago.

    BUT it was short lived because it came back with a vengenance 5wks ago, because of all the medication I have had in the last 6mths & the fact that Ive now lost my job thru no fault of my own & I got a sty on both eyelids that refused to go away & had to be lanced & I had to receive injections in my checkbones (yes they hurt but briefly), which helped & fixed the styes but made the Rosacea flare up so severly so now its red as red, pimply & very itchy but it has gone into my eye areas as well so Ive been given Rozen cream & Diclocil capsules, while Ive only been taking this lot for 3 days, I dont feel like its working & they have realised that my Rosacea is brought on by severe stress … lucky me because the only time I feel no stress is when Im asleep.

    Sorry guys for waffling on but truly reading everyone’s emails has given me a lot to think about & I dont feel so alone either now …….

  40. Stefan says:

    John Bedford,

    You write Purple Emu, but which product from them? I think I’m gonna give it a try 🙂

    Thanx in advance.

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