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Written by on April 24, 2008

This page is an internal page for the use of monthly site sponsors. Please do not share this page address.

Terms and Conditions.

Payment is for 1 calendar month, of a 125×125 pixel, blog advertisement in the right hand side of nearly 1000 rosacea news and blog pages on Monthly site sponsorship advertisements will appear on all pages except those beginning with /community.

A calendar month is considered to be all of the days comprising one month on the calendar, or from one date to one day less in the following month.

Monthly campaigns can expect to attract impressions more than 220,000 pages from 115,000 unique visitors. These are typical numbers, but vary from month to month. The general trend of the site is a steady increase in visitor numbers.

Monthly campaigns will be rotated so that no site sponsor is favoured by appearing in the left hand or right hand column.

Advertisements must be in .png, .gif or .jpg format. The smaller the better. Absolute maximum size is 25,000 bytes. I would encourage image sizes less than 8000 bytes. Non animated ads are preferred.

Animated images must not change over 25% of their face image more often than every 3 seconds. Animated areas under 25% may not change more often than once per 2 seconds. That is the ads should not be flashing away madly and make the site hard to read.

I reserve the right to refuse or allow images, and thus the advertising campaign. The site is aiming for images that have high visual appeal and will add to the visitor experience. Some examples of well crafted 125×125 images can be found at and

If an image is refused for a monthly campaign, a refund of the amount minus any applicable PayPal fees will be offered.

Advertising campaigns can optionally use the Google DoubleClick platform which enables advertisers to see detailed statistics on their campaign. A summary of each campaign is emailed automatically every 7 days.

Prices are subject to change. Payment is accepted only via PayPal.

Cost $85.00 USD which is around $0.05 CPM

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Please note that becoming a site sponsor will in no way affect the discussion of any related products on the Rosacea Support Group email and forums. The same rules that have always reigned, relating to fairness and transparency do apply though. Any mentions of site sponsors’ products by myself will be accompanied with a disclaimer.

David Pascoe.

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