MMP-9 and demodex – the missing link ?

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The author was kind enough to provide a copy of his published letter. The PubMed and Journal only mention the title.

Doxycycline at subantimicrobial doses, inhibits MMP activity. It is sold under the trade name Periostat. See below for other related Rosacea News items.

Some extracts from this paper ;

MMP-9 has already been evaluated as important for the development of the clinical picture in ocular rosacea.

Our study evaluated the association and correlation between the presence of D. folliculorum and the expression of MMP-2 and MMP-9 in rosacea patients.

(e) MMP-9 expression was statistically greater in fibroblasts in the cases of rosacea when D. folliculorum was presented, as compared to the cases of rosacea without D. folliculorum (P=0.035); and (f) a linear correlation was found between the presences of D. folliculorum and the degree of positivity for MMMp-9 expression in the fibroblasts of patients with rosacea (rx = +0.42).

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are enzymes created by resident cells of the peidermis and the dermis, and activated by several factors that are both internal and external to the organisms (infectious process for example).

In a situation of excessive MMP secretion and, if the MMPs are not adequately blocked by their specific tissue inhibitors, inflammatory cell activation, angiogenesis and destructuring of the dermal architecture resulting from collagenolysis may occur (three very important aspects in rosacea pathogeneis). Considering the acknowledged pathogenic actions and the association and correlation found in the present study, it is concluded that MMP-9 may be a further explanatory link between the presence of D. folliculorum and the clinical expression of certain cases of rosacea.

Could matrix metalloproteinase-9 be a link between Demodex folliculorum and rosacea?

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology, Volume 19 Issue 5 Page 646 – September 2005


RR Bonamigo, L Bakos, M Edelweiss, A Cartell

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6 Reader Comments

  1. patricia marks says:

    i haVE BEEN SUFFERING FOR A YEAR OR MORE AND NO HELP FROM ANY DOCS, THE WEB HAS BEEN THE ONE THATS HAS TOLD ME AFTER ALL OF THE DOCS VISITS THAT I HAVE DEMODEX AND VERY BAD, IT HAS BEEN DESTORING MY SKIN AND EVEN MY PIGMENT I MY SKIN HAS CHANGED , I EVEN HAVE TRACKS GOING DOWN MY SHOULDERS AND SCARING, NOT KNOWING ALL OF THIS TIME WHAT IT WAS, THE med WORLD IS A SORRY PLACE, They all want a quick visit and cortizone cream which the bugs seem to love my skin is a mess and i am at a point where it is taken up my life on a daily basis, i finally see where vets know more then any of them, isn,t that sad , i hope the ivermetrin will be the answer,if there isw any othewr answers out there feel free to let me know

  2. Debbie says:

    where can i buy ivermectin? Is it prescription or over the counter? I know what you mean. No real help from the dermatologists and its a daily menace. Tea tree oil has helped me alot but still have flare ups on my face and its not a pretty sight when this happens. Been reading about the Permathrin treatment(Kwellada shampoo) and want to try, but its prescription only. Good luck to you.

  3. Diane says:

    Yes the medical community has been useless. They prescribed medicine so i wouldnt itch. I have been itching for a year. I treated my son and saw them crawling out of him. The doctors will not give us the medicine to treat at the same time on a consistant basis. It is always here and there. I went to the feed store that is how I really knew something was up. I put a dose of ivermectin on me and saw things coming from deep inside . Asked a major hospital dermatologist and he prescribed gabapentin so i wouldnt feel the itch and said I was clear. I find them coming out of my hands. I wear plastic gloves most of the time now. We are due for a treatment tomorrow. I know it won’t cure it. Help how do you get rid of these they seem to love my hands. I see them coming out with magnifying glasses. I put a strong hand sanitizer on and 50- 100 came out then later more. Every day about 50 come out of me in all stages of their life. How can we be cured?

  4. David says:

    My wife had severe pustular outbreaks, like skin crawling with bugs. We went to a holistic doctor who prescribed Doxycycline and Albendazole. Takne in conjunction, these prescription drugs resolve almost all types of pustular skin outbreaks quickly. Monthly follow-up treatments also prevent the outbreaks. Although classified as a mite, demodex really has a worm appearance and is generally eradicated with the anti-helminth Albendazole. If you try this, please let me know its effectiveness. Thanks.

  5. grace says:

    HI David, I’m in beginning of trying albendazole, but i bought it my self, could you tell me what would be the dosage to take it?
    is it 400 mg per day for 3 or 5 days? thank you.

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