Mirvaso User Reviews

Mirvaso is so new that only a few rosacea sufferers have been able to try it.

What are your chances of having a bad reaction ?

How are users in the real world faring, and will the general population see the same level of benefits as the large number of Phase III trialists ? So far it seems that many more people are having bad rebound reactions to Mirvaso, compared to the clinical trials.

Well one way that we might get an idea of how Mirvaso is being received is if we can collect reports from people who suffer from redness and try it and give us all some feedback.

Please do leave a comment if you have tried it and have an opinion.

How Well Does Mirvaso Work?

Well your response to Mirvaso is likely to fall into 1 of 4 camps;

  1. For starters, there is going to be a group of rosacea sufferers who won’t be able to use Mirvaso at all because of another condition that is incompatible with Brimonidine.
  2. Some users will get a flush reaction that will probably mean that they will stop using Mirvaso.
  3. Next, there will be a group of rosacea sufferers who get a mild to moderate reaction but will choose to continue to use Mirvaso.
  4. Finally, and hopefully in the majority, will be a group of Mirvaso users who see a good relief in their red face.

Mirvaso Reviews

Alan says:

 Not as impressed as I hoped to be, but only on my 4th day.

dogkrazy says:

I haven’t seen any rebound, but it does wear off. I use it once a day after my shower.

At first, it gets a bit redder looking but a couple hours later it blanches out..rather like pushing your finger hard on something until the pink turns white…it looks tons better!! the less red side almost looks normal on it.

alfypet says:

I tried my Mirvaso today for the first time. I applied about 45 minutes ago. The good news is that I have not reacted badly thus far. I am so used to applying a topical and immediately getting red and flushy, so that is a big plus for me.

The area on which I applied the cream has definitely paled. Surprisingly, this does not necessarily make me look better.

and then;

The good news is that I have used it for three days now and have seen no ill effects. That is huge for me, as I usually react to everything! I can’t use Metrogel, Finacea, Promiseb, Xylogel, etc, without reacting with redness or flushing.

The Mirvaso definitely helps with diffuse redness, and I think a lot of people will have great results. Under my redness, I have visible vessels, which I was hoping would not be visible with Mirvaso. But for me, they are still visible, and no longer hidden by the redness of my overall rosacea. Honestly, had I never had laser treatment and Veinwave, which made these veins more visible, I think I’d have much better results.

I do feel, however, that applying Mirvaso takes down my rosacea, in general, a degree or two. My face feels calmer and less reactive so far. I am at work today, which will be a good test. I usually flush on a daily basis at work at around 6/7 pm. I’m not sure why, but it is probably anxiety trying to finish my deadlines and get out of the office. I’ll see if that happens today.

anon24 says:

Okay I finally picked up Mirvaso from the pharmacy. Using the savings card, I only had to pay $50 for the 30mg tube, and I don’t have a great insurance, so most folks will probably get a pretty good deal on it. I applied it in the parking lot in one spot, ran some errands, and came home, and its now been about 40 minutes. I did about a quarter sized area, and the redness has subsided a bit, but nothing to write home about. I don’t know if it starts to work more after 30 minutes, I assumed that at 30 minutes it was working at maximum ability, but I will post more updates later. It is very easy to apply, spreads very easily (it’s a clear cream, kind of like vaseline), and doesn’t feel drying or anything like that. So the redness is reduced after about 40 minutes, not nearly as much as I’d hoped, but I will update later.

Steven says:

So I got it – about a week ago – used it 4 days – looked great at first, then seemed to have some breakthrough redness before the 12 hours were up. Thought I would stop using it for a few days as I thought I might be developing tolerance to it. The day after I discontinued it my face has been flushed more than before I used it. So rebound redness seems to be potential problem – It certainly has been for me.

wiry says:

Early Review: I tried it on the entire face. I took about 45min-1hr to kick in.

– The forehead results seem to be pretty decent.
– Cheeks were blotchy. Some spots were too pale, which increased contrast from the redder areas.

I think my cheeks looks worse with Mirvaso because it was just too blotchy. Some areas are too pale and unnatural looking. Have you ever heard someone say you look like you’ve seen a ghost? Well, it sort of looks like that. The forehead seemed to give a better cosmetic result. Perhaps with some experimentation one could get it look better. I will try some different approaches and see what happens.

Overall, I think with enough experimentation (and fingers crossed there is no rebound flushing), this could be a useful medication. But I think it will be tricky to really good natural looking results (at least for me). Its a little “black and white” or should I say “red and white”. Maybe if I were to dilute it a little and just go for a toning down of redness, it would be better.

littlelassie says:

This is my third day using Mirvaso and my first day to apply it in the morning instead of the afternoon. Today isn’t the greatest test because I also used little makeup since I was going to be with other people all morning and am a chicken. Interestingly enough I haven’t seen the same degree of effectiveness the past two days, but I believe that’s either because I am using less than the first time or because I have started mixing it with Cerave lotion to help it spread more easily. That being said, my redness has mostly disappeared by 45 minutes after application, I just don’t look freakishly pale. The one thing that bothers me is that at around 5-6 hours I start to see some pink/red coming back. All three days the redness first appears in my t-zone. I think it might have something to do with my skin becoming oily?

Matt_Seattle says:

Test Patch Review:

Well Mirvaso definitely works (at least it did for me). I first applied it just to a section on my nose and it turned it completely pale in that area (took about 20 minutes for the effect). There was no stinging and it applies smoothly (no scent really either) the texture reminds me a bit of cetaphil moisturizer or Cerave PM.. Very thin and easy to absorb. Now after the first application and as others described, it almost looked like an obvious pale spot with surrounding pinkness, but after taking a tiny bit more, working it through the finger tips and lightly applying to the rest of my nose while trying to fade it lightly into my cheeks, it smoothed out and gave a natural pale complexion to my nose. Im pretty impressed with how good it actually works.

Acanthous says:

I used 3 pea-sized blobs for whole face, at 2pm on the day I got the script ($50 w/coupon). I am a flusher, with many, many triggers, including ‘being alive’ and ‘breathing’. Deepest flushing is on nose and cheeks, but rest of face, neck and chest also flush. I always have some redness. Observations:

– I was white like a vampire for approximately 14-15 hrs. Not even red wine and pasta made the treated areas flush.
– this is not as good a look as I imagined it would be. Also, it highlighted the neck and chest flushing I have.
– some normal flushing started coming back on face and cheeks around 8am the next day.
– extreme, weird rebound flushing on cheeks starting by 9 am. Deep, blotchy flush, very hot and uncomfortable.

Renae says:

I have used mirvaso for the past three nights and the results are amazing!!!!!!! The redness/burning/swelling is totally gone! I do look pale in comparison to my normally flush appearance but i couldnt be happier with the results. I’m going to not use it for a few days and see what happens. Has anyone else had the same results as I have?

redman says:

Got it today. Left the Drs office, washed face, applied. 20 minutes later I walk in the house and my wife tells me I look pale. Not pale, I tell her. This is my correct color and that she should try it as well.

Renae says:

I just tried mirvaso and I cannot believe the difference it made with the redness/telangiectasias!!!!! I’ve tried every cream(finacea, metrolotion, oracea etc).

Scotty says:

Hi All – got a sample of Mirvaso yesterday from my Dr.  I used it for the first time this morning after my shower.  Didn’t really think much about it (had little faith to be honest) until I went to the restroom at my office.  Looked in the mirror and was very impressed!  It usually takes a long time for my skin to “settle down” after a shower etc – but my redness was VERY improved!  I still can’t believe the results.  So far I’m a fan.  We’ll see how it goes.  Good luck!

GreenGables says:

Using Mirvaso for 3 weeks. My derm recommended it at my appointment last month. I hadn’t heard of it before. But my derm is fairly on top of new treatments, and she said she’s had positive reports from her other patients since it came out in September.

Maybe that will change the longer I use it, but right now it’s positive for 3 weeks and counting.


I have been using Mirvaso for 3 weeks without any rebound flushing. Of course it all could change at some point, but so far it has worked for me.

Please Leave a Comment

If you have tried Mirvaso, please leave us a comment below so that we can all get to see how well it is going as a treatment – thanks!

Rebound Redness

There is a growing body of reports of bad flushing reactions to Mirvaso. It isn’t yet clear why this is; that it appears that users are having bad reactions to Mirvaso a higher rate than was seen in the Phase 3 long term trials. Take care and work with your doctor if you think you might be worse off after using Mirvaso.

So please do let us know in the comments below whether you stick with Mirvaso or have to stop using it.

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722 Reader Comments

  1. Holly says:

    I bought Miravaso because I’m desperate and was really hoping for a positive result. After paying $240 (with insurance) I was so disappointed to only have temporary clearing with much worse rebound redness and in fact much worse symptoms for several weeks after stopping use. I have no idea why this stuff was approved by the FDA at such extraordinary expense. It’s like we the consumer are paying them to be the test group. Don’t bother wasting your money.

  2. Regretter UK says:

    I just want to put at update that there is light at the end of the tunnel for many of those going through Mivaso rebound. If this helps one person, then it’s worth it.
    Info included; Creams, drugs and advise to help you cool down during recovery from rebound.

    Please notes for those researching, do not take one GP or Dermo’s opinion as fact before taking, this is a potentially dangerous chemical for the skin with distressing ‘rebound’ side effects often brushed under the carpet, or not understood to those prescribing (scary stuff in reality for patients). With Clinical Trials, you have to question methodology, vs the reality appearing to warrant a review of licencing in terms of being safe on the market in all countries. Galderma the owner need a social conscience or be forced into one to review rebound outside the lab, im surprised its not happened. How can governance around drug safety be working!? Sorry to those who actually benefit without rebound!

    Like many posters, after one single application which resulted in a sickly pale colour after 1 hour on my cheeks/nose and forehead. The next day i woke up with extreme heat radiating from the same places id applied the cream, which felt and looked like chemical burns. Id taken the medication in good faith without any explanation of risks of negative side effects! I stopped taking after one application, attributing the burning to Mivaso. I may as well have been prescribed ‘Deep Heat’ for my face to momentary effects Mivaso brings!

    It does appear that the vaso-constriction from Mivaso, when wearing off, causes an over compensation of the blood vessels ‘the rebound’ magnifying previous symptoms. The little capillaries don’t seem to know how to shrink back to normal ‘appear in confused or drug induced state’) but they will return to normal, based on my own experience that is.

    Day 7
    Like many on here asking when will my burning stop, i was house bound and distressed for a week after 1 single application, applying cold milk compresses and water to cool down + using a fan to cool down for most of the day. Flair ups would occur for no reason during the day, I’d have burning purple looking red cheeks and forehead then 1 hour later in the same heat no redness. I paid to see a private Dermo to advise what best to do to resolve the rebound. The steroid i felt helped in the day with some of the burning, but was only temporary, if i didn’t apply it would come back quickly. Even after 1 week i was burning up in shops under moderate heat (my face would look extremely burnt like i had real problems, so i would hurry home while turning the air con on full blast in the car. So i question the value of the steroid at this point. After 1 week on steroid cream the burning and skin redness was still apparent in response to moderate heat and ironically after eating evening meals! I had never experienced this before taking Mirvaso. I dreaded eating at night and a glass of beer would cause a flair up. Even with the steroid cream i would burn up almost purple in colour. In the mornings i would wake up with one red cheek and my ears (where i did not apply any cream) would often be on fire too. Ironically my ears were often the first sign i was about the flair up, none of which i experienced before applying Mivaso (from one single application).

    I purchased a fan to sit beside me while working, it kept me cool during the day. Wish I’d done this sooner.

    Day 10
    It wasn’t until i tried Sudocrem, applying a thick later to my forehead, cheeks, nose and ‘ears’, did i start to feel the burning and redness reduce. I was able to work from home lucky during this period, looking like a freak to my wife walking round with a white face. I would apply it and leave it on for hours over 3-4 days, work and watch TV etc. Even after the first application i felt my skin was cooler and less prone to flair ups. I felt this was a turning point, some optimism was returning. I was in a dark place before this, wondering what i had done, why i trusted a GP, why i didn’t check online, as im sure you will feel too. I would wake up in the morning without a burning face too. I learnt to not keep it on all night I feel it should be on for no more than 3-4 hours then taken off to allow skin to breath.

    Days 12-14
    i was prescribed lymecycline to help bring the redness/heat down by the Dermo. I don’t know if this was a coincidence or if the Sudocrem helped or just time was the factor, but after 14 days i can say the burning has substantially reduced to almost zero, and i am not flushing/burning red like i was in the first 10 days. I am still taking lymecycline and applying and Organ Organics anti-redness + rosacea cream and no longer applying the thick Sudorem (a recommendation from the wife) I’ve never felt so feminine with all these creams! Only apply Organ organics at night or when not going out, its orange in colour and stays orange until it absorbs or is wiped off. I am hoping that this is a time a healer thing and the lymecycline isn’t a factor at all, as i was on the mend before taking lymecycline.

    My feeling is you can try Sudorem especially those going through rebound, it appeared to help me. It’s a challenge to wipe off, but just use kitchen roll, no water mainly.

    I’ve now gone back to work and i appear less prone to heat changes in the office than ‘even before i was given Mivaso’, this might be the Sudocrem, lymecycline and Organ Organics anti-redness + rosacea cream effect, unsure, but im more than happy that significant progress back to normality in 2 weeks. I’ve not tried alcohol yet or a spicy meal, but a normal evening meal no longer causes a flair up.

    The timelines won’t be the same for everyone, to many variables to take into account, so try to stay calm “I hated reading this statement sorry”, easier said I know. But with the help of some creams’, drugs + a fan was the only way i could stay calm . For instance i do not have rosacea, applied Mirvaso once, but have sensitive skin and white male. Was always a little hotter in the office than most and would be prone to feeling hot + did take the above medications and creams and continue to 2.5 weeks in.

    I just want to put at update that there is light at the end of the tunnel for many of those going through the initial rebound. If this helps one person, then it’s worth it. Note researchers this is a dangerous chemical
    Sudocrem (thickly applied to face left for hours), lymecycline and Organ Organics + a fan appeared to help me recover after 14 days. A prescribed Steroid (Eumovate ointment) i am sceptical about after it may have has a temporary benefit but still resulted in flair ups after stopping + plus the risks to the skin aren’t worth it in my view.

    The creams and antibiotic may have helped speed up the healing process, calming the skin during the first 12 day flair ups, or it may have been just time that resolved the rebound. It’s difficult to say, but for me trusty old Sudocrem was the real breakthrough i feel. It won’t work for everyone im sure, there are too many different skin types and conditions which will be a factor, but while you’re going through the rebound, its hell i know, they could help. No one wants to hear ‘be patient skin an amazing healer’ (as my Demo stated), we want a date and make it stop now, grrr!

    PS. I read some of the positive stories of recovery during the dark days of rebound, I did wonder if that would ever get to write one. I hope you too get to write a recovery story.

    I hope this helps someone. Good Luck.

  3. Mommy_NJ says:

    I was using Mirvaso for 18 months. I mean, with a VERY mild rosacea, only a few spots on my face, I just used the gel once a week. God, I was so happy! My skin had no redness whatsoever! Beautiful, pale, clean face. Then, in April 2018, I noticed a small, red, penny-size spot on my cheek. Well, to cover it, I started using Mirvaso every day (it worked for a few hours) – and I noticed my cheeks started getting more red, skin was sensitive, itchy and felt burning. I spoke to my dermatologist and she said: Oh, you have sensitive skin, you have rosacea, use more Miravaso, you will be fine. So I followed her directions.. do I have to tell you that a 10-days Mirvaso supply cost over $700? My face started looking TERRIBLE!!! Red, chemical burn looking – the spots became HUGE! I was not able to cover them – unless, of course, I would use Miravaso – then it was ok for about 1 hour. Came back to the doctor – she gave me some meds so I put the steroid ointment first and then .. yes – she told me to put Mirvaso! In the meantime my lips started looking strange – they got swollen, extremely dry, looked like cracked with clear discharge.. So painful. So ugly. I was not able to sleep, my face felt like someone put salt on open wounds… The pain woke me up several times a night. I looked horrible. I saw a few doctors (prescribed either Soolantra (paid $650, used once did not help – actually my face felt like bees were stinging me); or Rhofade ($720, used once, cheeks immediately became purplish looking and felt like someone spilt citric acid on open cuts) and until one doctor (!) – God bless her – was smart (and brave) enough to tell me the truth: it was Mirvaso’s side effect: rebound redness. She said that a lot of dermatologists strongly recommend Mirvaso because they accept pharma gifts so they often prescribe unnecessary expensive drugs (often knowing that they are not going to help anyway). Guys, for any reason, please do not use Mirvaso! My face looks awful: big dark red spots all over – people in the stores ask me if I need medical help – nightmare! My skin became so thin and wrinkly that you cannot even imagine. Find an HONEST dermatologist who can help you. BTW, I stopped using Mirvaso last week – face still the same (but at least the spots are not growing). Any advice? Anything helped you ? My new derm says that some patients had to either pay for a laser treatment or they waited for MONTHS to see some improvements on their faces.

    • Patti Segal says:

      OMG, I’m so sorry. All the pain, time and money you have invested. I have Rosacea and sounds like I lucked out that my dermatologist didn’t really help with offering meds. When washing my face the outbreaks on forehead were beyond painful. Its like the doctor just didn’t believe me about how painful it was…Long story short found a product you might try but at this point you might be past needing help for rosacea and need help for chemical reactions from prior “help” from your doctor. You won’t need a Rx for this rosacea product. It’s not expensive around $99 and can last for over a year. I was able to use this product and was surprised that within a few months the horrible outbreaks were under control. If you are interested https://rosacea-ltd.com or Rosacea-ltd IV in your search bar.
      Sincerely hope this helps.

  4. Deborah Snead says:

    I was given a sample of Mirvaso by my dermatologist a few years ago….was just told it would take away the redness for 10 hours. It was such a small sample, only used it once a week, when I had to play piano for church. It was so expensive, I could not afford it. I now am using Metro Gel 1% once a day in the morning, and Cetaphyl body and face moisturizer for sensitive skin mainly at night, and use Aloe Vera 100% sometimes during the day, when the heat on my face gets bad. I live in a nursing home, and am even reluctant to come out to activities, due to how I look….but I am thankful for some relief. I hate the way Rosacea irritates my eyes, too, especially combined with dry eyes. I also get some relief staying in a cool environment, with a fan. Good to know there is this support group. People hate hearing complaints about any illness….but noone is who not suffering can understand anyway…not even doctors or nurses!

  5. Valerie Holt says:

    I was prescribed mirvosa for blood vessels not rosacea. I wish I would have NEVER put it on my face. My face is so red now because of it. I really thought this would be a life changing cream that would take away all of my problem areas on my skin. This has just made my face hot and red . I now have head aches everyday because my face is so hot. I really hope someone out there reads this and decides not to waste their money on this nightmare cream.

    • PF says:

      I had the same experience. Took two weeks for burning to reduce, which was helped by layering Sudacream and leaving on for a few hours at a time. Took the burning out. After 4 weeks back to normal, if anything more tolerant of heat that I was before.

      Mivaso should be reviewed, as clinical trials do not appear to reflect the real experience of patients.

  6. Kim S Joppie says:

    It made me look yellow and sullen. Sallow skin is not a solution for my rosacea!

  7. BSOM says:

    I have used it for 2 years now. I apply it with Clinque Redness solutions SPF 15 , It has been God sent, and I use the gel only if I am breaking out. Sadly I cannot afford it even with the care connect card the cost is $501.00 , It’s not something my medical plan covers it is considered cosmetic. Does anyone have a better idea what kind of discount there is with the care connect cards ? or anything better? I need help,

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