Mirvaso User Reviews


Mirvaso is so new that only a few rosacea sufferers have been able to try it.

What are your chances of having a bad reaction ?

How are users in the real world faring, and will the general population see the same level of benefits as the large number of Phase III trialists ? So far it seems that many more people are having bad rebound reactions to Mirvaso, compared to the clinical trials.

Well one way that we might get an idea of how Mirvaso is being received is if we can collect reports from people who suffer from redness and try it and give us all some feedback.

Please do leave a comment if you have tried it and have an opinion.

How Well Does Mirvaso Work?

Well your response to Mirvaso is likely to fall into 1 of 4 camps;

  1. For starters, there is going to be a group of rosacea sufferers who won’t be able to use Mirvaso at all because of another condition that is incompatible with Brimonidine.
  2. Some users will get a flush reaction that will probably mean that they will stop using Mirvaso.
  3. Next, there will be a group of rosacea sufferers who get a mild to moderate reaction but will choose to continue to use Mirvaso.
  4. Finally, and hopefully in the majority, will be a group of Mirvaso users who see a good relief in their red face.

Mirvaso Reviews

Alan says:

 Not as impressed as I hoped to be, but only on my 4th day.

dogkrazy says:

I haven’t seen any rebound, but it does wear off. I use it once a day after my shower.

At first, it gets a bit redder looking but a couple hours later it blanches out..rather like pushing your finger hard on something until the pink turns white…it looks tons better!! the less red side almost looks normal on it.

alfypet says:

I tried my Mirvaso today for the first time. I applied about 45 minutes ago. The good news is that I have not reacted badly thus far. I am so used to applying a topical and immediately getting red and flushy, so that is a big plus for me.

The area on which I applied the cream has definitely paled. Surprisingly, this does not necessarily make me look better.

and then;

The good news is that I have used it for three days now and have seen no ill effects. That is huge for me, as I usually react to everything! I can’t use Metrogel, Finacea, Promiseb, Xylogel, etc, without reacting with redness or flushing.

The Mirvaso definitely helps with diffuse redness, and I think a lot of people will have great results. Under my redness, I have visible vessels, which I was hoping would not be visible with Mirvaso. But for me, they are still visible, and no longer hidden by the redness of my overall rosacea. Honestly, had I never had laser treatment and Veinwave, which made these veins more visible, I think I’d have much better results.

I do feel, however, that applying Mirvaso takes down my rosacea, in general, a degree or two. My face feels calmer and less reactive so far. I am at work today, which will be a good test. I usually flush on a daily basis at work at around 6/7 pm. I’m not sure why, but it is probably anxiety trying to finish my deadlines and get out of the office. I’ll see if that happens today.

anon24 says:

Okay I finally picked up Mirvaso from the pharmacy. Using the savings card, I only had to pay $50 for the 30mg tube, and I don’t have a great insurance, so most folks will probably get a pretty good deal on it. I applied it in the parking lot in one spot, ran some errands, and came home, and its now been about 40 minutes. I did about a quarter sized area, and the redness has subsided a bit, but nothing to write home about. I don’t know if it starts to work more after 30 minutes, I assumed that at 30 minutes it was working at maximum ability, but I will post more updates later. It is very easy to apply, spreads very easily (it’s a clear cream, kind of like vaseline), and doesn’t feel drying or anything like that. So the redness is reduced after about 40 minutes, not nearly as much as I’d hoped, but I will update later.

Steven says:

So I got it – about a week ago – used it 4 days – looked great at first, then seemed to have some breakthrough redness before the 12 hours were up. Thought I would stop using it for a few days as I thought I might be developing tolerance to it. The day after I discontinued it my face has been flushed more than before I used it. So rebound redness seems to be potential problem – It certainly has been for me.

wiry says:

Early Review: I tried it on the entire face. I took about 45min-1hr to kick in.

– The forehead results seem to be pretty decent.
– Cheeks were blotchy. Some spots were too pale, which increased contrast from the redder areas.

I think my cheeks looks worse with Mirvaso because it was just too blotchy. Some areas are too pale and unnatural looking. Have you ever heard someone say you look like you’ve seen a ghost? Well, it sort of looks like that. The forehead seemed to give a better cosmetic result. Perhaps with some experimentation one could get it look better. I will try some different approaches and see what happens.

Overall, I think with enough experimentation (and fingers crossed there is no rebound flushing), this could be a useful medication. But I think it will be tricky to really good natural looking results (at least for me). Its a little “black and white” or should I say “red and white”. Maybe if I were to dilute it a little and just go for a toning down of redness, it would be better.

littlelassie says:

This is my third day using Mirvaso and my first day to apply it in the morning instead of the afternoon. Today isn’t the greatest test because I also used little makeup since I was going to be with other people all morning and am a chicken. Interestingly enough I haven’t seen the same degree of effectiveness the past two days, but I believe that’s either because I am using less than the first time or because I have started mixing it with Cerave lotion to help it spread more easily. That being said, my redness has mostly disappeared by 45 minutes after application, I just don’t look freakishly pale. The one thing that bothers me is that at around 5-6 hours I start to see some pink/red coming back. All three days the redness first appears in my t-zone. I think it might have something to do with my skin becoming oily?

Matt_Seattle says:

Test Patch Review:

Well Mirvaso definitely works (at least it did for me). I first applied it just to a section on my nose and it turned it completely pale in that area (took about 20 minutes for the effect). There was no stinging and it applies smoothly (no scent really either) the texture reminds me a bit of cetaphil moisturizer or Cerave PM.. Very thin and easy to absorb. Now after the first application and as others described, it almost looked like an obvious pale spot with surrounding pinkness, but after taking a tiny bit more, working it through the finger tips and lightly applying to the rest of my nose while trying to fade it lightly into my cheeks, it smoothed out and gave a natural pale complexion to my nose. Im pretty impressed with how good it actually works.

Acanthous says:

I used 3 pea-sized blobs for whole face, at 2pm on the day I got the script ($50 w/coupon). I am a flusher, with many, many triggers, including ‘being alive’ and ‘breathing’. Deepest flushing is on nose and cheeks, but rest of face, neck and chest also flush. I always have some redness. Observations:

– I was white like a vampire for approximately 14-15 hrs. Not even red wine and pasta made the treated areas flush.
– this is not as good a look as I imagined it would be. Also, it highlighted the neck and chest flushing I have.
– some normal flushing started coming back on face and cheeks around 8am the next day.
– extreme, weird rebound flushing on cheeks starting by 9 am. Deep, blotchy flush, very hot and uncomfortable.

Renae says:

I have used mirvaso for the past three nights and the results are amazing!!!!!!! The redness/burning/swelling is totally gone! I do look pale in comparison to my normally flush appearance but i couldnt be happier with the results. I’m going to not use it for a few days and see what happens. Has anyone else had the same results as I have?

redman says:

Got it today. Left the Drs office, washed face, applied. 20 minutes later I walk in the house and my wife tells me I look pale. Not pale, I tell her. This is my correct color and that she should try it as well.

Renae says:

I just tried mirvaso and I cannot believe the difference it made with the redness/telangiectasias!!!!! I’ve tried every cream(finacea, metrolotion, oracea etc).

Scotty says:

Hi All – got a sample of Mirvaso yesterday from my Dr.  I used it for the first time this morning after my shower.  Didn’t really think much about it (had little faith to be honest) until I went to the restroom at my office.  Looked in the mirror and was very impressed!  It usually takes a long time for my skin to “settle down” after a shower etc – but my redness was VERY improved!  I still can’t believe the results.  So far I’m a fan.  We’ll see how it goes.  Good luck!

GreenGables says:

Using Mirvaso for 3 weeks. My derm recommended it at my appointment last month. I hadn’t heard of it before. But my derm is fairly on top of new treatments, and she said she’s had positive reports from her other patients since it came out in September.

Maybe that will change the longer I use it, but right now it’s positive for 3 weeks and counting.


I have been using Mirvaso for 3 weeks without any rebound flushing. Of course it all could change at some point, but so far it has worked for me.

Please Leave a Comment

If you have tried Mirvaso, please leave us a comment below so that we can all get to see how well it is going as a treatment – thanks!

Rebound Redness

There is a growing body of reports of bad flushing reactions to Mirvaso. It isn’t yet clear why this is; that it appears that users are having bad reactions to Mirvaso a higher rate than was seen in the Phase 3 long term trials. Take care and work with your doctor if you think you might be worse off after using Mirvaso.

So please do let us know in the comments below whether you stick with Mirvaso or have to stop using it.

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712 Reader Comments

  1. darryl Hutchinson says:

    Was prescribed the new wonderdrug Mirvaso for my Rosacea. I reacted badly to it and got tingling, heat and flushes as bad as any I have ever had. I was on holiday and had a burning face SOLID for about 4 days in the hotel, and took 2 weeks to recover from it. I still have 29 of the 30g still in the tube but won’t go near it. My GP reported my reaction back to the drug company but they reported no such reaction in their trials….makes you wonder though!
    After all the hype of mirvaso I was really disappointed, and it is clear here at the group others had the same findings. Maybe they should have asked us to participate in the trial before getting our hopes up!

    • diane says:

      Has anyone out there tried Soolantra? It is a cream. Tx. diane VERY, VERY

      • diane says:

        I used some samples from my physician. Worked no better than Mirvaso. My doctor who
        has been voted one of the best dermatologists in Washington has tried EVERYTHING for
        me. Nothing has worked. Best of luck to all of you out there who are suffering this
        misery. I done done IPL, antibiotics, no sun, sunscreen, hats when running, etc., etc.

  2. Research findings says:

    Long-Term Use of Brimonidine Gel Decreases Levels of Erythema in Patients With Rosacea: Presented at EADV
    October 10th, 2015
    Tags: Conference Dispatch
    By Jenny Powers

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark — October 10, 2015 — Topical brimonidine gel (0.33%) applied once-daily by patients with moderate to severe erythema of rosacea, resulted in decreased erythema levels within 3 months that were sustained over the course of a 12-month study, researchers reported here at the 24th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Congress.

    Importantly, patients’ self-esteem and confidence also improved as their rosacea symptoms responded to treatment. Following 12 months of gel use, 48.5% of 131 patients who responded at baseline that rosacea inhibited their social life stated they no longer felt this inhibition.

    Of 145 patients who responded at baseline that they avoided public contact because of their rosacea, 59.9% stated they no longer avoided public contact.

    Of 77 patients responding ‘yes’ at baseline whether rosacea made it difficult to establish relationships, 59% responded ‘no’ after 12 months of treatment.

    Gregor Schaefer MD, Galderma SAS, Paris, France, and colleagues conducted an open-label, multicentre study in 27 centres in the United States. Patients with a clinical diagnosis of moderate to severe erythema of rosacea at baseline visit, according to both Clinician’s Erythema Assessment (CEA) and the Patient’s Self-Assessment (PSA) were enrolled. Patients applied a thin film of topical brimonidine gel 0.33% once daily for 12 months. There was no restriction on the use of concomitant medications.

    “Rosacea has a variety of clinical manifestations but the central diagnostic feature is diffuse facial erythema that persists and increases in intensity during a flare,” explained Dr. Schaefer. “Telangiectasia or dilated blood vessels may also be present, as may papules and pustules.”

    Brimonidine is a highly selective alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonist that has a rapid onset of activity that generally peaks at around 3 hours and lasts for 24 hours.

    Erythema was assessed just before the application of the gel, at baseline, week 1, month 1, month 3, month 9, and month 12 using CEA, PSA, and TGA scales. Patients completed questionnaires regarding the impact of rosacea on their social life at baseline and every 3 months.

    The erythema score prior to treatment application was improved within the first 3 months on study and continued until the end of study. After 12 months, 69.6% and 66.0% of patients demonstrated at least a 1 grade improvement in pre-application facial erythema levels compared with the pre-application baseline levels, as assessed by the patient using PSA and investigator using the CEA, respectively.

    Telangiectasia improved rapidly within the first 2 months and improvement was sustained. At 12 months, 44.0% of patients had at least a 1 grade improvement in the pre-application level of telangiectasia compared with baseline.

    “Reduction of pre-application erythema levels may make the skin appear whiter so it could be expected that telangiectasia would be more visible; however, pre-application telangiectasia levels were also improved,” said Dr. Schaefer. “Overall, the results suggest that long-term use of once daily brimonidine gel may have beneficial effects on rosacea patients beyond daily erythema.

  3. Deb says:

    I am also having rebound flushing after using a sample from my dermatologist. Very hot and uncomfortable. I only applied the cream 3 times. I should have left well enough alone because I was having good luck keeping flushing at bay after discovering I had some food sensitivities (not allergies) to unusual things: bakers yeast, rice and eggplant. One of the best things I ever did for my rosacea was getting tested for sensitivities!

  4. Eamonn says:

    Disaster for me.Used Mirvaso for one month and had to stop as I got extremely bad rebound flushing which made my face and neck like a tomatoe.Since I stopped using Mirvaso and Rozex gels, my colour is now normal pale.I noe use beta blockers which helps greatly.

    • Lisa richards says:

      Rebound from Mirvaso is horrible.
      I look like a clown with a beet red face.
      I am horrified.
      How long will it take for this mess to go away?
      The drug company lied about the effects of this drug

      • Mimi says:

        It too two full weeks for my skin to calm down. Even after that I notice far more flushing events in the last 8 months. I actually decided to buy a series of IPL treatments. Prior to the cream the last one I had was about 5 years ago. I feel that using this cream caused my rosacea to worsen and led me back to the laser. Prior to using the cream my rosacea was mostly dormant. I wanted the cream for more sporadic use, going to a party, having a drink etc…Things that cause me to flush. The IPL does work for me. But I still have the occasional flushing event. Still I am out 2300.00 for the laser treatments.

  5. Tim says:

    Onrealtea/ Mirvaso did not work for me here in Canada. MY GP gave me free samples of the drug to help with Rosacea— something I hadn’t been diagnosed with though I battled acne for 2 decades. First application: great. Much of my skin appearing light and blemish free for a few hours. Later I noticed the burning, the itching, the shortness of breath. Never imagined it was due to a few drops of creme and tried it again the next day. Same reaction. 24 hours of wanting to scratch my burning, swelling face as well as shortness of breath. All very scary. My face is a mess. Be careful with this ‘cure’ all.

  6. marshal says:

    ive been using mirvaso now for 5 months no flare ups seems to work fine, but doesnt take redness away from my beak, i get it free on nhs scotland
    i put it on after i wash with a liz earle cloth and plain scottish tap water hot as i can handle.

    i dont know whether rubbing it in is any better than just smearing it on,
    im 48 and have the permanent redness now, but no flaking or oily skin,

    i have noticed that i still look terrible under some indoor lighting, although looking in mirror i look fine

    im very worried about my rosacea, and how people look at me and think im a heavy drinker.

    im severly scunnered with this disease

  7. Becky says:

    I’ve only recently been diagnosed with Rosacea and trialed Rozex for just over a month. It helped a little in regards to calming the redness on my face and the soreness of the spots but it never gave me an overall satisfied result. Then I received a sample of Mirvaso from my doctor and noticed within an hour that all the redness in my face had vanished. Even though it gives me a slight “ill” like look and it doesn’t get rid of the spots I still take great comfort in feeling some what normal, even if the results only last 12 hrs or a little less.

    There is a slight discomfort when I apply the gel but with the high dosage of Brimonidine in it I am not shocked by this. This feeling subsides after less than 30 mins for me though.

    The fact that it doesn’t hide the spots isn’t something that overly concerns me as I guess for someone that has to cover her face with make-up for my job, not needing as much coverage as I normally would is a huge relief. Knowing that I don’t have to cake my face every day is refreshing! I am finding with my face washing routine that the spots aren’t as aggressive as they used to be either so that is another added comfort. (Benzac foam face wash, Witch Hazel or Nivea Toner, and then the Mirvaso Gel).

    I have only been part of the Rosacea “gang” for a short while but I am already feeling the effects of this interfering with my life. It is uncomfortable, often depressing and sometimes embarrassing to have it (especially when I like to enjoy a glass or two of wine with friends and all of a sudden become bright red in the face). I guess it is something I will have to accept over time, but I feel appreciative that I am not the only sufferer and that there is a support crew out there all over the world helping others over come these negative feelings.

    My Advice: Take each day as it comes and know that it could ALWAYS be worse so count your blessings xx

    • Emily Kingston says:

      Hey Becky – you write: “There is a slight discomfort when I apply the gel but with the high dosage of Brimonidine in it I’m not shocked”

      High dosage compared to what other topical product? FYI, this is the first topical with Brimonidine so your reasoning there doesn’t make sense. You know we get a lot of fake reviews around here, and Rosacea being a really frustrating skin problem a lot of people here know their stuff about it. I’m not saying your review seems fake, but that particular part I quoted is disingenuous given there is no reference point for a topical as to what a high level of Brimonidine is.

      • Becky says:

        Hi Emily,

        I was merely just stating that the level of Brimonidine that they are using in the Mirvaso Gel is a higher dosage/percentage than what they would put in the eye drops (where the drug is most commonly used to constrict the blood vessels to reduce the redness). Which from memory I believe it is 0.33% to the standard 0.15/0.2% in the eye drops. It is a chemical, a toxic one at that, so for a reaction to occur on an area that is sensitive I am not surprised. I am purely going off the basis of what I researched before I applied a new chemical to my face, which is a second nature thing for me to do these days now that my face reacts so badly to many chemically based products.

        The discomfort I refer to is more a slight tingling sensation if anything. Perhaps this feeling will subside if I mix the gel in with a little bit of hypoallergenic like some have suggested on other posts I have read, I don’t know. BUT like everyone that has commented on this post, I am a trialler, a guinea pig to the cosmetic industry that is trying to source a solution.

        I can guarantee you this is definitely not a fake post. Like I said I am new to the Rosacea scene, and I was merely posting a comment in response to the question above “Please do leave a comment if you have tried it and have an opinion.”

        I am disheartened by the fact that I feel under attack for having an opinion, especially when I didn’t believe that I had stated anything unfactual. I do realise that there are many trying to exploit “cures” on the internet, but I am not one of them. I have a full understanding that there is no cure for this horrid “condition”, and I am p*ssed that I have now had to join the group.

        • Emily Kingston says:

          Thank you Becky. I’m aware of the drops, I just don’t see how one compares drops for mucus membranes with topical gels applied to skin cells given the differing mechanisms of permeation. Thanks for your response – I think it helps to know you were making a spurious comparison rather than deliberately trying to alter people’s ideas and expectations about the product. Best of luck with the treatment.

        • Emily Kingston says:

          Please don’t feel disheartened… It’s really depressing how many fake reviews there are on the Internet. Given how desperate this condition makes people feel, it’s really depressing that people take advantage of that desperation … I’ve been on this particular thread we are on for over a year, and there have been many suspected fake comments, pointed out by others and myself.

        • joeyr says:

          this website is very “conspiracy oriented”. They don’t like big pharma. I have been squelched by many of the “open-minded” on this forum for the past 3 years

          • Emily Kingston says:

            “They don’t like Big Pharma” … You’re describing present day liberal culture and/or natural health culture. Maybe ask the moderators of the Rosacea Forum their experience, they are constantly discovering sales pitches dressed as patient testimonies that they have to delete and ban. It’s an unfortunate part of health discussion on the Internet, not special to Rosacea.

  8. Jay says:

    Hello all,
    I just got a bottle of Mirvaso (like a few mins ago).
    I was told to apply it in the morning. My question is can I apply lotion on my face afterwards. If so how long do I wait before I apply the lotion.


  9. sculyman says:

    It reduces the redness on my face signicantly a few mins later after applying on my face. However after 12 hr or so the rebound is so great that i got even redder than before.

  10. hms says:

    I tried mirvaso for 4-5 days and I don’t want to go near it again. Horrible redness after 12 h. I have never seen myself so red. Never again!

  11. Wendy says:

    I’ve apparently been experiencing the symptoms of Rosacea for quite a while but, until recently, dismissed them as another joy of menopause. I went to my GP when I started to experience breakouts.
    By coincidence my GP had just had a briefing from what sounds like the GALDERMA company Rep and was excited for me to try the ‘new’ Onreltea Gel remedy. $135 and about 3 days later my face was a glowing, hot, red disaster that felt like a steam burn. I was even hot behind my eyes. During an immediate follow-up with my Dr we read through the possible side effects: stinging & burning were at the top of the list. What!?!
    I haven’t yet filed a claim through my health insurance so I don’t know if it’s an insured item; first I will exploring the possibility of a refund from GALDERMA.
    After a recovery period of approximately 10 days I’m on my 3rd day of what seems to be a gentle over-the-counter product called Cliniderm RosaCalm, recommended to me by another sufferer. So far so good.
    Good luck.

    • Mimi says:

      I had the same issue. Horrible rebound flushing. I did get a full refund from the manufacturer but it took about 4 weeks to process.

      • Wendy says:

        I appreciate your input… I’ll continue to seek a reply from the manufacturer. Would you mind clarifying – are you a resident of Canada, or USA? Thanks.

        • Mimi says:

          USA resident. Good luck! When I dealt with the manufacturer they were more than happy to refund. I got the impression they were doing a lot of refunding. I had to fill out some paperwork and send it back to them etc…

          • Wendy says:

            I’ve left a message with the Customer Relations line @ GLADERMA here in Canada. Fingers crossed they will be willing to listen and offer a refund.

    • diane says:

      I am just so sorry about your horrific reaction(s)!!!!!!! I am so glad you mentioned a
      new product that is helping you recover! I am going to research it and ask my
      derm. I have used EVERYTHING all to no avail. I have seen several physicians
      and every one of them has said “there are no new meds!” All three tell their
      patients that Mirvaso is available, but there are no guarantees!!!!! Good luck!

  12. GT says:

    I use Mirvaso occasionally and it works for me with no problems. Although, my Dermatologist says he doesn’t think I should use it – WHY? He didn’t say.

    • Joeyr says:

      I don’t have any issues with it either

      • diane says:

        OH, DEAR!!! Joe: any doctor who says he does give you a reason for NOT using a product
        should not have an MD after his name. That is totally inane. How about a physician who
        truly knows the dos and don’ts of his practice. Very scary. Thank God you are not
        consulting him for a LIFE THREATENING illness!!

  13. Rena says:

    Hi Wendy, I am from Canada also and was wondering if you had any luck regarding a refund for Onreltea (Mirvaso). I spent about a half hour on the phone with Galderma “customer service” (if you can call it that) I guess it was the “adverse reactions” line. She interviewed me expensively and then refused to give any refund saying it was not in their policy. I called Galderma U.S. and they do in fact give refunds to U.S. citizens – so why is Galderma Canada so unhelpful?

  14. Morchella says:

    On my fourth day of using Mirvaso I had to cancel plans to go out last minute because of a sudden onset of deep flushing and stinging redness. I’d had a glass of wine earlier and wonder if that dos t trigger it. A few days later my skin is still bumpy. I didn’t notice a difference the first three days and was waiting for it to work….guess not. Mirvaso is not for me.

  15. J says:

    Oh, I’m terrified to use this treatment now. My dermatologist sent me home with some of this yesterday. I have chronic rosacea and really need something to help. He told me to try on 1 side of my face to see if it works…well yesterday I did apply it to 1 side of my face and it did take all the redness away but after reading all these posts I’m afraid to reapply any more =(
    I’m lost on what to do because it did work yesterday on the 1 side I applied it to. Today my normal pinkness/redness is back…but that I expected…not burning though.

    I think I should sit and think about this more…I wish the people who have had positive effects from the gel would post because people seem to only post when something goes horribly wrong with a product.

  16. Bobbie says:

    The comments about Mirvaso working and seeming like a miracle treatment are true – for the first 24 hours. Then you may, like me, experience severe flushing and redness. I know many of you are desperate to try anything but this cream is not worth the risk. I am an Australian and have had severe rosacia for the last 10 years, female 39 years old.

  17. Rachel says:

    This worked like a miracle – for the first 5 hours. Then my face turned into a nightmare of burning pain, beaming, glowing, angry red, with stabbing needles of agony. I’m not exaggerating.

    I left my skin to calm down for two days and then tried again. The same result, but now spread to a wider area of my face. Another 2 days past and I was going out with some friends. I weighed up the odds – use marivaso for an evening to look good, with the cost of the pain and rebound flushing for the next few days? I took the gamble and used the cream diluted down to the thinnest of smears. I looked marvellous as I Ieft the house. Halfway through the evening I felt the burning start and by the time I got home I was rushing to the sink to bathe my face with cold towels. This time it took a week to calm down, and honestly, I think the redness and bumps are now consistently worse than when I started.

    Given the large number of people with the same experience I am amazed they are allowed to market this product.

    • Marshal says:

      Well Rachel,,all I can say is you must be using it incorrectly,,as I think it’s wonderful stuff and have been using it for a year

      That’s why the stuff sells,,,this forum is mostly full of complaints about the said product,,,,but think of the thousands and thousands of happy customers world wide.

      Before you ask,,,I’m a bricklayer and live in Inverness Scottish highlands,,,and I’m only a user

    • Arthur says:

      Rachel , Everything you say is true about this awful product …beats the hell out of me how they are still allowed to make this stuff available to the public . DONT listen to Marshal and the “Thousands of happy customers” there isn’t any happy customers , just read the reviews HERE , I think perhaps Marshal has an “Interest” in this product … YOUR SKIN HAS WARNED YOU DONT USE MIRVASO AGAIN !!!

      • Marshal says:

        Yes Arthur I do have an interest in this product as it works wonders for me “clears my cheeks completely and takes some red from my nose, not all. and also am over the moon I get this free with NHS highland.

        But you,ll know best about no customers being happy with the product, as every single person in the “”world” ! who has used it is on this message board, ” forum”,,,according to Arthur

        heres what I do

        1 wash face, hot water, hot as a can handle, which is against docs orders for me.
        using rag from Liz Earle cleanse and polish, do not use soap or cleanser, or indeed anything, just plain h20. Wipe face let air dry

        2 apply product, I only use it on my nose and cheeks,
        I have no broken dry or oily bits, bumps or lumps,,,just severe red mask. After I wash my face I apply to nose and cheeks

        I can honestly say after the length of time I’ve used this,my red isn’t as bad as it was.

        Maybe it’s something to do also with the best water in the world Scottish Water,,,not British,,Scottish

  18. Colm says:

    Hey everyone, I’m Colm & I’m 19 from Ireland.
    I recently started suffering from redness in and around my cheeks.
    I felt it would be appropriate to share my experience with Mirvaso.

    Like everyone else I’m sure, I had tirelessly researched this product when I heard a “revolutionary new topical gel” was coming out that apparently reduced the look of rosacea/broken veins/facial flushing. I made an appointment with my dermatologist as I was adamant I would have to try this. My skin/facial flushing was really taking its toll on me, I was avoiding social situations, anywhere I thought my skin could flare up.

    Although my dermatologist didnt diagnose me with rosacea per say, he said some people have different facial vein structures. It just so happened that my veins were closer to the skin than normal. To be honest, looking back, i wasnt that happy with my dermatologists diagnosis, but i was so adamant to get my hands on this cream, that i continued with the consultation. My dermatologist prescribed Mirvaso to me, yet he did voice his caution/fears, reiterating that it was a new experimental gel and that he hadnt had much feedback due to how new it was. I didnt care to be honest, I ran with my prescription to the local pharmacy (he gave me 2 repeat prescriptions). I had trouble initially getting hold of the gel and ended up having to order it in which took a couple of days, which at the time to me, was soul destroying. Anyway, the day came where I collected the gel, it cost me €60 which was fairly expensive but I was willing to pay it after reading how it would apparently cure my facial redness/flushing.

    I put it on according to the instructions. After 30 minutes, I returned to the mirror and I couldnt believe it. My entire face was completely clear, redness-free. It was like a dream come true. I spent the entire day showing it off and feeling extremely confident. I went to bed that night feeling like I had been given a new lease of life.

    Unfortunately, the following morning, I had college exams. I woke up earlier than normal to what I can only describe as a hot stabbing ache all over my face, like a boiling hot version of pins & needles. I went to the mirror and I was horrified. My entire face was burning hot, fully flushed, broken veins in places I hadnt had before, my eyes were bloodshot even though I had avoided that area as per instruction. As I had to go to the exams no matter what, I put more of the mirvaso on to get me through the exams. Like the previous day, it calmed my face down within an hour. Mid-way through my exam, however, I felt my face flushing and burning again. Not only that, I felt light-headed and a bit drowsy. I had gotten plenty of sleep the night before so it wasnt a case of lack of sleep. It was the gel that had me feeling in a weird way euphoric (but not in a good way). I did my best to push through the exam and ran home afterwards. This time, my face was red/purplish around the cheeks, nose, above my eyes and forehead (I had only ever experienced redness around lower cheek/jaw). The flushing got worse and worse over the course of the day. The effect the previous day had lasted almost 24 hours, yet here i was today where the effect had only lasted 4 hours, and although my face was calm, normal during these 4 hours, I had a permanent itchy, burning sensation throughout which made it extremely uncomfortable to do anything.

    I was devastated. I had built this cream up to be the answer to all my problems. I ended up having to stop using it entirely after that. It took about two weeks for my skin to recover somewhat and return to normal. And by normal, I mean this ‘normal’ was far worse than the normal way my skin was before I started using mirvaso. Constantly flushed, blotchy.

    Its now been about 11 months since I used it that day. It ended up giving me broken veins around my eyelids and nose, that I didnt have before that, which I still have to this day. These flare up along with my original complaint, which was around my cheeks. I find when my skin does flush, its even deeper, longer-lasting and more frequent, even almost 11 months on. Im considering IPL.

    The reason I wrote this is, because although you feel you’ve researched this gel and feel its “worth the chance” to try it, I would BEG you not to. YES it does reduce redness for a couple of hours the first day or two using it, however, over time, the effect lasts shorter and shorter and the rebound flushing gets worse and worse, and you end up with redness/broken veins in places you didnt have before. It does more damage than good. I still feel my skin far more sensitive to all the triggers than it was before and its been almost a year since I stopped using it. This gel is a DRUG. It is made out of a DRUG. I think People forget this or it isnt emphasised enough, they dont realise the strength of the gel. Not only the physical effect whilst using it, the longterm effect too.

    My intention here is not to turn you off it, but I think everyone should see people who had a negative experience with it, before you make up your mind on whether to start using it. I’m sure there are people who suffer with far more severe rosacea / redness etc than me, who are willing to risk it for even a 10% success rate. I have read about the positive reviews some people have posted and I understand everyone reacts differently. However, there have been an overwhelming number of negative reviews too. All I ask is consider this, like me, you could end up with worse skin / sensitivity for an extended period even after using it. You really have to ask yourself, is it worth it for a couple of hours of less-red skin? I found out the hard way.

    Hope this is of some help to people,
    Colm 🙂

    • Lizzy says:

      Oh how I wish I had read this before I started using it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering. Only been off the stuff for a few days so glad to hear you go back to “normal” at some point in time but 2 weeks?

  19. kevin says:

    As far as Mirvaso, I have found a method that works for me and so far no rebound redness (1 year user). I place a pea size dab on my hand and mix with 3 drops of Afrin nasal spray. The Afrin has constricting features also. This combination seems to lessen the strength of Mirvaso and also makes it last longer because the Mirvaso consistency gets thinner from the Afrin. I also think by diluting it the chance of rebound redness is lessened. BTW my normal routine is Oracea in the morning and start the day with an overall application of Metrogel 1% CREME, not the gel becuase it is to harsh. Then I put on an application of the reduced Mirvaso with Afrin. Been good for about 3 months now. Still have a problem in the sun and strenuous activities, think I will try Zinco next.

  20. Anna says:

    I was prescribed mirvaso for mild rosacea. As other people have eluded to, I initially was pleased with the results but I have since suffered from extreme flushing, something which I never had before using it. My whole face feels hot and is erythematous. This has continued since stopping the gel. I would definitely not recommend this drug and would ask that someone collates all these adverse effects and presents them to the drug company.

  21. Kate says:

    The first time I tried Mirvaso, my cheeks turned almost too white! So now I use a much diluted amount, or mixed with my face lotion, and it looks much better! It reacts within 20 minutes for me, and lasts for approximately 10 hours. I have no rebound flushing and I am overall, very happy with it. Some days, I just use it on my tiny broken veins around my nose, etc. & that is enough to improve my look……..It has been 3 weeks & I hope that my experience continues to be this positive, with no rebound redness!!! <3

  22. freshgg says:

    I had hyperpigmentation AND blotchy skin – and really feel the Somaluxe Moisturizer is starting to make a difference. I am a 37 year old woman and have been very unhappy with my skin for quite awhile now. I have continued with daily use of the Somaluxe Moisturizer and my skin is looking so much brighter and fresher, I’ve even had afew compliments telling me I look healthier and fresh. My hyperpigmentation has started to break up a little bit, giving me little dotted about patches of normal skin tone, so I’m hoping afew more weeks down the line that it will of more or less cleared up. Fingers crossed.

  23. Lizzy says:

    I tried Mirvaso and wish I had not. Looks great in the beginning but soon wears off earlier and earlier each day. Had to stop using and now my face looks 10x worse the flushing is painful and wondering how long if ever it is going to stop. No makeup call cover this. I now have painful lobster face.

  24. Olli says:

    19 months(and still going)with burning horror in my face after only 3 days with mirvaso applications…the heat in my face is so brutal that I often have problems to keep my eyes open!!!my ears are flushing 20-30 times per day for no reason(mirvaso was not applied there) before mirvaso I was a healthy man. I could play tennis/squash for hours.and now I can’t be in a heated room whiteout looking like a chemical burn victim..please be careful people

  25. Vnderban says:

    he rebound effect is horrible with mirvaso, the first 10 hours the inflammation falls, but shortly after it returns in fire mode all over the face, in my case I did not function, I am now with soolantra (ivermectin) and the improvement was noticeable long term.

  26. Katie says:

    I just started using Mirvaso yesterday and I am HORRIFIED by what it has done to my face. I used only a small amount, and for the first 10 hours or so, my face looked GREAT, better than ever before. I thought I’d found the holy grail of Rosacea treatments there for about half a day. NOPE. After it wore off my facial redness came back, looking about twice as bad as it normally would. So I didn’t use it today, and yet the same thing just happened again. My facial redness is back even worse than ever. Right now, there is a HUGE red spot (and I mean REALLY red) on my right cheek that is burning so bad it feels like it’s on fire. My God, I hope this cream didn’t screw up my face. Does anyone know if this is ever going to stop? Or am I doomed to pay the price for just using it once forever? I am so upset with myself. Why did I not listen to the reviews I read online? This product is horrible. I don’t recommend it for anyone. Better to find a more natural treatment than to risk screwing up your face.

  27. Melissa says:

    Hi! Wow, I’m surprised at the diverse experiences with Mirvaso. I was shocked (and thrilled) that my insurance covered this, as they didn’t cover the basics, such as the sulphur cleaner and a few others topicals.
    Anyway, this is day 5. My derm., whom I trust, said that this can be used over Finacea and Metrogel.
    So, after the routine, I applied the pea-sized amount (as instructed via directions) to the 5 areas of my face. I find that tiny amount is not enough.
    I did notice a more even tone the first day.
    I haven’t had any rebound redness. I have noticed, at times, I have looked ghostly white. I would rather that than the crazy redness that has mared me, though.
    I may try this without my two cremes, so I’m not getting convoluted results. I’ll report back at that point.
    A bit off topic, but I’ve noticed great results with the new Cereve SA lotion cleanser (it has salycillic acid). Drinking water like a camel in the desert has also helped.
    Good luck to my tribe!

  28. Melissa says:

    As promised, I’m checking in to let you know what happened when i used Mirvaso alone, without my topicals. Everything was fine, until approx. 10 hrs. later, when my face started feeling flushed on the right side. I went to the bathroom mirror and was horrified to see a huge red blotch on the side that felt hot. My facial tone was uneven. I felt as if I had a temp. but I couldn’t find the thermometer.
    I grabbed one of the many cold packs in the freezer and lay down. I felt weak. I just tried to focus on cooling off my face.
    As soon as I felt a bit better, I washed my face with “Neutrogena Hydrating Lotion,” making sure to get everywhere. Then I applied Finecea. Then Metronidazole. Then Aveeno moisturizer (I’m out of Clinique “Green”).
    My face felt calmed and soothed. I instantly saw the redness going away with the Metrogel. My neck was crimson before that.
    So, this experiment yielded interesting results. No more Mirvaso, which is too bad because it’s a fortune.
    Finecea and Metronidazole are the elixirs.

  29. Melissa says:

    Eeks~pardon the mistakes. Running out the door, but wanted to leave this.

  30. Melissa says:

    Well, that was the last time I spend a minute of my time helping this whiny, selfish group. You’re all so self- absorbed, it’s ridic.
    May your faces all fall off.

    • Katie says:

      Just because someone doesn’t respond to you right away doesn’t mean they’re whiny and self-absorbed. We all have lives of our own outside of this forum. I personally am glad to hear you’ve found treatment that works for you. Mirvaso is the devil and 4 months after using it I am still paying the price. If you all know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from it AND from Rhofade. My dermatologist seems to think Rhofade will be a success but I’m very skeptical, and after the whole Mirvaso disaster…uh uh. Not gonna risk it and neither should any of you.

      • KATIE!!!!! It just makes to sick to hear about ANOTHER person going through HELL
        with M. I have never heard of the other drug you mentioned in your em. I too have
        tried EVERYTHING and then some — all to no avail. I have a superlative, Stanford\
        educated term, and if there is ANYONE who could/would have new info or treatment
        for our miserable, ongoing plague, it would be him. I went into to see him three
        days ago, and, once again, asked him if he had heard of a miracle for my R. He
        also teaches at the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON and has been named THE
        TOP DOC in the Pacific N.W. If I hear of ANYTHING new I will let you know.

      • i already did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Samantha.dickerson@icloud.com says:

    Whoa Nelly

  32. Theresa says:

    I’ve been using Mirvaso for ten days now. I apply it to my cheeks and chin. It take about 45 min. to an hour to actually begin working. It definitely makes my skin less red however, at the end of the day when it wears off and I’ve washed my make-up away, I feel as if the redness has spread to a larger area of my face. I’m considering laser treatment for more permanent results. Can anyone please share their laser treatment results with me?

  33. Chad says:

    just curious if anyone has been using the product for over a few years and experienced extreme swelling on cheeks (right below eyes) and forehead, between the eyes, where it is so swollen and oozing clear liquid? i went to the dermatologist and took antibiotics and it cleared up and all was good. i didn’t even need mirvoso for 3 months then the redness came back and I got a culture test from the dermatologist and it came back positive for Acinetobacter Lwoffii and twice now if i use even the smallest about of mirvoso it has extreme redness flushing so bad that my face stings, itches, and throbs where the redness is present.

    • Vicki says:

      If you have an extremely sensitive rosacea face like I do, you might want to think twice about using Mirvaso. It made my face very red and swollen. I am now using a new prescription creme called Rhofade and it is working well. However, it is $500.00 per tube.

      • Rebecca Pierz says:

        Vicki – when did you start using Rhofade? I used Mirvaso for four days, April 11-14. Stopped when I started getting awful rebound on days three and four. It’s now 15 days since I last used it and my face is a disaster. Red (much redder than EVER before), swollen, itchy, sore. Awful. My derm gave me a 30 day trial of Rhofade but I am terrified to try it, due to the Mirvaso reaction. But at the same time desperate to solve this current catastrophe. So hearing from someone who is successfully using Rhofade for an extended period would be helpful to me.

        • Vicki says:

          I also have a very sensitive rosacea face. My derm had to give me a cortisone shot to get it under control. Then I started using the Rhofade samples he gave me, and it has worked very well. It is a vasoconstrictor, so the redness is kept in check. Sadly, once the samples run out, I can’t afford to buy a $500.00 tube. I’ll just have to go back to my Aquanil, which is a .01% hydrocortisone lotion. I’ve been using it for years, and it does a respectable but minimal job. My triggers are the sun and alcohol. I wear sunblock, foundation and powder, and that seems to hide the red well enough. If I were you, I would try the Rhofade. It really has surprised me in how effective it is.

  34. Annamarie Snider says:

    I’ve been using for about 3+ weeks. The intial results were wonderful, I don’t think I’ve seen my face that consistent normal skin color in a long time, I gu as I forgot what I looked like. Anyway, now I’m flushing all the time, hot face and really uncomfortable both physically and socially. It’s much much worse that anything I have experienced. I stopped using the product yesterday and am hopeful I can get back to my somewhat controllable redness. So, proceeded with caution.

    • Vicki says:

      Have your derm prescribe Rhofade. It’s new and is actually working great for me. I use it once a day, follow with a sunscreen and powder, and I’m ready to go. It’s expensive though.

      • Kristina says:

        Does the rhofade help with residual redness and or flushing? Or just breakouts?

        • Vicki says:

          I don’t know about breakouts. Since I’ve been using it, I have had no rebound redness or flushing. I’ve only been using it for about a month.

          • Kyle says:

            Hi all,

            Every so often, I get replies from this thread. And I’m disheartened by all the emotional pain I see from rebound and reactions to this med. I used Mirvaso for 2-3 years, and finally was able to stop using it all together. I found the cure for this ailment! It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve been off of it and I completely forgot that I used to have rosacea. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s completely possible. You must be prepared to change how you eat and think. Once you make the change, you may also notice some amazing and remarkable changes in your life. I feel like I was living life in the shadows before. Now I bask in the light and everything life has to offer and I couldn’t be happier. Each day I wake up is the best day of my life!

            This disease stems from the gut and has everything to do with the balance of your microbiome. Once you balance it, it just goes away. It’s amazing. You have to fix your diet first, then water, and finally your cosmetics. After you address the physical influences, you have to fix your body’s internal energy, since that has a direct relationship with how efficiently and properly your body functions. There’s numerous studies out there that correlate internal energy with the level of performance in your body (level of antioxidants, stress, hormones, etc..). If you can accomplish these areas, I promise you your rosacea will go away, regardless of how bad it is right now.

            I’d be happy to share more details to anyone who’s interested. My email is douglar02@gmail.com.

  35. Matty says:

    My experience with Mirvaso was very bad. I tried it for 2 days. I went pretty ghostly white, and then had a big rebound flush each time. It made my rosacea much worse. The good news is that I now appear to be back at baseline after about a week. I would advise anyone who use with extreme caution. Start with a tiny tiny amount and monitor very closely. Even if it had worked reasonably well for me, I’m not sure I need the stress of continually thinking/checking to see if the effects had worn-off in the middle of a working day.

    • Vicki says:

      I was able to go one whole month on Rhofade. Then the redness came back with a vengeance. My derm said I probably had a delayed allergic reaction. I don’t know about that, but I went back to my Aquanil and sunscreen.

  36. sarah alfrey says:

    I was diagnosed with Rosacea last Monday and was given Soolantra and had a really bad reaction, blistering and itching. Then I went back this Monday and she gave me Mirvaso, I used it Monday night just in a small area and all the next day it was lighter than the rest of my face. But by 4pm that area became really flushed. I gave it another chance Tuesday night all over my face and was pleased by the results until about 4pm the next day again and became more flushed and hot and bothered than I have for months and months.
    I am presuming this is called rebound flushing from the other comments I have been reading.
    I didn’t use it last night but this morning I am still flushed and red.
    See how today goes. Really don’t know if I should keep trying it.

  37. David Pascoe says:

    Comment via email.

    “Hi David,

    I am 65 and started with ocular rosacea this March. It was difficult but I finally got it under control and then my cheeks and nose got in the act. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed a cream call Mirvaso. It has been a life saver for my vanity! I also stopped using makeup with chemical sunscreen. I only use physical products now.

    I found Elta Md tinted was a good base to start with. I then use a small amount of Bare Mineral powder. My skin around my eyes continues to be hipper sensitive to any cream or makeup. I have not used eye makeup in 6 months. It’s killing me! I tried Bare Mineral black pencil and reacted.

    I find it curious that MIRVASO has not been mentioned,or did I miss it? Just thought I’d reach out to you. Thank you for all you do!

    Best Regards”

  38. David Pascoe says:

    Comment via facebook.

    “Took 20 years till I recently got this from a dermatologist! It’s over $500 if your insurance wont cover it, but it completely takes all redness away! It’s like visine for your face. It doesn’t do anything but remove redness! It’s amazing. Redness completely gone after an hour and lasts all day!”

    • Mik says:

      Absolutely disagree. Be very careful with this product and make sure you do a test patch first. I suffered terrible rebound flushing and there are others with lots of bad experiences.

  39. A. McSheehy says:

    DON’T USE THIS PRODUCT- it’s not worth the risk. I actually don’t understand how they can continue to produce this product. Yes, it worked the first day. The next day I immediately noticed blotchy, burning redness right where I had applied the Mirvaso. It does the opposite of what it’s supposed to. The redness (and not my normal redness) has lasted several days and not gone away yet.

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