Mirvaso launches promotional rediswrong.com web site


Galderma is ramping up its promotion of Mirvaso with the launch of a web site to promote the idea that a red face is just wrong.

The site is a funnel page, attempting to direct you over to mirvaso.com.

This type of web site is known as a `direct to consumer symptom awareness campaign’ – which means that it is part of an effort to reach Joe Average internet user and let them know about the availability of a prescription treatment for a red face.

There are more images in this campaign – you can also a red banana at the Galderma Campaign Page.

The premise is interesting – some things are just not meant to be red. So your red turtle and red dalmation are just as unwanted as a red face.

The web site contains a bold statement about a red face – that it is totally manageable. The truth of that statement will continue be tested in coming months as more and more user reviews of Mirvaso surface.

Galderma have some work in front of them if they want to realise a dream of Mirvaso becoming a $100m drug.

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1 Reader Comment

  1. cathy says:

    red is wrong.

    thanks, Galderma

    I myself haven’t liked my red face a whole lot, but now I have the official word. What’s next, banning folks with red faces from public places?

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