Mirvaso launches as ONRELTEA in Canada


Galderma has reached into its bag of trademarks and announced that Mirvaso will be known as ONRELTEA in Canada.

Red Faced? Rosacea Sufferers Now Have a New Option Proven to Reduce Facial Redness

Health Canada Approves The First and Only Topical Treatment Indicated for the Persistent Facial Erythema of Rosacea

THORNHILL, ON, May 21, 2014 /CNW/ –

Galderma Canada Inc., today announced that ONRELTEA™ topical gel (Brimonidine gel 0.33%) has been approved by Health Canada and is now available for Canadian patients 18 and older to treat the facial erythema (redness) of rosacea. ONRELTEA is the first and only Health Canada-approved topical prescription specifically designed to treat the facial redness of rosacea.

“Despite the many rosacea treatment advancements, patients were still left without any options when it came to controlling the redness, which is a common characteristic of the inflammatory skin disorder that affects more than 2 million Canadians,” says Dr. Jason Rivers, dermatologist in Vancouver and President of the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada. “Redness is by far the most bothersome symptom for rosacea patients and ONRELTEA has been shown to reduce redness for up to 12 hours.”

“Developing rosacea in my forties was a challenging ordeal – the flare ups were embarrassing and my face would be covered in redness, which was so frustrating for me,” says Danette Larabie. “Onreltea was the only treatment that ever really worked for me, it totally eliminated the redness and I am overjoyed that it is now available for other patients like me.”

For more information about ONRELTEA, see the product monograph at: http://www.galderma.ca/pm/onreltea.pdf

Galderma is following a tradition of naming products differently for the Canadian market – Oracea is known Apprilon in Canada.

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12 Reader Comments

  1. Well my trolling of the Galderma trademarks came up with one that was chosen. See New Rosacea Topicals from Galderma for the list of other trademarks that are available to Galderma.

  2. Mike says:

    I’m a 36 year old man that has been dealing with rosacea for the past 2 years. My symptoms are located mainly around my nose and mustache area with some thickened skin and large poors on the inner cheeks. My biggest issue is with constant redness …almost red/purple along my mustache area. My derm just yesterday prescribed me this onreltea cream which claims to dilate your blood vessels thus removing the redness. I tried it last night a couple hours before bed and within 1 hour my redness was substantially reduced. This cream will be a life saver on those bad flare up days. I was also told the drug in pill forn will be available sometime this year as well.

  3. lisa says:

    My dermatologist prescribed Onreltea for my facial redness, and it really does work wonders. It’s expensive, costing $142.00 per 30g tube, as it’s not covered by my insurance company. However, despite the cost it’s well worth the money.

    • jon says:

      Can I buy this cream in the uk

    • Gillian says:

      So did mine -today!! In Markham Ont. 3 prices, Costco $120 Loblaw’s $133.14 and shoppers Drug $135.84 Sounds great, is it easy to get the application right?

      • Mike says:

        I can’t believe how much some people have to pay! with my benefits it was only about $12 for me…
        As far as application goes it can be a little tricky but you do not need a lot. I use about a dime size amount but I am only using it around my nose and a little on my cheeks, so thats enough for me. One thing I found was I got some on a spot that didn’t need it right after I shaved and it looked like I had no pigment for about 6 hours. lol. It constricts blood vessels which eliminates redness ( works very well ) so only put it where required!

  4. David,
    this was the product I was talking about 2 years ago…finally coming to Australia. I think patient education regarding use of this product is very important as it does take at least 5-7 days before one gets the application right. As with any other product, not everyone responds. Patient selection, and education is paramount.
    This does not replace V beam vascular lasers, but adds and adjunct to our rosacea treatments.

    Talk soon David,

    Dr Davin S. Lim
    Laser Dermatologist

  5. Johnny604 says:

    I started using Onreltea a couple weeks ago, and I found the benefits to be fantastic.
    It, however, will reveal any broken capillaries and other imperfections that might have been hiding under the redness.
    But between it, and my IPL therapy, my skin has never looked better; its nearly flawless.
    I should mention, that I have been battling roscacea since i was 20 and I’m 34 now.
    It’s covered by blue cross, and isnt that expensive without it ($100-$130).
    I HIGHLY recommend trying it!!!

  6. yvonne says:

    I suffer with bad redness on my face and I would like to know if I can purchase onreltea cream in the uk? or where can I get this cream?

  7. mike says:

    Yvonne, your best bet is it ask for it from your doc or dermatologist. Its prescription only. Its been out in the states for a couple years but only a year or so in canada…as for the UK, I’m not sure. Just ask for it. It really does work 😉

  8. George says:

    Works very effectively; however, it is not for everyday use. My Dr told me to only use it for special occasions. At first I used it a couple times a week. But my face got redder than usual and it stopped working. I now use it on average about once a month.

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