Mirvaso Gel is now available in Australia

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According to the Galderma AU web site, Mirvaso is now available in Australia. Here are the Australian versions of the MIRVASO Gel User Consumer Information and also Mirvaso Product Information.

Mirvaso was first registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods on the 4th of August 2014. See the listing here – MIRVASO CMI

Mirvaso is not currently listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Medicine Listing. Drugs listed here are commonly known as “on the PBS” which means that Medicare pays for the majority of the cost of the drug, and users pay a minimal fee. This typically means $4.60 if you have a concession card, and up to $28.60 if you don’t.

The Australian Government only lists drugs on the PBS that are unique, have a high benefit to cost ratio and offer benefits not already provided via another treatment.

As Mirvaso is not currently listed on the PBS I expect that Australian patients will be paying the full private prescription cost of Mirvaso.

How Much Did You Pay?

If you have tried Mirvaso in Australia, please do let us know how much you paid for the prescription in the comments below. Thanks.

Did your private health insurance offer any reduction in the cost of Mirvaso for you?

If someone has access MIMS then I’d love you to drop me a line and tell us what costs are listed for Mirvaso.

Mirvaso Cost in Australia

We now know that Mirvaso, as a private prescription will cost around $78 in Australia.

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18 Reader Comments

  1. jennifer says:

    they havent figured out it doesnt work yet?

  2. It doesn’t work?! I thought it was the new miracle med?!
    I know I’m very new to this group and trying to read everything, kinda catch up, but I felt sure it was supposed to be the
    New Wonder Drug?

  3. I’ve seen a commercial on TV for “Prosaca Gel” and was wondering if anyone had tried it and results?
    It’s so nice to have a place to talk about this awful condition that I have been trying to deal with since I was pregnant with my first child 25 years ago! But I’m having an awful, awful time with it now!

  4. Rob says:

    It cost me $80 in Melbourne, no insurance just cost… It’s really potent stuff… Unfortunately it makes me look ill for the first 8 hours just too pale… but then it fades down a bit… But it actually lasts for about 18 hours for me… I didn’t get an increase in my base redness after it wears off but I did notice that when I blushed/flushed… I went super red and my face was buzzing for an hour. After 2 days of non use my face is back to normal… I think this is a cream for special occasions not everyday…

  5. Mike says:

    Is this prescription only, and could it be prescribed by a GP or would need to be a derm?

  6. Lea McKiernan says:

    I bought Mirvaso from an Australian cosmetic medicine clinic. No prescription required. They posted it out for me. Cost was $99 for a 30 gram tube. It definitely reduces my general redness. If I have a big flush I still turn bright red but then go back to normal quickly. I don’t use it everyday so not sure about rebound effect. (see websites for more reviews) I use it if I am going to a special occasion or work (part time). Too worried to use it everyday in case of rebound. Clinical trials show it helps more people than not. Everyone’s rosacea is different so it is bound to affect people differently.

  7. Natasha says:

    I have been using Mirvaso every morning for about 5-6 months now and it definately works,lasts up to 8-12 hrs but you only need a very small amount (less than 5 cent coin size) but with trial and error after a few times you will adjust how much you need to apply to your face. Otherwise you can look pale/sick as a ghost if you apply too much.I have had rosacea for over 15 yrs now and after having 2 laser treatments on my face in June last year they helped about 70% of my redness. I got Mirvaso on prescription in Sept/Oct last year and use it daily since. I had to visit a few chemists first as none had stocked Mirvaso being so new on the market and my local chemist had 1 left and I paid $70 for it which is not too bad. I have to ask my private health fund if they cover anything for it though-will let you know.
    When I apply Mirvaso each morning it eliminates the need to apply any make up at all so you save on that at least. I was very sceptical at first as nothing ever covers my redness especially my nose but it does work, feels nice and smooth when you apply it and non greasy which is great. I notice it tingles a tiny bit for about 5 min but just feels like a menthol /cooling cream.Within half hr of applying my face shows no redness and looks more natural and I don’t apply powder or foundation. I am going again to get another script today and ask the doctor of more side-effects long term of using daily as I’m worried down the track if my skin/rosecea will pay for it in another way -hopefully not! Will keep you posted!

    • Barry says:

      hi Natacha,
      Your post is so great. It gives me some hope to get rid of my reediness on my face. Can I use this cream and go out. is it ok if i go out under the sun. How long can I leave it on my face after I applying it on the affected area. Can I wash it off after two hour or should I leave it.

      • Natasha says:

        Hi Barry, that’s great to hear. As Mirvaso is prescription only your doctor will advise you how,when, amount to use etc..I always use a sunscreen so it’s fine to go out in the sun and you only apply once every 12 hours. So each morning after washing I apply sunscreen, my moisturiser then Mirvaso lastly on my face & leave it as is. This will last me about 8-10 hours for the day. You do not need to wash it off unless your getting ready for bed, I always cleanse & moisturise my face each night regardless. Hope this helps.

  8. Liza says:

    Ive had rosacea for 6 months including the acne rosacea and 6 laser treatments and used block red cream from my dermatoligist and it all helped but i was still bumpy and red. Have now ised this cream, cost me $89 via script and it does remove all redness and 90% of the bumps. But I have to apply daily or it seems to come back. The tube is a poor design though as it spills out when trying to open the child resistant twist down cap as its impossible to push down and twist lid without squeezing tube.

  9. Jasmine says:

    I call it my miracle cream, I’ve been using it, daily for the last 6 months at least. You only apply very little, less then a pea sized on the cheeks.. I love it, now when I excercise I don’t go totally red anymore. What a fantastic product 🙂 love it

  10. Ruth says:

    I also find it amazing to reduce redness. I have been using it for the past 4 months with no side effects, it lasts 2 days with me as I have medium grade rosasia. I paid $99 from a cosmetic doctor. Looking to buy it cheaper

  11. “I paid AU$80 for my Mirvaso. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks but it’s really helps my redness – for the first half of the day anyway!”

  12. Lyn says:

    Just got this gel from the doctor, I’m hoping it will work for me too, I paid $94.50 from the chemist. Would be great if it was on the observer.

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