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As is the case for many of the prescriptions targeted at rosacea, the manufacturers of Mirvaso have made available a Mirvaso Coupon program. Galderma calls their Mirvaso campaign the Mirvaso Cost Reduction Card.

The tagline for the promotion is “Eligible insured patients MAY pay no more than $50 for each Mirvaso Topical Gel prescription”.




Mirvaso Savings Card

MIRVASO Savings & Support

Save on MIRVASO and get a skin care guide and discussion starters for talking with your doctor

With the MIRVASO® (brimonidine) topical gel, 0.33%* Cost Reduction Card, patients with certain insurance may pay no more than $50 and patients whose insurance does not cover MIRVASO may pay no more than $80 for a tube of MIRVASO. The MIRVASO Cost Reduction Card is good for refills, so use your card each time you refill your MIRVASO prescription.

How Does the Mirvaso Coupon Work?

If you already have insurance coverage for Mirvaso you will be able to fill a prescription for a $50 co-pay.

If you have insurance, but no coverage for Mirvaso Gel itself, you can fill a prescription for a $80 co-pay.

There are quite a few conditions – for example you must be in the US, and not have your prescriptions payed for by Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap, VA, DOD of TRICARE.

Why Not Just Make Mirvaso Cheaper?

Why would Galderma bother going through the effort of having a coupon program when they could just make the prescription cheaper to start with?

Well there are a few benefits to Galderma. Firstly it an opportunity to undertake a marketing campaign to promote the product.

Secondly Galderma have the opportunity to find out quite a lot of information about you and how you use Mirvaso. When you request a Mirvaso Cost Reduction Card from the Mirvaso web site you will get a unique ID assigned to you.

If you use this card when you pay for your prescription you may well be revealing the following information;

  • whether you have coverage for Mirvaso or not
  • what pharmacy you like to use
  • how long a tube lasts
  • how often you re-fill the prescription and more!

This sort of information is valuable to companies who want to market pharmaceuticals.

We know from early price checks of Mirvaso, that the full retail price for the 30gm tube is around $280.

Download The Coupon

Head to mirvaso.com/savings and fill in the web form and you will be able to download a PDF that contains the savings card that looks similar to the image above.

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12 Reader Comments

  1. Victor says:

    I wonder how much my original co payment would have been before presenting the card? Just wondering if it would have been less than the 50 dollars. The pharmacy didn’t list it on the receipt as a discount.

  2. Helen Carney says:

    Because I have medicare part D which will not cover mirvaso, and I can’t use your coupon, I have to pay Walgreens $304.00 .
    Isn’t there a coupon for medicare patients to use?

  3. mariane maher says:

    i paid over 200.00 for my tube of mirvaso. i cannot afford to buy many mor rxs

  4. Jacque says:

    I’ve been to the Mirvaso website several times and have filled out the info, hit Submit, and nothing ever happens. What am I doing wrong.!

    • It might be an incompatible version of browser and operating system perhaps. It works fine for me on a couple of different but common combinations of PC/Mac and Browser. Is there someone with a PC that could try for you?

  5. Ashley Beth says:

    Is there a limit to the amount of times you can use the card? Or is it a forever kind of thing?

  6. Bettie Wood says:

    Ar first I got the discount where Mirvaso costs no more than $50. Now it’s over 600 ($625.98 to be exact) WITH the discount card. I tried a new discount card & it got worse (over $800) I’m not understanding what happened here–still have Blue Cross insurance, same as before….I absolutely cannot afford that, so I’m out of luck again….

  7. John Wyatt says:

    What if my son doesn’t have any insurance? Can he still use the card or is there some other way to get a reduction in price?

  8. Really Mad says:

    Last year i was paying $187.00 dollars for a 90 day supply of Mirvaso, know as of January 2016 Galderma wants for the same 90 day supply $448.00 and thats with insurance. How can they justify that.

  9. Stephen says:

    Wh6 is the website down and i cant get the coupon?

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