Mirvaso features in Sky TV’s My Naked Secret

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Rosacea Forum user rosaceaclearwannabe has posted about a recent episode of My Naked Secret that features a participant who was treated with Mirvaso.

The show follows Anna who suffers from the red face of rosacea. She is followed as she becomes one of the first people in Europe to try being treated with Mirvaso. The episode doesn’t end well for Anna – she suffers from rebound redness that means she has to discontinue treatment.

My Naked Secret Series 3
Episode 7, Anna

Childhood bullying has stripped Anna of all her self-confidence. She’ll become the first person in Europe to try a pioneering new treatment for her chronic skin condition.

Forum Posting

TV Show – Mirvaso Negative Side Effects

Don’t know if anyone saw this but there is a programme broadcast here in the UK called ‘My Naked Secret’, in a nutshell its a programme focusing on people with embarrassing and hidden medical conditions. The programme is broadcast on the TV Channel TLC, which I think is only available on satalite over here e.g. sky.

Anyways there was an episode relating to a female that suffers from Rosacea (seemed to be subtype 2). The show follows the female receiving psychological support from a psychologist and attending at a clinic to receive medical treatment for the condition.

To cut a long story short she is prescribed Mirvaso and it is built as a brand new rosacea treatment and she is the first patient in Europe to try it, presumably the episode was filmed a few months ago. T

he doctor is clearly seen giving her Mirvaso in the episode, however she reported that she experienced worsening rebound flushing with continued use so had to discontinue the use of Mirvaso like many of us on here!

On the episode they show a couple of photos showing the rebound flushing. I personally am quite pleased, in a way that the producers of the show did not mislead viewers and the true reaction of the female patient was highlighted and shown.

The episode is still available on Sky on demand for all the UK members!

I remember I applied to go onto this show about 12 months ago, as the production company had appealed for people suffering with skin conditions to audition. I went through part of the auditioning process but pulled out when they started mentioning that they would need to interview my family and friends as part of the auditioning process.

I’m glad I didn’t go through with it now, as I have tried Mirvaso myself and experienced the rebound flushing!

Will try and see if the episode is available online for non-UK members, in the meantime here is a link to the programmes website (Episode 7 – Anna):


If anyone is able to point me to a copy to watch, please let me know, thanks.

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  1. Comment via email.

    “I think it is still good to at least have something to stop the red. Even the Clonidine has rebound effect, but the good news is maybe eventually they will come up with something that suppresses this horrible flush without the rebound. Thanks for the update! Any coverage for this disease to be brought to light is good. My ENT still doesn’t get it when I have to cut off the horrifically strong fluorescent lights while waiting in the examining room.”

    • Jimmy says:

      I am astounded at how one-sided your reporting is. How about some reports on the thousands of positive Mirvaso results. I have been refilling since January and love the results. Talking to other patients at my dermatologist, no one here has had a bad reaction.

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