Mirvaso Before and After Pictures

What sort of benefit might you expect from using Mirvaso to treat your rosacea redness?

Well, Galderma has made available some publicity photographs that show before and after photographs from the Mirvaso Clinical Trials.

These photographs also appeared in the journal of drugs in dermatology article describing the development and analysis of Mirvaso’s active ingredient brimonidine.






Quite impressive, don’t you think ? Are you excited about seeing this sort of success with your own redness?


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About the Author: David Pascoe started the Rosacea Support Group in October 1998. .

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43 Reader Comments

  1. Dukecity says:

    WOW!!! To say the least! Now if there is no rebound problem, this will be amazing for rosacea sufferers.. Thx for the pics.

  2. Kath says:

    Can’t believe the difference,she must be very happy with the results, can’t wait to try some ,great to see the pics

  3. Conor says:

    Is this stuff available now?

  4. It is available starting next month in the US. No dates available for other countries but expect the UK and EU to be the next available countries – in the coming months.

  5. wjs says:

    Actually, they are not publicity photos. They are patient photos from the Phase 3 study published in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology

  6. They are both. Galderma supplied a publicity kit with the press release that announced the FDA approval.

    As well as these 2 photographs, there was also a youtube video of interviews and branding etc. that has since been removed.

  7. SA12432 says:

    Hi David,

    Do you have any news about when you guys in the US are going to be able to fill a prescription for Mirvaso? In addition, do you know whether it will make its way to South Africa or not. Sorry I know that everyone has been asking you this same question from various countries but you seem to be our only source of information.

  8. Hi SA12432,

    Sadly you are asking a question for which there is currently no answer … It was always the case that other countries would be some time behind the US.

    Can you buy Oracea or Metrogel 1% in South Africa? If so then this might be an indication that Galderma considers the SA market big enough and the understand it enough to try to get Mirvaso approved as well.

    You cannot get Metrogel 1% or Oracea in Australia so that makes me think that Mirvaso will be a long way off here, if at all.


  9. ashleigh says:

    Has anyone tried this yet? How were the results? Any side effects?

  10. redman says:

    Got it today. Left the Drs office, washed face, applied. 20 minutes later I walk in the house and my wife tells me I look pale. Not pale, I tell her. This is my correct color and that she should try it as well.

  11. n says:

    I have received some samples from my doc.I am hesitant to try it. My face improved so mch over the last 3 years that I am afraid to have adverse effects and ruin my progress. Any body out there try it for a while, please give feedback…….the pharmacutical photos look too good, better than multiple IPL or Laser treatments. I think this is too new for me to risk it or just call me chicken.
    And what happens after taking it for 30 days and I look great I probably cant stop or it will return probably worse than before.

  12. Renae Harrington says:

    I have used mirvaso for the past three nights and the results are amazing!!!!!!! The redness/burning/swelling is totally gone! I do look pale in comparison to my normally flush appearance but i couldnt be happier with the results. I’m going to not use it for a few days and see what happens. Has anyone else had the same results as I have?

    • ashleigh says:

      That is AWESOME!!!! Please post back and let us know if u have experienced any ill side effects.

      • COCO says:

        i did it for 4 days, the result is obvious…but yesterday I had a hot flush not sure if it’s related, but hopefully the side effect is not that bad to use it as Long term
        to ease the embarrassment during meeting at work, that’s miracle !

  13. I just tried it today for the first time. I have mild rosacea and have rosy spots on my cheeks. I have been getting VBeam laser treatments for the past 6 years, probably every two months. That has helped prevent flare-up’s and reduces the redness slightly, but the redness has never gone away completely.
    I applied a thin coating of the Mirvaso to my face and honestly did not expect this stuff to work. 20 minutes later, I passed by the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes – the redness started going away. About an hour later, my skin is actually one tone, which is something I haven’t seen since I was a child and I’m absolutely amazed!
    I’ll report back to let you know how long it lasts and if I experience any side effects.
    Good luck to everyone!

    • ashleigh says:

      Awesome news!!! Please report back on how u are doing!!!!! So excited for u!

    • Okay, I’m back. The effects of the Mirvaso lasted more than 24 hours and it was total bliss. I only applied once on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday night, I had rebound flushing and it was worse flushing than normal. On Wednesday, I woke up and my face was calmer, but still more flushed than baseline. I went to the doctor’s office and it was very hot and I had a very bad flare-up. That was two hours ago and my face is still burning. I am concerned that Mirvaso could make one’s baseline worse, and I’ve invested a ton of money into VBeam laser treatments. I can’t remember the last time I flared up this bad and it hurts, so I’m not pleased with the product and will most likely not use it again. I will post again if/when my baseline goes back to normal so that you all have more info.

      • muncan7@gmail.com says:

        Same thing happened to me, I thought they finaly cured rosacea, but it comes back with a vengence. I took about two years to get my rosacea under control with metro gel, anti biotics , sun screen and waching out for foods that cause flare ups. Mirvaso makes me look great for a short period and then flares worse than ever before. I say no thanks

      • Update: On Wednesday, my flare-up lasted the entire day and night. I went to bed with a painfully burning face, which is something I had not experienced in a very long time prior to my one use of Mirvaso on Monday. It’s Thursday morning now, and I awoke with the flushing gone. I am almost back to normal, with a tad bit extra redness in the spots on my cheeks where I am normally rosy. I will post again if/when my baseline returns to absolute normal.

  14. Sandra Carbonell says:

    I just received a sample of this from my dermatologist and have not tried it yet. Here’s the question I have – only my nose is affected by rosacea – it’s bright red. Should I still apply it all over my face or only on my nose?

    I guess I could try nose only tonight at home and see what happens….

    • ashleigh says:

      I would just apply it to your nose. Let us know how it works for you !

    • Nick says:

      I would definitely use on the affected areas only, u should ask your derm to verify.
      I tried this stuff and It works great. twenty minutes later my skin will be pale as a ghost, but it only lasts about twelve hours and then It came back twice as red as it was before. they meant well I guess when they made this stuff but it just does not address the underlying cause.for me I think ill pass on this stuff, It took two years for me to control it and get it to where it is now. also too many warnings from the manufaturer about side effects like depression and lowering blood pressure to unsafe levels.
      It sounds to me you have a very mild case if its just your nose. Im not sexist but maybe cover up with makeup

  15. Scotty J says:

    Hi All – got a sample of Mirvaso yesterday from my Dr. I used it for the first time this morning after my shower. Didn’t really think much about it (had little faith to be honest) until I went to the restroom at my office. Looked in the mirror and was very impressed! It usually takes a long time for my skin to “settle down” after a shower etc – but my redness was VERY improved! I still can’t believe the results. So far I’m a fan. We’ll see how it goes. Good luck!

  16. Blushing says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing your expericene with mirvaso. I am really excited with it.

    Please!! I am from Spain. In a deep crisis. Someone can do me the favor to get me this mirvaso?? i am really desperate with this rosácea and flushing and blushing. My email blushinglife@gmail.com please, i am a serious person that need help.

    • Dear Blushing, please note that Mirvaso is not for the blushing and flushing of rosacea, it is only for the permanent red face of rosacea.

      • Blushing says:

        Hello David Pascoe,

        sorry, but i have read, that it helps to it too. It is a vasoconstrictor…. so…it make sense… dont know… but i think is worth to test. Hope so.. if someone can help me..in spain is not released.

        Thanks again!

        • Where did you read that Mirvaso helps blushing ? The best place to read what it does is the Prescribing Information and it does say that it is for the permanent red face of rosacea. Please be careful using it for blushing and also don’t get your expectations too high.

  17. Debbie says:

    I am getting my prescription of Mirvaso today. I will try it in the morning and see how it works. I am hoping for a good result without side effects. I will post a comment after I use it!!

  18. Nana says:

    I have been using mirvaso for a week and although my face feels calmer, I noticed that after 8 hrs I get really bad red spots that takes for ever to go away. When I apply the cream the next day, the redness become more noticeable. I don’t know if I should keep using the cream ! It helps me feel less hot on the face, but I break out with a vengeance…

  19. Dee says:

    I have tried this several times and while it initially helps I too get those weird red spots. I never get them on my nose and after applying this stuff just once my nose broke out. It’s so no worth it. Big failure

  20. PeterD says:

    I would NOT use this. I got a sample this last week and the rebound flushing was fast and lasting. My skin 4 days later is still hot dry and red. I am far worse than i was when i started for “mild” redness. I am to say the least super upset. I am wondering if this is going to go away because I look like I have a sunburn. My dermatologist I went to for first time who gave me this junk never said a word about the rebounding. Its horrible. This stuff is not safe. I am praying my face goes back to normal. I am wishing I had never heard of or seen Mirvaso.

  21. amy says:

    I used Mirvaso for 4-5 days and was so happy with the results. I have mild rosacea but the redness had always bothered me. BUT after the 5th day my entire face turned red and now I am constantly looking and feeling flushed in areas that I never had rosacea. It has to be due to the Mirvaso– especially since I applied the cream all over my face and my ENTIRE face is now red, not just my cheeks like before. I am pretty upset. I was on the phone with a good friend and we were talking about something difficult and I cried and was HORRIFIED to see my face in the mirror afterwards. Now my entire face is red and hot and I’ve been on the internet for 2 hours trying to figure out what I can do since I’m not going to call my dermatologist on Christmas Eve. I’m not happy at all with what Mirvaso has done to my face. Particularly embarrassing around the holidays since I’ll be seeing people I haven’t seen all year tomorrow.

    • Ray says:

      Hi I just had the same exact experience, how did it turn out for you? How long did it take to settle down and did you ever fully recover from the rebound burst? I assume (hope!) you did. Also curious if you ever went back to using the Mirvaso. I was the same way, super happy with the initial results before the surprise attack after 5 days. I’ve heard some people combine it with moisturizer to dilute the potency – have you tried that? Any other tricks, Mirvaso related or otherwise?

  22. Melissa says:

    I was so excite when I hear of his . In November I started using it. The first few days were great but then I had rebound redness which was 90% worse then my mild rosacea and they mirvosa could not control it the following day I have discontinued use for a over month now and my rosacea is worse then before I used the product. Wish I never tied it

  23. Prospers says:

    My dermatologist prescribed me Mirvaso today. The first things that the told me was that the product was only efficient on erythose that I had. I also had some pump only located in a part of my forehead and which has been well treated with doxi and rosex 2 month ago. Now It will use only Mirvaso in the morning and rosex the night Hope it will work !!

  24. Suzi says:

    I received samples from my dermatologist and really should have waited to see how I did with those before purchasing. I, perhaps foolishly took in my prescription to the pharmacy where I work. It will only cost $20.00 but I’m confused whether this is good or bad for me. It seems to make my skin dryer and it seemed lighter and now it seems redder than it did to start with.

    My prescription should be delivered to my pharmacy tomorrow but not sure if I should call and cancel or not. Jury still out, so I think I’ll use smaller amount and see how that goes.

    • Mary says:

      How are things now.

    • Nick says:

      don’t do it Mirvaso has horrible rebound flushing,worse than you were before you started using it. I call it a Cinderella drug things are perfect until the clock strikes midnight. I use green tea, yes green tea. Brew a pitcher let it cool and refrigerate.
      Drink at least three large glasses a day, oh do not add sweetner or sugar take it 100% natural.At night before bed take a cup and douse your entire face and let air dry. Let soak for about 30-45 minutes and then use a little Cetaphil soap and rinse. Patience is virtue, but you will notice results. I have improved over 50 % and no more prescriptions at all? no metro gel no antibiotics and no pimples whatsoever.
      You still need to maintain a rosacean diet and avoid your triggers.And always wear sunscreen when you must be in the sun.

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