Miami, Florida Trialists for Red Face Wanted (AGN-199201)

The Baumann Cosmetic and Research Institute in Miami, Florida is looking for possible trial participants who suffer from the redness of rosacea. This site is the only trial site located in Miami for this trial.

See below for the official trial publicity. Please contact the clinic for more details.

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What is the Product?

It is normal that the official promotional material for a trial does not mention the product. This is to avoid any bias right from the beginning. Ideally participants should have no preconceived idea at all about what the product could be. This will allow more reliable results, leading to a more solid resolution regarding whether the product actually works or not.

Having said that, everyone immediately wants to know of what this publicity refers to!

This trial is for the product known as AGN-199201, which is the name that Allergan has given to V-101 that it acquired form Vicept Therapuetics. This cream is based on Oxymetazoline.

Trial NCT01735201

The Trial NCT01735201 lists AGN-199201 as being in Phase 2. The trial will study the safety and efficacy of 3 doses of AGN-199201 vs. vehicle.  Around 360 trialists are required. The cream is applied once or twice a day for 28 days.

More information about the trial and background is here:  Allergan Dose Finding Trials for AGN-199201 Oxymetazoline.

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  1. Martha Burrell says:

    How do people afford Metrolgel without having insurance?I can not afford $144.00.Can you make any suggestions.That was the lowest price I could find.Thank you.

  2. There is an option to obtain Metrogel for free, in restricted circumstances Oracea and Metrogel FREE for low income no insurance so this might be an option. It is expensive for sure.

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