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What is metronidazole ? well scientifically it is a white to pale yellow crystalline powder. Metronidazole is a member of the imidazole class of anti-bacterial agents and is classified as an antiprotozoal and anti-bacterial agent.

When taken orally, metronidazole is known as flagyl. Flagyl is used for a wide variety of infections including those in the adbomen, bones, joints, nervous system, respiratory tract, skin, as well as vaginal and intestinal infections.

A bit of history

Curatek Pharmaceuticals developed and submitted the New Drug Application for Metrogel in 1988. Since its introduction by Curatek, MetroGel has become the most widely prescribed therapy in the United States for rosacea. In 1993 Curatek Pharmaceuticals sold metrogel to Galderma Laboratories. Galderma has since introduced other variants of Metrogel, namely MetroLotion and MetroCream. Galderma is also an interesting company for rosacea sufferers because they have purchased Collagenex, who are developing a product we know as sansrosa.

Curatek, continued to market MetroGel-Vaginal (metronidazole vaginal gel, 0.75 percent) for bacterial vaginosis. MetroGel-Vaginal was introduced in the U.S. in 1992.

How does metrogel work ? well amazingly after all these products have been marketed and many studies done, the mechanisms by which metronidazole acts in reducing the inflammatory lesions of rosacea are in the main unknown.

Dermik markets a 1%, once a day formulation of metronidzole called Noritate.

Metrogel was responsible for generating sales of about $75 million in 2004.

The patent on the branded product by Galderma expired on June 6, 2006. Fougera is poised to make generic metrogel available, having had tentative approval to produce a generic metrogel.

In July of 2005 Galderma announced that 1 percent metrogel had gained FDA approval. The vehicle is a water-based formulation and contains no alcohol.  The formulation was `enhanced with HSA-3′. HSA-3 is described as a combination of ingredients including betadex, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and propylene glycol.”

Metrogel Ingredients

METROGEL (metronidazole gel), 1% is an aqueous gel; each gram contains 10 mg of metronidazole in a base of betadex, edetate disodium, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylparaben, niacinamide, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol, propylparaben and purified water.

So Why all the “Metro” products ?

Despite quite a lot of activity in the marketing and development of the metronidazole treatments (lotion, cream, gel, generic equivalents, nortitate 1%, metrogel 1%, once per day, twice per day etc) this particular research paper Metronidazole in the treatment of rosacea: do formulation, dosing, and concentration matter? suggests that the different formulations and treatment frequency make little difference to the treatment outcome.

Thus if you are already using one formulation of metronidazole, changing to another gel/cream vehicle doesn’t appear to be able to offer any additional benefits.

Does Metrogel help with the Redness?

Officially, Metrogel is only indicated for the papules and pustules of rosacea – this is what it was tested against. Some users of Metrogel do find a reduction in redness as a result of the anti-inflammatory actions of metronidazole, but you should probably consider this a bonus rather than a given.

Interesting Research

Some of the more interesting published papers on rosacea and metrogel, and other metronidazole treatments include ;

Topical Metronidazole Maintains Remissions of Rosacea

Topical metronidazole therapy for rosacea.

The efficacy of topical metronidazole in the treatment of ocular rosacea.

Metrogel Savings Coupon

Galderma offers a Savings Coupon for Metrogel 1% that functions as a Co-pay Card, allowing you to pay no more than $15 when refilling your prescription. You pay no more than $15 if you have insurance, that is.

The savings coupon only applies the Metrogel 1% 55gm Pump.

The coupon is actually called the `METROGEL 1% Pump Advantage Card’ and can be found here:

Questions You Want Answered

Please leave a comment below if you can help your fellow rosacea sufferer answer any of the following quesionts.

Also known as Metrosa and Rozex

There are some slight variations in the actual product name for metronidazole based products around the world. You may come across references to Metrosa and Rozex. These contain the same active ingredient as Metrogel, but the overall formulation may vary slightly. In general they will all offer the same potential benefit to rosacea suffers – that is, one formulation is most likely to offer the same benefit to the lumps and bumps of rosacea as another.

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210 Reader Comments

  1. CR says:

    I don’t use soap, I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser – well tolerated by many people with rosacea. But remember, you are your own laboratory of one – you have to experiment and use what works for you.

  2. christina says:

    I have been using this metrogel for almost a week I see no improvement for this roscia acme what the hey! I cant stand for my face to look like this! I have been watching what I eat and drink plus washing my face with gentle cleanser okay.

  3. christina says:

    I meant wash my face with olay

  4. christina says:

    I meant wash my face with olay can u heat the spring water to wash your face? I don’t like cold water

  5. CR says:

    CHRISTINA – I never went the spring water route, I’m able to tolerate tap. Check the label on the Olay cleanser – does it have fragrance, anti-aging agents? These may be irritating. Cetaphil is inexpensive and pretty much the gold standard recommended gentle cleanser by dermatologists. That DOES’NT mean it is right for you, but it’s a good place to start. Remember, it’s an experiment until you find the products that don’t irritate your skin. My rosacea was active for much longer that 2 weeks before I was diagnosed and put on MetroLotion & MetroGel, and it took MONTHS for my skin to finally clear. I also needed oral antibiotics. But finally, it DID clear, and has been very good for years since. My entering the menopause phase has not upset my skin. I still use MetroLotion or MetroGel daily. And see my dermatologist regularly. Again, go to my older comments under ‘CR’ to read my whole story. And be patient. Skin issues can take some time to resolve – you have to stay the course of your treatment and listen to a doctor you trust. Good luck.

  6. Danna says:

    I just got a prescription for Metrogel and was shocked when the pharmacist told me it cost $115. There is no generic equivalent for 1% Metrogel.

    With all of the negative comments about it, I think I will pass, especially given the price.

    • kevin says:

      there was a generic version. it was discontinued and that is when the price gouging began.

    • Marcia Pecor says:

      It’s over $200 now. My prescription insurance won’t pay for it, either. Guess I’ll have to live with redness and breakouts from now on. This is nothing short of a rip-off. Gangsters. 🙁

  7. CR says:

    Danna – $115 is quite expensive, but I have to tell you, Metrogel works for me. I use it very sparingly, so a tube lasts a very long time. I would hate for you to miss out on a medication that might work for you because the cost is prohibitive. And you’ll never know if it’s right for you unless you try it. Good luck with your decision and your skin.

  8. cara brown says:

    i went back over some notes dr. madelene heng (dermotologist, research scientist and professor) sent to me via an email after i went to see her a few years ago. She really works with her patients to address THEIR particular case; not everyone’s case is the same. With me she really thought our first route of attack would be the lactose intolerance. She also explained that zinc deficiency causes candida suseptability, and recommended 40mg of zinc sulfate a day (which was tricky to find, so much so that i didn’t ever find it for two years (went on to the next thing) but last week discovered it was a special order item with a pharmacist at rite aid and cost less than 5 bucks. i really believe that with a special anti candida diet, proper nutrition and supplementation and the right topicals one can make leaps and bounds in healing. again not everything works for every one. so you have to try this and or that…..

    from her email “Lactose intolerance is often associated with an overgrowth of yeast e.g. Pityosporum ovale in the scalp and ears, and Candida albicans in the axilla, groin and flexural areas. If you have these, let me know and I will prescribe an antiyeast pill (oral Diflucan 200 mg once a week). (from cara, i would remember that it will still be important to follow an anti-candida diet; diflucan, as with most pharmaceuticals are not my first choces) As a result of the gut inflammation, zinc is used up. You may also benefit from adding some zinc supplements e.g. 40 mg daily of zinc sulfate from the vitamin stores. Zinc deficiency cause an overgrowth of yeast, and I sometimes add oral diflucan (200 mg once a week) if you have dandruff as well, or redness in the flexural areas (axilla/armpit and groin). Let me know if you do.

    Sometimes, I also prescribe a topical steroid cream e.g. triamcinolone cream 0.1% mixed with equal parts of ketoconazole cream 2% to use at night with the curcumin gel in the mornings. If you are slow to respond, let me know and I will call this in to your pharmacist” (this was amazing and i used it alternately morn and the above at night)

    about her curcumin topical; it is a subtle change, i have noticed that it does not work quickly or totally, but it improves the red ness and overall look. she sells it at cost to her patients ($40 instead of $80 i believe). it lasts forever. she really is in the business for the right reasons. but again; it’s a highly individual case for healing; she really tries to unravel your own situation; in some cases it’s as easy as an allergy to ones cologne, or candida, a vitamin a or zinc deficiency, or lactose intolerance, a toxic system on overload, etc. or or or.

    as far as moisturizer she suggested a neutragena soap, and sunscreen for faces from them,(i use that) and either aloe or glycerin from the healthfood store. many moisturizers and cosmetics clog the pores so she likes to keep it really simple. for a long time i only used the neutragena face sunscreen and her product.

    best of luck unraveling your health “opportunity”……

    if anyone is interested i can post more from her email to me.

  9. YH says:

    I’ve been using Metrogel for years for rosacea with very good results. At one point, I stopped using it for about a year, thinking I could control my symptoms with a clean diet. I was wrong. My skin got VERY bad again and I returned to the dermatologist who lectured me about staying on the meds. I use Cetaphil for cleansing, metrogel and a retin-a cream around my eyes.

    For those who are concerned about cost, there IS a generic alternative. I get generic and it costs me $10/copay. If you are anywhere near Mexico, or know anyone who travels there, you can get it over the counter for $15/tube. I stock up every time I go to Mexico to lessen the cost of having to visit the Dermatologist when my RX expires.

  10. CR says:

    Question for YH – I’ve too have good results with Metrogel. I also use Cetaphil for cleansing, and use Metrolotion in the winter months. I have outlined my rosacea history here on this site. I am 50 years old and my skin’s doing well. I’m interested to know why you use retin-a cream around your eyes, and how well you tolerate it. Thank you.

  11. YH says:

    CR — I use the retin-A cream for…what else LOL ….wrinkles 🙂 I’m 44. I use the lowest concentration and use it nightly only on my eyes, if I use it anywhere else, it causes peeling, but I never have peeling around my eyes. When my rosacea was really bad, I would use it on my ‘breakout’ areas as well. I honestly have no idea if it does any good or not. I may look exactly the same if I never used it! I do look good for my age though, but I think some of that is genetics. No one believes I’m in my 40’s and most think I’m early 30’s. I always have an RX for retin-A, but never buy it here because my insurance doesn’t cover it and I’m not forking over $100+ for something that I’m not even sure is doing anything. I’m close to Mexico, so I get it there for about $20/tube and it lasts forever. I swear a tube lasts me about a year.

    Metrogel is like liquid gold to me though. NOTHING has worked for me like that for rosacea. Love it!

  12. Jake says:

    Use in the a.m. Cetaphil or Seba-Med ph5.5, then apply Metro-gel, then apply Skin Ceutical sunblock w/ transparent zinc oxide and then once per year find a good clinic to have the “cool Vbeam laser treatment”. This laser treatment works extremely well and is non-invasive. The first time I used this laser treatment, I could not believe the results. The next day my redness was 80% gone. I have been doing the laser treatment for over 10 years one time per year.. this coupled with a good cleanser, sunblock and once per day with Metrogel works quite well. I have had rosacea for almost twenty years now. This method has worked the best of all the other crazy marketing things I have encountered.

  13. CR says:

    Jake – Thanks for the info concerning your treatment plan. It’s great to hear that it’s working so well for you! MetroLotion & MetroGel are still keeping my rosacea at bay, Cetaphil cleanser is still well tolerated, but I’ve been having trouble lately with some irritation, and I think the present culprit is the sunscreen I’ve recently started using – CereVe AM lotion SPF30. I find sunscreens hard to tolerate in general, and therefore don’t always use one. Instead, I just stay out of the sun as much as possible. I know this is not the optimal plan. I intend to look into the Skin Ceutical sunblock w/transparent zinc oxide that you use. Similarly to all rosacea patients, I’ll only know if your sunscreen ‘works’ for me by trying it and seeing how my skin reacts. Trial and error – just before I started with the CereVE, I had to ditch a very expensive Laura Mercier moisturizer w/sunscreen that irritated me, too. My skin is in good enough shape at present that the Vbeam treatment isn’t necessary. But it’s helpful to know that it’s an effective treatment for some people. Good luck to you going forward.

  14. CR says:

    Jake – Hmmm…just off the Skin Ceutical website, the sunscreen they recommend for rosacea is the Physical UV Defense 30, not the Sheer Physical UV Defense 50 that I think you use. I’m on the fence about which one to try first. Opinions, anybody?

  15. JC says:

    ABSOLUTELY love this product. My friend works for a skincare line and recommended this OVER the products her company has. I don’t see it in CVS often so i buy it at Target for around $10. I’m getting married in August, praying for a warm sunny day… guess which spf I’ll be wearing under my makeup? 😉 DEFINITELY try it!

  16. CR says:

    Thank you, JC!

  17. Shelby says:

    I, too, have rosacea. I have kept it fairly under control until now. For the past month and a half, I have been extremely red on not only my face(cheeks, nose, chin) but ALSO my neck! I woke up one day in March and it looked like I had gotten a sunburn on my neck overnight! I immediately went to my derm who said it was an allergy to something and gave me a steroid ointment to apply on my neck. That didn’t help. It is still red, but I am convinced more than ever that it is rosacea. I seem to have a severe “flush” of redness over my face and neck at the same time in the afternoons. I put a fan on my face and neck and within 20 minutes the redness is mostly gone. I am really convinced it is rosacea on my neck. Has anyone else had redness/rosacea on their neck?

  18. CR says:

    Shelby – I never noticed red on my neck, but when my rosacea was bad, at the beginning, before the oral antibiotics & MetroLotion and/or MetroGel got things under control (you can follow my story on this comment thread), I noticed flushing on my chest. I never used the topical medicines on my chest, but now that my face is no longer red, my chest isn’t either.

  19. cara says:

    i cannot emphasis enough how important it is to track what it is that you are ingesting and what you are putting on your face and body. keep a food diary for a couple of weeks…..and track how you feel and what things look like on your face and problem areas. stay well hydrated with water. examine your diet, try eating mostly raw foods, and juices for a few days and watch what happens. don’t eat fried foods, even poach your eggs in water or boil them for instance. consider candida related rosacea. search candida diets; low simple carbs, low sugar, no fruit drinks, alcohol, coffee, dairy etc for a period of time; NOT FOREVER. my derm had me bring in all the products i use on my skin and around my skin; shampoos, lotions, make up, face creams, even detergents. i was shocked how much stuff i had in the bag to go to the dr. appt. now i use pure NOW glycerin to wash and hydrate my skin. and mineral make up to cover. but my skin is sooooo much better and i am so happy. my go to drink is cucumber, lemon, raspberries and spinach with a little water in a blender……once a day. i also juice different greens twice a week but that is more work and i have little time. i put my veggies in a steamer or grill in the over instead of pan cooking things. sugar has probably set me up for this along with corn chips etc. now i try to avoid. small amounts of animal proteins and lots of fresh and or steamed/grilled veggies. down the road add a baked or grilled sweet potatoe, never fry in high heat olive oil or any oils really for a period of time……instead drizzle it raw over your steamed veggies. raw organic coconut oil is suppose to be good for high heat cooking or just bake potatoes instead once you reintroduce simple carbs back into the diet. also look at sensitivies to bleaches or detergent; these days just the smell of most commercial products make me naseous.
    i had to stop using all metrogel and whatever the docs gave me because even that was exacerbating my condition. i personally never took anti biotics because altho i heard in many cases they worked, they had to be continued over and over again. BEST of LUCK!!!!!

  20. cara says:

    forgot to mention that i put four or five drops of stevia into my blended cucumber drink, makes it sweet and lovely. can make it without the spinach from time to time too. it’s fresh and alkalizing. remember living foods for the most part alkalize the body, and packaged and adultrated foods including even fish oils for instance can be very acidifying and often are rancid. another easy and fresh salad is green cabbage chopped with tomatoes, avocado, red oinions and garlic with healthy oils, a little olive, pumpkin, safflower, flax, even evencing primrose oil. etc (make sure raw, organic, fresh oils….)

    much research indicates that a perfectly balanced body which is higher in the alkaline ph cannot have disease……that it is an acidic body carries disease. of course i am oversimplifying…….

  21. Shelby says:

    Thank you Cara and CR! I am working on the food aspect…Makes sense to me! I will keep you posted! In the mean time, I have been using Finacea on my face and neck, and I also have Metrogel on the way… I am hoping this is just a temporary “flare up” as things had been under control for years until March!!! I have switched to all “sensitive skin” and no added perfume/dye products…seems to help…Thank you again! It is really nice to chat with people who understand!!! Fingers crossed!!!!

  22. CR says:

    I watched a video interview of Dr. Madelene Heng online and was intrigued and impressed. My rosacea has responded very well to the classic conservative treatment mainstream dermatologists recommend (course of oral antibiotics, Cetaphil, MetroGel/MetroLotion, “sensitive skin” products), but I am still interested. For most of my life, my stomach has been my weak spot. I eat carefully, small portions, little meat, eliminating by instinct the foods that seem to upset my system. The purer, more simple my diet, the better I feel. But I’ve never analyzed what I eat in the rigorous way Cara has under the supervision of Dr. Heng. I wonder what effect such a diet analysis and overhaul would have for me…

  23. Shelby says:

    I will look up Dr. Madelene Heng! Like you, I have responded well to mainstream treatment…I use Finacea, Cetaphil, doxycycline… I also went for allergy testing recently as my derm wanted to see if something else was the culprit…well let me tell you- I had reactions to MANY items including foods! So, I got lists of paperwork and have been researching…It appears that the majority of the foods I had “reactions” to are the ones that are considered “inflammatory” and thought to aggravate rosacea! I have stopped all of those foods for the past 2 weeks at the advice of the allergist and then she said I can add them back in later, very slowly, to see what happens… It has been difficult and I love many of those foods and ate them daily…but on a good note, I have lost 12 lbs and I do feel that things are getting better…very slowly. I did get an IPL laser treatment (first of three) on Saturday and after the initial swelling and redness (OH NO! What the heck did I just do to myself???) I did notice some improvement!!!! I am very optimistic and now looking forward to the next two sessions!!! I have noticed that some of the capillaries on my face are definitely faded… I am still keeping my fingers crossed and will look up that video!!!

  24. cara says:

    one other thing to mention is the use of zinc cream. sometimes if i eat something i know will irritate, a thin mask of zinc at bedtime seems to head off the problem the next day. but i only want to do that occassionally as i don’t want to clog the pores. i love love love the pure glycerin (cut with water) for moisturizer and as i have pathological dry skin anyway this is the tried and proven best and most pure solution to dry skin there is on the market. it’s also the cheapest, hands down. using a little diluted apple cidar vinegar to balance the ph was also a good idea, not as some ongoing treatment but as a step, while testing food reactions and working on a systemic balancing diet. i am thrilled that i do not have to use expensive and toxic to the liver medicines (topicals) to combat this thing. the ongoing use of anti-biotics can lead to a completely out of balance system, i have a friend suffering from SIBO, and it seems now she has to use anti-biotics four times a year……very very expensive and it’s killing all the good flora and she is often in terrible pain. but it seems there is no turning back for her altho she is always looking for a solution other than anti-biotics. what is so rarely addressed is the core cause of rosacea; it seems the industry is all about just trying to combat the symptoms. it may not be enough to eliminate the triggers but we need to eat more healthful and less adulterated foods and oils period. get more alkaline, eat more living foods. i remember my first week fast on greens and raw veggie juice when my rosacea got so bad (stage 2) that i went to a non profit organization called OHI in lemon grove, ca., for support. on their program within three days all my rosacea symptoms went away, just disappeared. of course it has been a learning curve to get to where i do drink fresh green juices everyday not just during a cleanse; i have incorporated them into my life. i also take supplements for the skin; biotin, vit A, E, good parent essential oils, etc. so i stress again; it’s a whole body/system process. dr heng opened my eyes to a lot of things and i give her a lot of credit. but it’s the patient who goes home and looks at his or her choices and makes the change that really matters. it’s not a pill or a cream alone…..; )

  25. Tatiana says:

    I totally agree with Cara especially regarding respecting a specific diet for each body its own diet but since we have all rosacea, so i guess what Cara mentioned about, the green fresh juices and leaning towards mostly everything green rather than consuming fried oils and food is yes i think makes our lives easier!
    One thing i need to stress on, is the emotional ups and downs: since i am a sensitive human (smile) i have a tendency to get influenced by what affects me, and so according to situations i get affected from, i see my face reacting as the veins open up and my cheeks become rosy! Like from few months i had a painful breakup with my partner, the break i did not see coming…. so i spare you the long story but all this to say that after what happened, my face was making flare-ups more frequently i mean i have it precisely on my both cheeks as 2 circles becoming red without pimples (because a year ago my dermato has put me under Curacnee for 2 months, i guess to cure the acnee that was coming back at times, now not anymore).
    So i mean emotional stress is also a big trigger, PLUS your age 🙂
    If you’re in the range between 40 and 50, it’s another factor you better consider, that you’re getting closer to menopause, and normally during this period of time, a llllot of things happen in our bodies, we ladies, hormones play a huge role, sometimes depression, some might start blushing more and feeling warm etc..

    Question1: what are the green fruits and green veggies you are finding and mixing?
    Question2: what’s the best or if anyone from experience can advise what’s the best diet to have in the eve? in order to wake up with a relaxed and uniform face, not with red cheeks or irritated skin definitely as a result of what was ingested the previous evening..

  26. cara says: – great free movie on juicing and health…”fat, sick and nearly dead”. wonderful documentary.

  27. Does any one have problems with the eyes. I have red and burning eyes could this be rosacea.

    • Peggy says:

      I wore contacts for 20 years, I got and infection in my eyes and could not get it cleared up after 3 different drs. That is how I found out I had rosacea., it was in my eyes. I use metrogel 2 times a day on my face every day. It works very well. My eyes are still red so I have quit wearing contacts.

  28. Shelby says:

    Carole-yes! I was diagnosed with rosacea in the eyes by my ophthalmologist a few years back. They can get dry, gritty, red, and very irritated. Sometimes they start stinging for no reason at all. I have found that using liquid tears and dry eye ointment at night can help. I was told not to wear contact lenses as they aggravate the eye even more. I also switched to sensitive make up around the eyes…lots of trial and error… Sometimes, I will get red bands in my eyes. They get itchy and burn. But I never use anything like Visine to get the red out because that will aggravate it more. Hope this helps you. I know it takes a while to find the right treatment…My regular physician had no idea that rosacea could even be in the eyes. Finally I went to an ophthalmologist who verified yes I do have rosacea in my eyes. My dermatologist also agreed. Good luck!

  29. CR says:

    My rosacea never got too bad, but at it’s height, yes, my eyes were slightly irritated and gritty. Oral antibiotics + MetroGel/MetroLotion + very simple skin care cleared up the rosacea, and when that receded, my eyes got better too. Hope the same happens for you, too.

  30. Mike says:

    Anybody know how long a bottle of this will last. I have to order my prescriptions online through my insurance in 3 month increments, so do i need 1 a month, 1 every 2 months? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  31. Fernando Perez says:

    I have rosacea for the last 20 years, a Dr. in Miami gave me a prescription of Finacea and I also applied Metronidazol, never together! Both were fine and reduced the the redness. The big trigger for me is “red wine” and was embracing for me looks like a drunker in a party after having a small glass of red wine. But the best solution is probiotic for acne. Although probiotics have been used internally for many years, there is now topical, stabilized, and aerobic probiotic that delivers the probiotic spores to the proper location. The spores then attach to the skin and germinate forming the probiotic bacteria. Probiotic Action offer benefits such us leaves a layer of healthy bacteria on the epidermis that reduces P.acne bacteria, reduces skin blemish, rosacea, and eczema.

  32. Amanda says:

    I’ve only been using the metro cream for about 3 days now …I have to say that so far it’s been amazing! My dermatologist put me on Azelex first but the pain that medication caused my skin was unbearable, not to mention that even after my insurance I had to pay $200 for a tube. My metrogel is a $15 copay and is working so much better. I was cleansing my face with the Cetaphil for sensitive skin but it wasn’t removing my make up, I started using the Cetaphil Antibacterial bar for sensitive skin. This seems to be working better and removes all my make up.

    • I have been using metrogel for a number of years and find its the only thing that works for me. I only use it when i have a bad break out also i dont use any soap on my face only water and sensitive skin wipes. Hope this helps.

  33. Jon S. says:

    I have had rosacea for years now and took Metrocream. 75% for it. Lately my co-pay went to 60$ a tube. I asked my pharmacist about alternatives and she suggested. 75% Metrogel for vaginal use because it had the same ingredients as the Metrocream and was only a $7 co-pay. I got a new Rx from the dermatologist to try it (topically, of course) and I like it better than the cream! It is clear, easier to apply, and comes in a larger tube. Just toss the (vaginal) applicators.

  34. Hardo Baker says:

    Is an expired tube (12/09) still usable?

    • Marcia Pecor says:

      Oh, yeah. I’ve been nursing my last prescription (the VERY last, as I can’t afford it anymore, even with Humana prescription coverage) for the last 4 years, and it still works great.

  35. rose says:

    Last week I was prescribed Metrogel 1% and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. (almost $300) After many phone calls to pharmacy, insurance, and dermatologist, I found out the insurance WILL pay for .75% Metrogel. Supposedly if this cheaper version doesn’t work for me then the insurance will cover the 1%. If you have trouble getting it covered by your insurance ask your dermatologist to prescribe the lower dosage and see what happens. Haven’t tried it yet. Am researching the pros and cons. I’m wondering if it helps my rosacea does that mean I’ll always have to use it? Like if I stop using it would rosacea come back worse then before? Has this happened to anyone? Not sure I want to use antibiotics on my face indefinitely…..

    • Marcia Pecor says:

      I don’t use it every day, just when I start to break out. I can’t afford to use it every day because of the price. However, I plan on calling my doctor Monday to see if he can order the .75 version.

  36. rose says:

    There is such a thing as ocular rosacea. I have it. It can cause recurring sties (blocked oil gland in your eyelid), gritty feeling, red eyes, blurriness (from the gunk coming out of your oil glands in lids). If you think you have this talk to your eye doctor who may prescribe antibiotics orally and as eye drops. The best therapy for it, especially recurring sties is hot compresses on your eyelids twice daily followed by an eyelid cleanser. I’ve been reading that certain agents in cleansers can cause facial outbreaks, like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS), and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate(ALS) so I’m not sure which cleansers are best for this. I’ve been using SteriLid byTheraTears and wonder if it’s contributing to my rosacea on my face. If anyone knows of a simpler, and safe product to wash eyelids with (without SLS and ALS etc.,) please post a comment for me. Thanks!!!

    • Shelby says:

      Hello. I also have ocular rosacea. I’ve had it for years now. I have all the same symptoms you described. It really is a pain! I have found what works best for me is hot compresses every morning right when I get up. Also, diluted baby shampoo on a Q-tip and I “scrub” my lash lines and rinse. This has kept things under control for quite a while now, but I must say, it took a long time to get things under control. I also use lubricating drops. Good luck.

  37. Bob Jones says:

    My eye dr. told me I had dry eye, but also I have ocular rosacea. I use Restasis and that seems to help me.

  38. Annum imad says:

    V informative posts. Pls suggest a moiturizer for rosacea thanks

  39. Bob Jones says:

    Just curious what the shelf life of Metrogel is? How long past the expiration date is it good for?

  40. CS says:

    Hello, i am currently using Metrogel 0.75%. My pharmacist told me to clean gently and apply the cream, no rubbing, i am doing that, but almost everytime when i am cleaning the area (i am just using water) and i dry it, there are layers that are coming out, just a bit, but i have the concern if Metrogel is really working or no, i am in the second week of treatment. The skin looks better but i just want to make sure.

    Thank you for your help!

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