Melanin also Protects You from Radiation !

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Startling news today from the Clinuvel Blog: Melanin also has the ability to protect from radioactive emissions like X-rays and Gamma-rays.

How interesting that the chemical that is responsible for skin coloring can also offer protection from high energy particles. These sorts of particles can create free radicals that then lead to all sorts of cell level damage.

Clinuvel are best know for their development of Scenesse, a synthetic melanocortin that can stimulate the production of melanocytes, the cells responsible for melanin. For all rosacea sufferers that look for better protection from the sun, Scenesse remains an interesting product.

The market for Secenesse may just be that much bigger if it can be shown that its use leads to protection from radiation.

The mystery of melanin

The brown-coloured pigment melanin is present in many different species – from humans, to birds, to microbes. It is well known that melanin affords these organisms some protection from the damaging effects of UV radiation, however the latest research indicates that melanin may also be providing a defense against ionising radiation (such as x-rays and gamma rays).

Published in Bioelectrochemistry, this study demonstrated that gamma radiation caused continuous oxidation (loss of electrons) of the melanin. This generates an electric current by changing the melanin’s oxidation-reduction potential (affinity for gaining electrons). It was found that this effect was especially prominent when a reductant (a substance which gives electrons) was introduced.

While one might expect that the ionising radiation would oxidise (remove electrons from) the melanin, rendering it unable to protect against subsequent radiation, lead author Dr Charles Turick explains that instead the melanin, “continuously restores itself,” to perpetuate its protective capacity. By receiving electrons, melanin counters the gamma radiation stripping it of electrons.

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