Measuring the Severity of Ocular Rosacea

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The National Rosacea Society has today posted a blog item about some new research into wanting to quantify the severity of ocular rosacea symptoms.

From Scoring Aids Eye Research

The new questionnaire, called the Severity Criteria of Ocular Rosacea (SCOR), includes more than 25 signs and symptoms of ocular rosacea observed by both physician and patient, including eye dryness, tearing and burning; history of styes; inflammation; and potentially vision-threatening corneal involvement. The system was presented in a poster at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

The researchers are now using the SCOR questionnaire to identify patients with severe ocular rosacea to evaluate the role of angiogenesis, which is the formation of new blood vessels in the disorder. Dr. Cremers noted that while new blood vessel growth is important for normal development and wound healing, this process is also implicated in some diseases.

This research is being undertaken by Dr. Sandra Cremers and is funded by the NRS.

Dr. Cremers was recently awarded a grant from the NRS ;

Dr. Sandra Cremers, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, was awarded $25,000 for a study evaluating the role of angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation) in ocular rosacea. Dr. Cremers will investigate the levels of angiogenesis markers, such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), in the conjunctiva and eyelids of patients with severe ocular rosacea, compared with normal subjects. She postulates that defining the role of angiogenesis in the development of ocular rosacea may bring focus to future research on this common rosacea subtype, and eventually lead to the development of an effective treatment.

Dr Cremers indicated to Rosacea News that the SCOR is in the process of being published and will be made available to all rosacea sufferers via the NRS.

Previously I highlighted the emerging metrics for measuring just how bad is your rosacea ? Hopefully this scoring system can add to our ability to quantify symptoms and thus work out tailored treatment regimes.


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4 Reader Comments

  1. jen says:

    Skin and ocular rosacea are ruining my life.

    I am 22 years old and was diagnosed with ocular and skin rosacea at 19. Like most people, the symptoms whilst not severe at first, started earlier.

    So far I have been on all the oral medications (doxy etc), low dose isotretinon, taken fish oil tablets daily, used a sulphur based cream on my face, used a whole bunch of creams only to be in the category of people who are severely allergic, used lidcare twice a day since I can remember, held warm compresses on my eyes for 10 minutes a day ( i still do this), increased my water intake, eaten salmon/fish omega 3 foods regularly, had ipl on my facial rosacea only to see little to no result; had stomach tests, bowel tests, helico bacter tests and even enzyme masks on my face.

    At the moment I just had a food allergy test, a m allergic ( not intolerant that is different) to wheat. Went to a dietician, have strictly not eaten wheat for the last 5 weeks and will never again due to my stomach and bowel problems.

    What else. Now, in conjunction with my new diet I see a personal trainer for an hour a day 5 days a week. I’m not overweight at 5 ft 10 and weighing 64 kg or about 130lbs??? Something like that. I considered that maybe if I got extremely healthy my problems couldn’t persist. Anyway I don’t drink alcohol and I dont smoke- i couldn’t stand it in my eyes and the alcohol aggrivates everything.

    Mainly though, I suffer from depression and I am essentially now somewhat of a hermit. I was possibly the happiest person alive prior to this and I make the most of being what I have at this point. I had to quit uni and at the moment I can’t even work- I’m living with my grandparents! My parents support me and I have a governmental allowance for long term illness. I have not been working for 6 months because my eyes were literally so bad it was all I could think of, I get so much excess green ‘goop’ out of my eyes- my opthamologist said i have some problem with producing excess mucus- it is an entirely sterile substance apparentally. being in the air con at work was hell, at one point my eye lid rims were bleeding and i had such bad blephoratis it hurt to keep my eyes open.

    I used to be academically gifted and a part time model. i can see that this has made me stronger and I now look at life in an entirely different way. Its hard to explain to my friends why, I, who used to love being around people now think twice about going to the grocery store if i am having a bad day- it isn’t for vanity I am well over that- its just the fact that the bright lights and air con are so overwhelming that it upsets me to think that such a simple task could cause me such emotional turmoil. I’m feeling positive at the moment but there long periods were I have stayed in bed or haven’t left the house in weeks. Living with my grandparents has helped because they are retired and am I for the timebeing.

    I read an article in the paper a littlw while ago into gene research and rosacea; that they had identified a gene which caused it in people. I just hope that in my lifetime they find something that can suppress that gene. For anyone living with skin and ocular rosacea life is a constant battle- avoiding anything that may flare it up and existing in a half life.

    People don’t understand what it is or how it steals quality of life. I know how grateful so many people would be if we could find a cure and stop the agony of rosacea.

    For anyone suffering, take hope, keep doing the things you can to help it. Most p[eople have more luck than have and find something that works for them. I will let you know how my new super healthy lifestyle goes.

    I don’t and I can’t believe this is forever.

  2. jennifer says:

    I read you post and you sound like me. It is runing my life. I would love to chat with you. I live in canada. Look forward t hearing from you.

  3. javier says:

    Hey, I’ve been suffering with this horrible condition for the past 9 years and believe me I really do know what you are talking about and how you and people like us feel. It’s even harder when people around us try to tell us to stay calm and accept it… at the end of the day there is many things that are much worse(bla,bla,bla)…they think that the red cheeks and burning sensation, not to mention the ”sand” in the eyes, it’s a ”vanity” thing…WTF??? That’s very easy for them to say when none of them has not even a remote idea of what we go thru EVERY day. Anyways, i’ll be very happy to talk to you and compare as well as try to help each other(hopefully) with this HORRIBLE condition. Please, do get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    All the best!

  4. Hi Javier,

    One place to start is here.

    hope it proves useful and you find some helpful idea on how to get relief.


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