Mariah Carey has rosacea ? celebrities as advocates ?

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From I’ve got thighs and buttocks — I’m never going to be a size zero, February 16, 2007

[Are you] High maintenance?

Completely. Everything about me is high maintenance, starting with the voice, which I look after like a child. I take a humidifier wherever I go and I sleep in a steam room to protect it. The TV in there is behind glass.

Then there’s the body, and my trainer, who is about the size of my pinkie finger, but she understands my body. I’m very muscular, so if I wear a wrong-shaped dress, people always think that I’ve gained weight. Actually I’ve stopped weighing myself. I’ve got thighs and buttocks and I’m never going to be a size zero. I like my curves. But I’m not gonna lie — if there’s a sample that’s a size two and I fit into it, I feel great. I don’t do enough gym. I don’t do facials because I have rosacea and having people poke at your face is not good for that. But I have home remedies: I make little packs of milk and ice to calm it down. I’m a beauty school dropout. I did 500 hours, so I can do my own make-up and hair. Now the hair is high maintenance. It’s really curly and can take hours.

OK so this isn’t really news, but thought it was interesting anyway. I don’t think we can hope for much leadership or advocacy from celebrities – except for some publicity perhaps. Of course it doesn’t help when you hear that a famous person has rosacea, and your immediate reactions is `really ? they look fabulous!’.

Perhaps the exception to this is Bill Clinton who can sometimes appear to have rosacea symptoms. He does seem to be pretty comfortable in himself though so again I’m not hanging on to any hope that he might become a rosacea advocate.

I reckon celebrities are pretty average, just like us. They don’t have any magic answers and just want to be rid of rosacea and stop it interfering with their lives.

In the end I think we are our own best advocates.

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4 Reader Comments

  1. mina says:

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    After I found out roseca is a form of a mite I totally freaked, AND I’m a clean freak to boot,Gross!!!
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  2. Jackie says:

    Not really. (@celebrities are average)

    I’m sorry but there’s just no way Mariah can have Rosacea. She has probably misdiagnosed herself or is completely exaggerating some minor redness.
    Not to mention, there has not been 1 photo taken of her skin looking bad.
    I don’t think having Rosacea counts if you NEVER see it and have no problem wearing make up all the time and sweating on stage/under lights.

  3. gphx says:

    For many people ocular rosacea has little or no visible symptoms but, in addition to being uncomfortable, can produce anything from eye irritation, secondary infection, corneal scarring, and rarely, blindness. For some the extent of their rosacea is not about whether they can put on makeup but how well they can see. The idea rosacea doesn’t ‘count’ if others can’t see it is ridiculous.

  4. barbara says:

    I use Bioderma anti redness BB Cream for a makeup and it covers my redness while helping with the symptoms even my Doctor is impressed with the look i cleanse my face with bioderma Micellar water which is very gentle and even takes off eye makeup . these products were recommended by a Dermatologist and they work Bioderma also have other treatments for our problem.

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