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I have been contacted by Impact Clinical Trials in Los Angeles who are looking for rosacea patients to participate in the ongoing trials for a `new topical gel’ for the erythema associated with rosacea.

We are currently conducting a study for a new topical gel being developed as a possible future treatment of erythema associated with rosacea. We are looking for patients who are at least 18 years old and who have been previously diagnosed with rosacea. The study is approximately 7 weeks long, we provide the free medication as well as study-related medical care, and the total compensation for participants is $3,500.

This is a great opportunity for people suffering from this condition that haven’t yet found appropriate treatment. If you need more information or if you have any concerns, please email me back or call me at the number below.

Sandra Nuñez

email: recruitment2 AT impactla.org

Impact Clinical Trials
5800 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(310) 289-8242 Ext. 132
Walk-in’s welcome Mon-Fri 9am-2pm

It is great to see so many centres being involved with a trial for what might become a new rosacea treatment.

Please let us know how the trial goes if you are able to join it.

If you are running a clinical trial for rosacea and would like to publicize it, please contact me at david AT rosacea-support.org

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3 Reader Comments

  1. Doug says:

    Always good to see new players in the game!

  2. Lisa Kristl says:

    I am a 55-year old woman diagnosed with rosacea. It appeared in my 30s and has gotten progressively worse. I live in NH and would be interested in your trial. I would love to be able avoid wearing cosmetics which only minimize it. I have no pustules; only redness. I am of Eastern European descent so have (well, had) lovely fair skin when I was younger. I have never really been a “tanner” as I find sitting in the sun far too uncomfortable, but at my age, I have certainly sustained some level of sun damage. Thank you for your interest.

  3. mary prince says:

    I am 75 years old and I developed rosacea about a year ago. Nothing I have used so far has helped it. I sure would like to be in your trial. Please help. Thank you

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