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Just in case anyone has missed the email over at rosacea-support; Linda Sy has been in contact to say that she is retiring and thus her web site and business is closing. Anyone who wants to stock up on their favourite products will need to order some now as they will no longer be available after the end of October, or as long as stock lasts.

This is the end of a great relationship between rosacea-support and Dr. Sy. It was through her involvement with rosacea sufferers and her expertise in formulating products that she was able to create ZincO Cream, Vita-Oil and her Mild Oatmeal facial cleanser.

I, for one, will really miss the tinted ZincO cream. I still use this every day, and have done for several years.

Thanks for all you have done for us rosacea sufferers Dr Sy. We wish you all the best for your retirement.


[update:] Some of Linda Sy’s most popular products are available from RosaceaCare, see for more information.

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285 Reader Comments

  1. Josie says:

    Does anyone know the ingredients for the Linda Sy Moisturizing Oil for Face & Body? I’ve been turning my house upside down looking for my last (empty) bottle – with no luck! I’d like to try to have someone reproduce it for me if at all possible. I do recall it had jojoba oil and safflower oil, but I’m pretty sure there were some other ingredients. If not, can someone recommend a CLOSE alternative? Thanks!

  2. rebecca says:

    I have a bottle of Moisturizing Oil for face and body, here are the ingredients:

    Hybrid safflower oil, jojoba oil, petrolatum, phenyl trimethicone, soy sterol, propylparaben, PEG-4 dilaurate.

    I hope this helps…good luck!

    If anyone knows of another oil that’s similar, please post as I would also like to know. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for your quick reply rebecca. I was busy looking through all my archives to see if I had a copy of the ingredients and your reply popped up. Thanks!

  4. D. Chenault says:

    I’ve been sick for several years with what I thought was parasitic problems & I’ve just found out that it’s “Demodex Mites” that are one issue. Severe itching, burning, and hair turning white(not grey). I’ve tried to get help and have been called crazy by Dr’s. I bought a microscope and after a year I found them. I have scars all over my body from sores and they won’t heal. It looks awful and has worried me to near insanity!

    I saw your phone # with an 877 prefix, is that toll free or are you near North Texas? I need help to deal with Dr’s to get Proper Care for this. They are causing ear problems like”Vertigo” on top of burning and ear ringing. Blurring in eyes and biggist of all is the “Mental Aspect”, not knowing exactly what this is and worry about possible damages to other Body Systems. Please let me know if yo know where I might get help?? This is Very Severe Case and my mom is bad also.

    Thank you,

    D. Chenault

  5. Susan Bahman says:

    I have been battling g rosacea for nearly 40 years now. For about the last 12 years it has been manageable. I was using the Sher System products to cleanse and moisturize but they have closed down the business. I am desperate to find alternative products but after trying many my skin is worse than ever. I thought my suicidal days were over but it seems not. I have the ingredients for my cleanser but can’t find anything remotely similar. What can I do? I am spending so much money all to no avail

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