large facial vessels: YAG vs. RF vs. electro cautery

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Some interesting discussion recently about how best to deal with large facial blood vessels. A member was asking about using electro cautery on vessels on their nose. Another member cautioned after their own treament with electro cautery has lead to scarring on their cheeks.

Dr. Johnson has suggested that one method was to use a RF (radio frequency) unit instead of electrocautery. Electrocautery carries extra risks of scarring, and Dr. Johnson cautions that even for a RF unit the matching of patient to treatment is important as well as post treatment discipline, and also cautions that stubborn nose vessels can still lead to scarring.

Dr. Darm suggests that the YAG head on the Lumenis One or the 3mm head on the genesis laser can be used for large facial vessels.

Dr. Soldo also agrees that YAG or even sclerotherapy can offer safe approaches.

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