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From:  "Linda Sy MD"  
Date:  Sat Jan 2, 1999  5:23 am 
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Hi Harriet,

I have been occupied with family during the holidays and noted several questions posted during this time regarding Metrogel vs. Noritate and Klaron vs. Sulfacet R. Perhaps I can help.

Metrogel (by Galderma) is the rosacea med that has been on the market the longest (about 10 years). It comes in 0.75% concentration. Not too long ago, the same co. came out w/ Metrocream 0.75% which is more moisturizing. The recommended dosage for both is twice a day. Noritate Cream (by Dermik) is a newer med which comes in 1% conc. Its dosage is once a day. All 3 have the same active ingredient – metronidazole (generic). The gel is liked by those w/ oily skin while the cream is preferred by those w/ dry skin and seems to go better w/ makeups. Which one will work better for you depends on the vehicle and your skin type. You might not have the Noritate in UK yet because it is relatively new.

Klaron contains 10% sodium sulfacetamide (a form of sulfa) and is in a water base vehicle. Sulfacet R and Novacet lotion both contain 10% sulfacetamide and 5% sulfur (this is diff from sulfa). There are other similar meds but these are the most popular. BTW, there are also OTC products w/ sulfur but in 2% concentrations.

Linda Sy M.D.

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I checked at our local chemist and Noritate is not available in UK. Please could someone give me the active ingredients to see if it has a different name here? Also I would like to know what Desitin has in it, again that named cream is not available here. Thank you. Happy New Year everyone.

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