Just how many people have Rosacea ?

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The prevalence of rosacea is an often reported fact. Most media releases will start with a statement of the number of rosacea sufferers in the US.

The latest 2010 estimates from the NRS suggest that 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, up from the previous estimate of 14 million.

Various studies have found rosacea to be present in around 6–14% of the population. The higher incidence is thought to be related to the prevalence of fair-skinned individuals.

It makes sense that as the population ages and also as the general knowledge of rosacea improves, we see increases in estimates of the number of rosacea sufferers out there.

Dr. Wilkin cautions on the whole art of estimating rosacea sufferers: “In actuality, all of these studies may understate the true incidence of rosacea because they examined only the presence of signs and symptoms at the time of the study, while rosacea is a chronic underlying condition whose outward signs and symptoms are characterized by relapses and remissions,

Thus, at any given time, millions of additional rosacea sufferers may simply be in temporary remission.”

[Update:] The NRS have posted a new blog entry: Rosacea Incidence on Rise with more background on the research behind their estimate of 16 million Americans.

The NRS had previously estimated the number of rosacea sufferers in the United States at 14 million, and recent epidemiological studies have also found the incidence may be much higher. Despite its prevalence, however, most Americans are unaware of its signs and symptoms, and medical data suggest that only a small percentage of rosacea sufferers are being treated.

[Update 2:] some more research on rosacea prevalence has been published.

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6 Reader Comments

  1. The RRDi has said that the number of worldwide rosacea sufferers is 45 million. Here is another source:

    “With 85% of people worldwide suffering from acne at some point in their lives, leading to more than 103 million affected by acne and another 45 million by rosacea, the global market for prescription dermatological therapeutics continues to be substantial. Current drugs include a variety of topical and systemic medications such as antibiotics, anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, hormone therapies, keratolytics, and retinoids–many of which are indicated for both diseases.”


    My guess is that at least 60 million rosacea sufferers is a more realistic figure.

  2. Jane says:

    I developed rosacea approximately 10 years ago and then became interested in researching it. I find more and more people are developing it. I wonder what is causing this. A poor diet, lack of minerals, vitamins? I do not know.

    Also, a great and very useful website.

  3. El dictator says:

    Interesting thoughts jane, but could the better diagnosis of the problem and more knowledge increase actuall numbers?.

    The internet plus, the influx of sufferers and articles offline means a better documentation. Rosacea has been documented for hundreds of years, I’m not sure if there is evidence to support that rosacea is on an increase…

    Also Does the movemment of fair skinned individuals to more sunnier climes on holiday and to live mean a greater incidence of sunburn…and a catalyst for rosacea

  4. Jane says:

    Your response is ironically at a strange time with what I have recently heard.

    I was just chatting with my niece in Arizona. She is involved in the skin care industry. She said that rosacea is not that common in Arizona?

    I personally feel it is on the increase in the NE of the USA. I hear and see it all the time. 10 years ago I would not even have known what it was.

  5. Jasmine 215 says:

    Is it possible that there are more of a lot of genetic diseases around these days because some of these genes mutate or become more strongly expressed with time, in each succeeding generation?

    Including Rosacea.

    You never used to hear much about children with cancers like leukemia. Now, it seems you hear about another child with it like once a week on the news.

    Almost EVERYONE needs glasses these days, too.

  6. RICH GROVE says:

    This supplement causes facial flushing, which triggers Rosacea. I took this product and experienced the WORST CASE OF ROSACEA in my life, causing me to seek medical treatment and expensive prescriptions after suffering weeks of pain and embarrassment…
    Be aware that all SIMILAR B-3 PRODUCTS will be dangerous.

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