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The Journal of the American Medical Association have released a free Rosacea Patient Page in their June 2012 edition. The JAMA have made this page available for free.

This may prove useful for those who are wondering if they have rosacea and those looking for a confirmation of their symptoms.

The illustration shows the full gamut of rosacea symptoms: dry, red, irritated eyes, telangiectasia and acne-like breakouts in flushed areas.

Those having these symptoms are urged to see a dermatologist or ophthalmologist.

Treatment suggestions are brief, leaving that up to the doctors.

It was encouraging to see a recommendation to seek mental health care if sufferers are feeling anxiety or depression relating to their rosacea.


JAMA Patient Page, June 6, 2012

Rosacea, Janet M. Torpy, MD, Writer; Laura A. Schwartz, MS, Illustrator Intern; Robert M. Golub, MD, Editor

JAMA. 2012;307(21):2333-2333



(Click for the web page)

[also available as a PDF]


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  1. DRICKY says:

    i have it on my breasts and body and neck but not in face

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