It started with uncomfortable contact lenses

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This account of a struggle with getting diagnosed and then dealing with ocular rosacea is worth a read. The struggle is ongoing and we wish you all the best Darelle.

Ocular Rosacea Is A Real Thing, And It Sucks

My struggle with ocular rosacea began 18 months ago, when I first noticed some discomfort with my contact lenses. I had been wearing contacts for twenty years, but suddenly I had to reduce my wear time, until I couldn’t stand to put them in my eyes at all.

My optometrist initially diagnosed me with dry eye, but it wasn’t until six months later, at a dry eye clinic in Toronto, that I received my official diagnosis: ocular rosacea and meibomian gland dysfunction. The tiny vessels in my lid margins indicated rosacea, and they had caused my glands to stop producing the oily layer of tears. Without the critical top layer of my tear film, my tears were evaporating almost instantly.

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  1. Comment via email from Connie.

    “TY, TY for this post. I have had the same experience! Why is it they are so slow to diagnose this in this day and age?”

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