IPL London Spa Burn Victim Awarded Tens of Thousands in Damages

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In 2008 we heard about Charlotte Cripps, a writer for the The Independent was badly burned by an IPL treatment at a London Spa.

Today we read a follow up article that tells us that Ms Cripps may be permanently scarred.  Ms Cripps has been awarded a `five-figure sum’ as compensation and is also calling for tighter controls on who can perform IPL treatments.

I may be permanently scarred: Woman left covered in burn marks after cosmetic treatment calls for tighter controls on private therapists


Last updated at 8:16 AM on 6th December 2011

Charlotte Cripps was off to a private beauty therapist for a lovely session of pampering when a botched procedure left her forever ‘permanently scared’.

The arts writer underwent Intense Pulsed Light treatment – where light is used to smooth the complexion – for a newspaper story three years ago.

‘I couldn’t put a duvet over me or anything because it was just so raw and painful,’ she told the BBC’s Inside Out London programme, which was broadcast last night at 7.30pm.

The writer for The Independent spent months in pain after the treatment in 2008 and has now been given a five-figure sum in compensation by the spa’s insurers.

She said: ‘I think there should be laws brought in so you can’t have IPL or Botox unless it is administered under the supervision of a doctor.’

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