IPL for facial blood vessels (telangiectasias)

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This paper is discussing research that shows IPL is an effective and safe treatment for facial blood vessels. After between 1 and 4 treatments, the vast majority of patients had a 50% or better improvement in the number of blood vessels.

Intense pulsed light source for treatment of facial telangiectasias, Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, Volume 3, Number 4, 1 December 2001, pp. 169-173(5), Peter Bjerring, Kaare Christiansen, Agneta Troilius.

Keywords: dual mode filtering, intense pulsed light source, ipl purpura, telangiectasias treatment

Objective: The purpose of this clinical study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the first intense pulsed light source (IPL) with dual mode light filtering for treatment of facial telangiectasias, and to evaluate the incidence of adverse including purpura, pigmentation and scars.

Material and Methods: Twenty-four patients with facial telangiectasias were treated between one and four times with a new IPL system. This system differs from previous IPLs by eliminating wavelengths longer than 950 nm, which would otherwise lead to non-specific heating of tissue water. The treatments were performed at one-month intervals. Two months after the last treatment, the clinical effect was evaluated from close-up photographs.

Results: After one to four IPL treatments (mean: 2.54; SD: 0.96) for facial telangiectasias, 79.2% of the patients obtained a more than 50% reduction in number of vessels, and 37.5% obtained between a 75% and 100% reduction. Moderate erythema and oedema were the only adverse effects of the treatment. No purpura was registered and no long-term adverse effects such as scars or pigmentary disturbances occurred.

CONCLUSIONS: An IPL with dual mode filtering is efficient and safe for treatment of facial telangiectasias.

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  1. natalie says:

    Hi, i am considering either IPL or laser treatment for some vascular redness on my cheeks. Not sure which would be the better treatment option. Can anyone help with some advice please?


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