IPL burns from "Top London Spa"

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ipl-burns The Independent newspaper in the UK has an article today in their Health & Wellbeing section detailing (seemingly) a reporter who was badly burned by an IPL treatment. The photos show large uneven red welts on her chest and areas of redness on her face also. The initial treatment was carried out by a technician at a `Top London Spa’. The correspondent was seduced by the promise of a `fast and effective way of removing the visible ravages of time without surgery’.

This is the second high profile newspaper report in recent times (see also News anchor gets burned by photo facial), and should serve as a warning to ensure that the person carrying out your IPL treatment is experienced in the sorts of treatments you are looking for. Try to get your practitioner at least being supervised by a doctor or dermatologist. Also discuss test patches on different areas with your doctor.

The IPL photo facial: more pain than gain?

It’s the must-have anti-ageing treatment for the Hollywood A-list. At 37, Charlotte Cripps couldn’t wait to try it. But less than an hour later, she was covered in burns. Here, she recounts a cautionary tale

When I got home and looked in the mirror at my chest for the first time since the treatment – only an hour later – I was horrified. Angry red rectangular burns covered my chest in a random grid. Little did I know when I’d set off that morning that I would return after my first exciting treatment scorched and traumatised. What made no sense to me was that the treatment had not been done uniformly which was more obvious on my chest where I looked like I’d been branded with a hot iron.

"What you got was very irregular areas of burn from the pulse light. It looks as if large areas have been skipped. If these areas hadn’t been missed, then certainly the pulse light needs checking because it’s putting out huge amounts of variable energy," says Dr Lowe. "I see reactions like this quite often, but more commonly when people have been to a beauty parlour to have IPL or laser treatments for hair removal."

The only problem now is that I have been left with tiny white spots across my chest, caused by a loss of pigmentation after my chest was burnt.

And while the original spa couldn’t explain the damage I had suffered and said it was not a common reaction at all, this was no consolation. It pointed out that I had signed a consent form, which had warned me against adverse reactions. I was left angry at the lack of regulation of these treatments in the UK.

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2 Reader Comments

  1. Jill says:

    I just had my second treatment with IPL for redness on my face and chest. this time the procedure stung and I asked the technician to turn it down but I ended up with dark (almost black) burn stripes over my chest. I;’m scared it will cause scarring and be worse than it was in the first place.

  2. yasmin says:

    i had laser done on my face she burnt it leaving dARK BLACK MARKS ALL OVER ME FACE SO EMBARRASSING IS THEIR ANY CURE?

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