Intendis makes a mobile phone app for Rosacea

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Intendis, the makers of Finacea, have announced that they are to produce an application for mobile phones to help sufferers of rosacea manage their symptoms.

To be launched in March, the Rosacea Info App will be available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Previously Rosacea News covered a program called AcneApp that purported to treat acne by displaying a solid red or blue display which you then help up to your face. Unfortunately the LED display of a mobile phone is not strong enough to offer a measurable benefit.

Perhaps a daily journal as promoted by the Rosacea App is a helpful tool, and some may find information on food and beverages useful.

When the application becomes available I will post a review here. I will be interested to see if the application rises above the level of a marketing gimmick.

Intendis launches rosacea info app

Morristown, N.J. — Drugmaker Intendis has developed a smart phone application, or app, designed to provide sufferers of mild to moderate rosacea with information and support to help manage their condition.

According to an Intendis press release, the Rosacea App will be available free to anyone who has an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android. The app, being launched this month, was previewed in February at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.

The Rosacea App works as a source of information and personal daily journal. It offers daily weather alerts — important, since rosacea can be affected by heat, cold and wind — and describes symptoms and treatments. Users can also refer to the app for information on foods and beverages that may cause flares, and to find alternatives.

The app also offers an assessment tool that can help users to better understand their own relationship with the disease, and provides information about how certain treatment options may work for mild to moderate rosacea.

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