How to Decrease Your Visible Pore Size

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A question we hear from time to time from rosacea sufferers is `how do I go about reducing the size of my skin pores ?’ This is quite a difficult question to properly answer. The enlarged pores that you sometimes see with rosacea or acne can feel like they will never go away.

You are here on this page because you feel sure that there must be a way to reduce the inflammation that leads to swollen pores on your face.

Here are some insightful thoughts from Dr. Linda Sy;

Pores can appear enlarged if filled with sebum & keratinized cells. When the epithelial cells are exfoliated or the sebum production is inhibited (example: by topical tretinoin or accutane prescription), the pores appear smaller. Therefore, any prescription that will reduce accumulation of sebum & keratin in the pores, will most likely help reduce the size.

I doubt that many doctors would recommend that you undertake a treatment regime of accutane just to reduce visible facial pores. If you also have the lump and bumps of acne, or severe pustules and redness of rosacea, you may find accutane is helpful in reducing the pore size also.

The NRS Ask the Doctors Blog also has a post asking Rosacea has made the pores on my face large. When I get my rosacea under control, will my pores return to their normal size?

The Rosacea Experts also come to a similar conclusion as Dr. Sy;

Topical and oral antibiotic therapy may be prescribed for mild cases, but more severe cases may sometimes be treated with isotretinoin, which is an oral medication typically used for severe acne. Clinical studies have shown that patients’ large sebaceous glands were diminished in size and number during isotretinoin therapy. There is also evidence that retinoids, topical medications with many of the same properties of isotretinoin, may decrease skin thickening and sebaceous gland enlargement. Spironolactone, a mild diuretic with anti-androgen properties, can also be used to decrease pore size.

Good to see some more suggested treatments for enlarged pores as I know this is something that worries many rosacea sufferers.

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Please leave a comment below with any hints or tips you have found that have helped you answer the question “how do I reduce the size of my pores ?”

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6 Reader Comments

  1. Andy says:

    Can laser treatments also reduce pore size or appearance of pores?

  2. RossAcne says:

    I heard that dermabrasion also works because in peeling the outer layer of the skin, and what will be revealed are the newer skin with tighter pores. At any rate, I think this is more possible for me because it is cheaper than laser treatment.

  3. harrio says:

    I changed my facial soap…and what a difference. I have been using a soap called Basis for senstive skin and it works better than any of the medications. did a bunch of checking on the internet and did better than asking someone at the Dermatolog office. I think they better get with it!!!

  4. Antea says:

    i have not used make-up and creams during 99 % of my life. The enlarged pores are the result of demodex proliferation. i tried a lot of things, I know I am good at it having cured myself from several serious skin diseases during the war and after. The demodex are still there and shrinking their damages is constant but not dayly. Very hot water during shower will calm down their presence but will dry and make your skin fragile. alternating hot and cold is good for the skin but useless against demodex. Quick touch of ether after warm compresses have opened the pores will reduce the number of demodex parasites for a few days, but immediately followed by a good light cream like the Delon aloe or olive cream, which seams to be absorbed in 2 seconds, Wipe the excess carefully do not rub the skin at all. Ether also close the pores quickly for a while. but do not touch any area twice, it sort of burns the skin if you do, You could dilute the chemical a bit too before you try it.
    Do not do anything each day let the skin rest for 2 days, only doing ablutions with clear water as often as you feel and apply again the neutral cream once or twice, if thickly, wipe after 20 minutes.
    When the skin is rested, pass a ice cube on it , it will shrink the pores again and bring a better blood circulation on the surface, but do not exagerate and freeze the top derm layer as it will create another problem. Always stay on the careful side of everything you do for your skin problems.
    Good luck. Post your results. P.S. I am very old but my skin is younger than me…

  5. Ann says:

    I was rx’d soolantra as a last resort for my Rosemead by my derm. It has been a blessing! I tried so many different meds and topicals without results. I also tried idol laser tx which were unsuccessful. I also am currently rx’d doxycycline 50 mg once a day- by my eye dr for ocular Rosecea which has also been a good dose and not anything that has affected me negatively. Hope this can help someone because I suffered for years and finally found something to stop all the itchy breakouts!!

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