How to Cure a Red Face (Facial Erythema)


Many rosacea sufferers are looking for help to reduce the redness of their face.

This is one of the first rosacea symptoms that people might notice.

It is also one of the symptoms of rosacea that is sadly hardest to treat.

What treatments have fellow rosacea sufferers used to hide the ruddiness and angry face that sometimes accompanies rosacea ? Read on where I’ll go through what I see as your current best options.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom with your top tips too.

Eucerin Redness Relief

Eucerin Redness Relief is a new range of products from Beiersdorf that contains an extract from Licorice called Licochalcone. The reviews from members of the Rosacea Support Group are generally pretty good. There is also some published evidence that it might help with reducing the appearance of a red face.

Acne Cover Lotion

This particular product is really an acne product, but my personal experience is really positive. It contains sulphur and has a strong ability to cover lesions. I’d see this product as best suited to outbreaks of papules and pustules and possibly also for general larger areas of redness. For more information see Linda Sy’s Acne Cover Lotion. This product might not be suitable for the more sensitive skin types.

[update:] sadly Linda Sy has gone out of business and ACL is no longer available. If you find something suitable as a replacement please let everyone know in the comments below.

Tinted Sunscreens

It seems to me that tinted sunscreens are still underrated as a rosacea treatment. My favourite, that I continue to use every day is Linda Sy’s (now made by RosaceaCare) Tinted ZincO Cream. As well as offering protection from the sun and elements it can cover redness quite well. Even a small amount of flesh coloring in a sunscreen can really lift your self esteem. All red faced rosacea rosacea sufferers would love to feel that their face blends in with the crowd !

More reading on sunscreens here: Rosacea & Sunscreen articles.

Short Course Steroid Creams

In short stints, low dose steroids can help calm a red rosacea flareup. This should be viewed as a last resort, though.

However, I believe that when circumstance requires it, a short-term course of low potency non-fluorinated topical cortisone, on the face of non-rosacean, is not out of the question. There are times when it is important to control an acute condition as soon as possible, to prevent progression or complication and to give relief to the patient. Once this is achieved, a responsible physician will: 1) attempt to find the cause of the condition and treat it accordingly and 2) convey the message that cortisone cream should be discontinued and not be used long-term due to its many side effects such as peri-oral dermatitis, steroid addiction, steroid induced rosacea, skin atrophy etc.

As for rosacean skin, it is definitely a good idea to use all other alternative topicals or oral medications available, rather than use cortisone. This is, as you know, due to the highly excitable reactive skin and vasomotor instability of rosaceans.

Dr. Linda Sy, RSG Message 22628

You’ll get different answers from different doctors AND group members! My own experience with patients has been that if you use a low potency non-fluorinated topical steroid, short term to alleviate symptoms, it is ok.

Dr. Linda Sy, RSG Message 14960

Steroids should be used with care as over the counter steroids can cause steroid induced rosacea.

If you think you are suffering from steroid induced rosacea you might find this post from Dr. Linda Sy MD helpful: treating steroid induced rosacea.


IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light is perhaps the best known treatment for a red face. Recently there have been a couple of studies published that were able to prove that IPL is effective in reducing rosacea associated erythema (redness). A couple of great papers are Measuring Erythema (red face) after IPL and IPL is excellent for rosacea (and inded a 2007 followup also IPL excellent for treating red face and broken blood vessels).

I’ve collected a set of 16 items (at the time of writing this article) that are a great place to start if you are interested in IPL. See the IPL Articles category.

KTP Laser

There is some good published articles suggesting that the KTP Laser (KTP stands for Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) is also a good choice for a facial redness. This laser is not talked about much in the online rosacea groups, but the published articles look promising. Have you had experience with this laser ? Please leave a comment below.


How about if your redness is related to flushing ?

Eredicane is an OTC non-FDA approved treatment containing Magnesium, Passion Flower, Valerian, Vit B6, Glycine, Glutamine, Primula Officinalis and Taurine. According to their web site, eredicane works thusly ;

Fight Blushing With the Body’s Own Building Blocks

Eredicane’s main ingredient, GABA, is one of the nine essential amino acids found in the brain. GABA inhibits neurons in the cells from firing, thus diminishing the excitatory messages reaching the frontal cortex of the brain.

In essence, GABA lowers the excitatory level of the cell that is about to receive the incoming information, therefore helping to prevent the onset of the sensation that causes blushing.

But does it work ? A long thread over at ESFB, `Has anyone tried “Eredicane??”‘ is inconclusive, showing mixed results.

Cutanix DRL

Unfortunately Cutanix is not currently available. Some members of rosacea-support have found DRL to help their facial redness. It is believed that the FDA has objected to the claims made by the packaging. No information is yet available on if or when DRL will return to the market. I love this product so personally I’m looking forward to it becoming available again. As some background you might like to read the Cutanix Articles on Rosacea News.

[update:] Cutanix DRL is now available from SkinMedica after they bought the product from Cutanix. See SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex launches to replace Cutanix DRL for more information.

Sansrosa / CD07805/47

This option is speculative, but is worth mentioning here in this list. Galderma is in one of the final stages of developing a product that is showing promise as a treatment for the flushing redness of rosacea. The product is informally known as Sansrosa and is also called COL-118 (now CD07805/47) by Galderma. The information currently available suggests that this topical can be used safely for long periods and can reduce the appearance of a red flushed face. I have covered this product extensively, so feel free to look through the sanrosa articles. There is no guarantee that Sansrosa will be approved for general use, but if and when it does get approved, it will offer a treatment option that is not currently available from any other topical.

[update:] CD07805/47 has been approved and has launched as Mirvaso, and is now available in the US and across the EU.


Some recent research has found that the active ingredient in some nasal decongestants, oxymetazoline, when applied topically can relieve the redness associated with rosacea skin. While nasal decongestants are not formulated to be applied topically to rosacea skin, new custom formulations for rosacea sufferers are likely to be available soon.

[update]: Oxymetazoline has been approved as a treatment for the redness of rosacea and is available as Rhofade.

When it isn’t Rosacea

Finally, before launching into some treatment for rosacea, it might also be worth exploring the possibility that your red face isn’t actually rosacea. One good place to explore this further is red face: when flushing isn’t rosacea.

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341 Reader Comments

  1. Beenot says:

    my face always red how to solve thats red

  2. Rhonda says:

    I am new to this site so much information. Wow. I have the redness the God awful redness. And to make it really special it’s my nose and left cheek. I hate it with such a passion. I don’t want to go out in public. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I have tried so many creams and none of them work. Murad, Zedmed, prosacea, Clinique. Nothing works. Oh and metro gel. Didn’t work. I have given up hope. I was actually going to a tanner so when it wouldn’t be so noticable. When I stopped I got more flare ups. Go figure. I have no health insurance. And I don’t have the money for ILP laser treatment. I feeling a freak. Maybe I should just give up and join the circus.

    • aileen glover says:

      Even the immunologist seems puzzled about my red face as it is an unusual pattern. Not flares as such, some bumps but no pustules etc. Mostly very red in the morning, fading off thru the day and then very red again at night. Sometimes one side and not the other. Nose always involved.I feel like a beacon that could light me thru the darkness. Could it be something other than rosacea? The redness has definitely gotten worse over the last few months despite Rosex and Brimonidine.It is a b–gg-r isn’t it? Aileen

      • Nancy says:

        Your flushing is typical of rosacea. Sometimes I can feel my ear turning red and hot. My own flushing can be triggered by any number of things: being tired, stress, anxiety, temperature changes. Often the evening is worse because body temperature rises and is typically higher early evening. Combine that with eating dinner and I can begin to blush. I manage with a beta blocker Propranolol and small fans around the house. This and a good cleansing routine with calming facial moisturizers, meditation, and sleep. Also, the blood vessels can become inflamed in the face by some products so you have to be your own judge. With trial and error you learn what your skin reacts to and what feels good.

        I really don’t think the average Dermatologist knows enough about rosacea. I feel like I know more about rosacea in general only because I have done a lot of research on my own and been lucky to have seen doctors that took a special interest in the disease. I find the average Dermatologist is more interested in lasers and cosmetic procedures.

    • Donald marshall says:

      I feel your pain Rhonda…..I’m a 43 yr old male and have very red cheeks on my face, I get laughed at all the time in public and find it very hard some day to go outside. I keep my face tanned from the sun to even out my skin. I have tried many cream(none work). I have used BB cream(make up/green) it seems to be the best but it looks like make up which isn’t good for a male.

    • Traci Veno says:

      You sound like you have a vitamin and or hormone imbalance. My thyroid levels where fine but I started taking thyroid with t3 and t4 called westhroid 97.5mg one a day and it helped clear it up greatly. Also vitamin D 2000 a day along with 8000 vitamin A and zinc. A sublingual vitamin B complex ($4 at walmart) coq10 also for blood vessel health. Drink a lot of water. You may have an inner gut problem with candida that causes inflammation like crazy. Try probiotics, primal defense is the best. Do not use creams, proactive, do not touch your face, wash your pillow cases with baby soap. Stay out of the sun. No alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar. You can use sugar as a light scrub on your face though and try eucerin NO fragrance for lotion or from sally argon oil in the brown bottle. IF you can afford one trip to a natural path nurse or doctor who will prescribe you t3 t4 natural thyroid in that does I told you about it may change your life. You can get it under control with some work. Diet is first. Then your sluggish lymphatic system.

      • Nancy says:

        Please visit the National Rosacea Society at for information on treating Rosacea and to educate yourself on this skin disease. This website is great for support and current information on research and medications. Treat your skin gently and get yourself to a Board Certified Dermatologist who knows how to treat Rosacea.

    • Newbie says:

      I am new to this but I took 1 tablespoon of organic MSM powder made in America and mixed it with 1 /4 cup of Aloe Vera gel and put it on every morning and every night, it is amazing . Look under MSM and aloe Vera, the person who come up with this has a post about it. Hope this helps someone.

  3. Nancy says:

    Rhonda, you are not a freak! There are many, many people worldwide that feel just as you do and who are struggling to find an answer, as are scientists and drug companies. It appears that rosacea is a multi faceted disease with no singular treatment that works for everyone at this time, as you have read above. If you cannot afford to see a Dermatologist, I would stay away from anything that makes your skin feel irritated. Make sure you use a gentle face wash, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Never scrub or be rough with your skin and always stay out of the sun. You might try loose mineral powder in public to cover redness and let’s the skin breath (it doesn’t trap heat). During the warm weather stay in cool air-conditioned environments. Don’t eat thermally hot food or spicy foods. Try diluting Hibiclens antiseptic wash with filtered water 1:1, keeping away from eyes (see my above note). You can buy it OTC in the first-aid section of your local CVS or pharmacy. Keep us posted. You are in good company! Best wishes, Nancy

  4. Comment via email


    Don’t give up! We r so much more than a face. A sincere smile and
    interest in others more than makes up for rosacea
    Find and pursue the things u r passionate about and your skin won’t
    really matter
    Think of people like Hellen Keller and the full and wonderful lives they led

    God bless

  5. korby says:

    Just in case someone else would like to try the following natural remedy, I thought I’d post my story. I’ve had Rosacea for 20+ years and have used numerous tubes of Metrogel since then, seemed to be the only thing that worked. Last year, however, I actually took the time to research natural remedies and began trying some. What works best for me is this: after washing my face with sulfur soap, I rub on my face on the Rosacea areas a paste made of up 50% distilled water and 50% hydrogen peroxide (3%) mixed with plain old baking soda. I leave it on my face while I rinse the conditioner out of my hair if I’m in the shower, and then rinse it off. If I’m washing my face in the morning, I do the same after washing with the sulphur soap and leave the paste on for a couple of minutes while I do other things, then rinse it off – like in the shower. Very cheap and natural remedy. Since I started doing this in October, 2012, I’ve not used Metrogel one time! I believe that my skin had definitely been addicted to Metrogel, because over the years, the more I used on my face, the more I needed to use to control the Rosacea. I’d say my condition is about 90% improved on a daily basis. So, I know this natural treatment has worked for me, the only thing is, now I’m afraid to stop using it, afraid the Rosacea will come back like before! Good luck if anyone trys it!

  6. Marti says:

    Hey, Korby,

    Just wanted to know where do you get your sulfur soap? I may try your idea. I also want to try the ROS oil, or maybe just the lavender oil in another idea posted.

    And as for Rhonda, as David said, we are all much more than a red face. I have been “flushing red” for YEARS (actually since I can remember and everyone would tease me about getting embarrassed even when I wasn’t) and I still get red really easily (just about anything makes me flush a bright red!) and am now 54 years old. I do what I can to help, but don’t dwell on my red face. I use make- up that one person one this site suggested and it helps cover. I have also tried the zinc oxide and lotion mixed (I have dry skin) and that has helped cover. I have used metro gel some but it does not help the flushing . I have a wonderful husband (been married almost 31 years) and he does not mind . I try to stay fit and active (but stay out of the sun or use heavy sunscreen, long sleeves, hats–I am also very fair complected so that makes the red show up even more!) People don’t believe my age when I tell them. So I take that as a compliment!

    ALSO, I have worked in the public eye all my adult career and the people who know me, accept me and don’t worry about my redness. I have even had people say they don’t even notice my red face when I have mentioned it! I do strongly agree with David, that we are much, much more than a red face and we need to pursue our interests and do what you can with the red, put a smile on and show the wonderfully created person God made each of us to be (Yes, I am a believer). So, try some ideas and if they don’t work, put a smile on, try another if you want, just make the most of your life and LIVE it! Enjoy it! And may you find that who you are is more important than the color of your skin.
    May God bless!

  7. korby says:

    To Marti: Hi, you asked about the sulphur soap I use and I wanted to get back with you on it. I’ve tried two brands. I didn’t care for the first one, Granddad’s or something like that, it just wasn’t strong enough for me to tell there was enough sulphur in it to help anything. The second one, the one I’m using now, works better. I bought it at Earth Fare, a natural foods store, but unfortunately, I didn’t save the wrapper and don’t remember the name of the soap. I can tell you that I remember that there was a fan shaped label on the package – like a sun – but I didn’t write down the name of it. I just figured if I happened to be back at Earth Fare I’d pick up another bar later if it works, it lasts forever. The best advice I can give you though is to just google “sulphur soap” and order it off the internet. There are several brands to choose from on Amazon. You’ll probably have to do “trial and error” to find one that works best for you. Good luck on this!

  8. Nancy says:

    I am curious, when I Googled the uses and benefits of sulfur soap and Hibilclen, they seem to both do the following on the skin:

    Kills skin mites
    Kills fungus
    Dries and/or sloughs off skin cells
    Anti microbial (Hibiclens)

    I have not used the sulfur soap yet, but I know my own rosacea has improved immensely since I started using Hibiclens. I wonder, do some of the expensive prescription drugs do the same thing? I’m sure I must sound naive to a scientist but I’m just throwing it out there.

  9. Comment via email.


    Please read the anti inflammitory diet. I have noticed drastic changes since I have changed my diet. I eat more cooling foods (kale, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon, cantelope, red peppers, onions, garlic, burdock root). I thought that the root cause of my redness was external, however, its actually internal.


  10. Marti says:

    Cooling foods, eh? I eat a lot of those you listed anyway! (But not sure of what burdock root is, though–will look it up) Is there a list out there of all the cooling foods? I will try looking it up on line, but if you know of a website already, please post here. Sounds interesting and definitely worth a try! Thanks, Chad!

  11. FJ says:


    I am 19 and have a very red face, pretty blotchy though. My nose is the reddest and then my cheeks are very red too, and not evenly distributed. I am a pale guy so it is very noticeable and gets even worse when I drink alcohol, when I am embarrassed and especially when I am speaking in public. I break out sometimes so I have to watch what I put on my face. I take DeOxycline for my acne (very minor antibiotic, I think). I consistently wash my face with Cetaphil twice a day and not very often but I use a topical prescription gel to put on my acne. I switch off lotions from time to time, but I have recently been using the Aveeno FeverFew. It may be better than nothing, but it is hard to tell. What do ya’ll recommend. I have a wedding coming come so I want to try to do something before then, without breaking out. Any feedback is much appreciated.


  12. aileen says:

    does anyone else get a tomato/beetroot face (including purple ears) late in the day?I am not red early in the day and sometimes I really wonder if it IS rosacea

  13. Nancy says:

    Aileen: Yes, this is commen with me and I have rosacea. I am much more pale in the morning and I wonder if it is because my central nervous system is calmer. I think the body is more rested and body temperature is lower in the morning. I find mid-day meditation and beta blockers really help. Also, keeping your stress level low.

  14. Comment via email from Chad.

    “Dont assume that the problem is external, its most likely internal. Do you have cold hands and feet? Read traditional chinese medicine on excess heat. Eat more cooling foods (cucumbers, watermelon, grapefruit, apples, etc…) Stay away from red meats, alcohol, and niacin.”

  15. Dale says:

    I’ve been living with red face since I can remember, 5th grade and it worsen through puberty. I went on accutane which got rid of my acute acne. Even back then I kept a strict diet, but as I got older the redness still remain but my diet including alcohol increased. I have Seborrea with Subtype 1 Roscacea.
    This is what has helped me:

    Stay off medicinal creams especially prescription (especially steroid creams).
    Diet is the big key. Limit greasy foods and sugar and moderate your intake of alcohol to one to two times a week, max.
    Morning: Wash with a high end aloa vera facial wash. Apply Anthelios sunscreen 45.
    Afternoon: Take a Pepcid 20 mg at mid day before lunch and another prior to going out drinking. Normally this is when the redness gets its worst due to the body temperature rising. The Pepcid really helps block certain encymes causing the redness. People have taken it for the Asian blush.
    Afternoon: For the seborrea and redness, I get oily after lunch. I mixed a small bit of Dennorex Shampoo that contains Saliclyic Acid with some of my aloe vera facial soap and gently and very briefly wash my fash. After pat drying it with a clean towel I apply my Anthelios 45 sunscreen. Its the best I’ve tried and it works to cover the redness and oil especially after midday.
    Evening: I’ll apply Dennorex mixed with water on my face to remove the sebum oils, and then shower every night with Head and Shoulder on my hair. This will remove the SB from the scalp. Then use my aloe vera facial soap.
    Once dry I apply a small film of tea tree oilless facial cream on my troubled area, cheeks so the sebum glands are not trying to produce the oils.

    I also take probiotic vitamins, Vitamin E, garlic and Omega 3.

    Sugar, greasy food that builds yeast in your body and alcohol are the biggest factors, but I also realize allowing your sebum glands to take over by not applying a light greaseless/oilless cream at night causes the redness. Sunscreen is also key too.

    Weather especially humidity is another factor and changes in temperature from cold to hot. This is difficult to control. Stress or anxiety and lack of sleep too.

    I’m in my 40s and I’ve tried everything. This seemed to work for me. I also suffered from steriod addiction from using that poison on my skin. Its the worst thing on this planet.

  16. aileen says:

    Does anyone have burning mouth syndrome or lichen planus(oral) or sjogrens as well as rosacea? and a constant facial itch? it is all part of “something”the immuno says but what? Driving me insane. Aileen

  17. Dale says:

    I read a while back Lichen Planus is a symptom related to a gluten type disorder, or not being able to process gluten. A gluten free diet is the recommended treatment. Again I’m not sure.

  18. Jan Meyrick says:

    Hi everyone, I am new to the computer, but not rosacea. I am 63 years old, but I am happy to say that I have been told that I look about 43. Having suffered throughout my 30s and 40s with bad rosacea, I thought that perhaps I could help here. Whilst I was reading some of your letters, I wanted to scream NO DON’T DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!! It seems that here are certain things that most sufferers have in common. Their condition worsens dramatically if they drink alcohol (especially red wine), sunbathe or use tanning beds and unfortunately, my personal addiction, chocolate. Cortisone creams are a nightmare, but promise a quick fix. There is a dermatologist in California who has a site online. She is called Dr. Cynthia Bailey. She also has rosacea and something which often goes with it, facial seborrheic dermatitis. I am also lucky enough to have this as well! She has designed a soap and face cream that is outstanding. I understand everyone’s pain out there. I have been there, but there is hope. Please go to her site and read her advice. It is great to know that she has it as well. This is the first time that I have joined a group online. I did so because I read a letter someone had written a couple of years ago, where, at the end she said “I won’t cry, I won’t cry. because her skin flared up again. Well, I cried for her. If anyone out there gets worse when they eat chocolate, please let me know and perhaps together we can control this wretched condition. Thanks for reading all this, love Jan.

  19. jp says:

    I find that Clearasil helps,
    using sun cream ,minimum 45 factor everyday,
    avoid your blood vessels expand when you drinks which partly causes the headache the next day which is also due to dehydration.
    Make sure when haing a bath that the water is not too hot and always turn the water on cold before exiting the shower/bath.this applies to everybody. (If you don’t cool your body down you will start sweating within 15 mins of exiting the shower etc.
    Have constant fresh air flowing through your home everyday and especially when your sleeping.
    avoid peppers, alcohol, some meat,sugar ,bread and dusty environments and car heaters will also trigger the redness.

  20. jp says:

    oxytetracycline can be got on perscription from a doctor to treat roscacea.
    Avoid steriod creams like the plague!!
    Sulphur soap is also very good at treating it.
    avoid coffee
    spicy food

  21. jp says:

    get a colonic irrigation procedure done too as your bodies have built up a high toxicity levels , your tongue is a good indicator of high our bodies are doing, example if you have teeth marks on the side of your tongue, your spleen is under a lot of stress

    Change your diet considerably, avoid crisps chocolate coffee and alcohol and drink plenty of water for 21 days and see the difference it will make to your appearance etc.
    the problem lies within your body so drowning yourself in steriod cream etc but continuing with you same diet will have null effect.

    Also increase your intake of omega 3/6/9 oils and amino acids

  22. jp says:

    change the pollen filter in your car also. This filters the air that is entering the vehicle through the heating system.

  23. ellie says:

    I have just found this web page. I have found MooGoo has helped me I have subtype 1, however, MooGoo web page also has information on the condition and do a powder for ones that is caused my the mite I have not used it as mine is not mite related. I also use Miessence range natural and organic which is Australian and they have a product for redness and acne since using these products I have found that the redness has reduced a great deal. And the label does not have to contain all ingredients included so I do more research and question the company on the product. My diet is not great but I use supergreens which has helped also I gave drs a big miss as a lot of the time they get paid to promote particular medications.

    • Aileen Glover says:

      How can Ellie be certain her rosacea is not caused by mites? Is there a blood test or similar?

      • Unfortunately there is no test to show that your rosacea symptoms are caused by demodex mites. Confusingly, some well known rosacea therapies also eliminate the mites, so you can’t even say that if you get rid of them and your rosacea improves – that it was the mites in the first place. Still plenty (more) research needed into mites and rosacea.

  24. Mia says:

    Topical ibuprofen inhibits blushing during embarrassment and facial flushing during aerobic exercise in people with a fear of blushing

    Peter D. Drummond, Kate Minosora, Gretta Little, Wendy Keay
    Received 21 January 2013; received in revised form 27 July 2013; accepted 29 July 2013. published online 19 August 2013.
    Corrected Proof

    The flush that develops during whole-body heat stress depends partly on prostaglandins production in the skin. Variations in the strength of this local mechanism may contribute to individual differences in susceptibility to blushing and associated anxiety. To investigate this in the present study, the anti-inflammatory agent ibuprofen (which blocks prostaglandins formation) was applied topically to a small area of the cheek in 16 participants with a fear of blushing and in another 14 without this fear. Changes in skin blood flow were monitored at the ibuprofen-treated site and at a mirror image control site while participants sang (to induce embarrassment and blushing) and during aerobic exercise (to induce flushing). The topical ibuprofen treatment inhibited increases in cheek blood flow in both groups during both of these tasks. However, increases in cheek blood flow were greater in participants with high than low fear of blushing immediately after exercise. These findings suggest that prostaglandins contribute to dilatation of facial blood vessels both during emotional arousal (embarrassment) and aerobic exercise. Furthermore, fear of blushing may be associated with mechanisms that delay the resumption of normal vascular tone after a period of vasodilatation. Whether topical ibuprofen gel is suitable for intermittent or long-term use as an aid for blushing control requires further investigation.

  25. Nancy says:

    I was excited when I saw the title of this article but after reading the full initial findings, it appears more testing and research is needed before any of us with rosacea should experiment on our face. Interesting research to watch!

  26. Pinklady says:

    I’m not sure if I have roseacea or no as it has never been diagnosed but I get a red blotchy face, cheeks n nose the worse, broken veins on my cheeks, and can suffer with horrible sore pussy spots, I have recently used eucyrin and dermalex and have noticed a change in my skin, I’ve also cut out sugar in my tea n coffee to see if that helps.

  27. Geoff says:

    Desperate for help after disastrous IPL last year – NEED A DERM

    Hi all, I am really desperate for some help in regard to finding the best possible dermatologist. I am in Brisbane but am willing to travel anywhere in Australia if it means i get the best treatment.

    I had a disaster of an IPL session (my first and last) last year after a practitioner talked me into getting it done. The result is my skin has gone from very very very mild rosacea which was unnoticeable to red inflamed skin which i am pretty sure is “laser burn”. I also received a cigarette looking burn next to my nose, so as you can imagine, I am in all sorts atm.

    Life has been a real struggle since my IPL session. I’ve been to two derms who basically admitted they know little about IPL, which really disappointed me. One of the derms said, “so what do you expect from me?”.

    Has anyone else experienced much worsening of their rosacea after IPL? Have you had any success with overcoming it? Some have recommended VBeam, but I am so so reluctant to put myself through this again, but to be honest, i am pretty much willing to try anything to at least get me close to where I was pre IPL. Oh, by the way, it has been 15 months since this horrible experience.

    I made the terrible mistake of letting someone coerce me into IPL and I made the mistake of trusting her and believing what she said in that IPL was totally safe while scoffing at any fears I expressed to her. I am shattered beyond belief and my life has spiraled since then.

    I would appreciate any feedback or assistance.



    • deb says:

      I had two IPL sessions which was a HUGE mistake. The rosacea got worse and I also now have melasma since the 2nd session. The last 2 derms told me to never have another laser treatment and there was nothing to be done, all I can do from this point is to keep the rosacea at this and prevent it from progressing. 🙁 I use metrogel at night and tried Murad products to clean and moisturize my face with no difference noted in my face. One derm prescribed adapalene to help remove the melasma which has not worked and my last IPL was 4 years ago.

      Let’s just say, I’m stuck with this face and I have learned to live with it. I use sun block on my face everyday to help keep the rosacea at bay.

      • Nancy says:

        I can understand your pain and disappointment. I spent $7,000 in both V-Beam and IPL laser treatments and I never noticed ANY improvement. In 2009 I went to UCSF here in California and treated by a Rosacea expert. He told me lasers create inflammation in the skin during the healing process and for people dealing with chronic inflammation, he was not surprised to hear that I never improved. I have not had one since and my skin has never been better. I treat my skin very gently and with the help of this doctor, I am doing great. His name is Dr. Martin Steinhoff, MD, PhD. He moved permanently back to Germany in 2013 where he runs his own hospital. If anyone lives in Germany with a skin disease, he is the Dermatologist that can help you.

    • carrie says:

      Hi I had an laser burn on my leg and it blistered .First I would see another dermatitis to ask for a healing cream.Second what really helped was Mederma gel.It really helped heal the burn.Go to it’s really good at healing scars and burns .Just stick with it consistently and I feel it would help you heal.But just make sure it can be used on face.

  28. Eileen says:

    Find a very pure aloe vera for the burns. Triderma is good but there are lots of others too.

  29. sam says:

    Hi all, I hope you all take this the right way but I’m glad I’m not the only person who hates waking up in the morning and looking at a horrible red demon as I try to remember the person I once was before I was inflicted with this soul destroying disease . I have suffered from Rosacea and psoriasis for years now and in my late 30’s I am currently suffering my worst bout of acne rosacea ever. I have had IPL, laser you name it I have tried it. I have tried Chinese alternative medicines, naturopaths and just about everything people write on these forums and it has cost me enough over the years for a deposit on a house.
    I know what works for some doesn’t for others but I really recommend staying away from IPL and lasers!! and if a someone tries to sell you any type of steroid cream or lotion politely throw it as hard as you can in their face as it is the devil. I have been diagnosed with bowel problems and am about to get tested for allergies and hoping to completely change my whole diet as I think we need to heal from the inside out. ( If diet is wrong medicine is no use – if diet is right medicine is not needed). I hope for us all a cure is some day found but until the I will have to persevere at staring a the ground and hiding away from everyone.

  30. anthony says:

    The answer to your red face and rosacea may be here

  31. Russ says:

    You really must try my method- I have three items A and D white cream and D brown
    cream. also a tinted lotion from Heidi Klum as a sun block-and spf 15 moisturizer
    the a and d drew out the cells accumulating in my pours – especially around the nose,
    Seems to have relieved swelling and appears smaller.
    Put the white cream on wait put the brown cream on. rub in gently,
    when it looks descent ;apply the moisturizer with its tint. Smooth it out , look
    again at it in five minutes, it will have warmed up and look streaked
    good luck I know this helped me- hope it does for you also,

  32. Kim Würstlin says:

    DermalMD Rosacea Serum is the best product I’ve tried for Rosacea. I have acne plus redness and this has completely controlled it and I’ve noticed my tone more even. Each product is different and this works for me.

  33. magda says:

    I have tried everything and now i started to do research on this redness that is on both my cheeks. It even becomes hot and the heat comes from inside my skin. I feel so self conscious when it gets red and i am a social person and then i suddenly become quite. I feel that it is helpless all that has help was a potato cream that i started using for the roughness. I hope that i can do something to better it because i have been mocked and i still am all i wish is to feel normal without this skin that has taken over my cheeks.

    • Nancy says:

      Magda, make sure you see a Board Certified Dermatologist for treatment asap. I would also go to The National Rosacea Society website for information about Rosacea. You can use mineral powder to hide the redness and its bariky detectable. Don’t despare, I’ve personally been through hell and back with this disease until I found a treatment plan that is working for me. You will too, don’t give up. A lot of people are here to support you!

  34. Talisa Juliana says:

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the DermalMD Rosacea Serum It is very light and delicate on sensitive skin and odorless. I’m able to apply moisturizer on top of the cream without any buildup. I use it twice daily and I haven’t had any irritation or flare ups! Great option for individuals with Rosacea.

  35. Ann says:

    I have had KTP laser on my face 3 times now over a period of 10 years. When I find that I have accumulated enough small red vessels close to my skins surface I schedule my next appointment. It usually lasts about 3-4 years and during that time, I do not use any meds. I find KTP to be the treatment that works best for me. I have been lucky to have insurance pick up the cost at least one time after disputing a denial. If I pay fori it, it usually costs me $300.

    • Nancy says:

      I WISH laser treatments only cost $300 here in Californis! In Northern CA it costs on average $700 for one treatment and to notice any change, I have to get at least 3 treatments, one month apart. I spent $7,000 over a five year period and really didn’t see much change. It doesn’t keep me from blushing. My skin is calmer and in much better condition using Soolantra and other natural topicals than lasers treatments. In my opinion, lasers are an expensive, overpriced treatment with little noticeable results.

  36. Lyndsey says:

    I got diagnosed with rosacea in January and was prescribed rozex gel, however the gel didn’t work therefore I bought some cortisone cream over the counter. I have only been using it for a few days and it appears to have cleared up!
    I have also tried eating better and drinking more water this week so I believe it’s a lot to do with diet intake as well.

    • Nancy says:

      Lyndsey, cortisone is a steroid and reduces inflammation if for example, you had an allergic reaction to a topical medication, it will bring down the inflammation. BUT, don’t use the hydrocortisone long term for the following reasons:

      Steroid addiction. chronic application of cortisone creams, ointments, foams, gels, and solutions can cause cortisone “addiction” of the skin, leading to inflammation that gets worse every time you try to stop the cortisone. This makes Rosacea worse.

      Steroid atrophy. All cortisone topical medicines, even low-potency ones like Locoid, will eventually thin the skin. It’s called steroid trophy. It is reversible at first, but eventually the thinning can become permanent. Steroid atrophy of the skin is seen as skin wrinkling, “broken capillaries,” and skin weakness. On non-facial areas you can also see striae (stretch marks) as well.

      Perioral dermatitis. Some cortisone creams, ointments, gels, and solutions can even cause a rosacea-like rash called perioral dermatitis. This rash usually occurs around the nose or mouth. I’ve seen it around the mouth and nose on patients who use cortisone asthma inhalers too. The rash causes itchy pimple-like pustules and blisters that are grouped around the involved area. The skin lesions get worse when you try to stop the cortisone.

      You probably think you found a cure, but cortisone cream is only a temporary fix with Rosacea.

  37. Jeanette Jordan says:

    For reduce redness try to use foderma serum recently I also bought foderma serum.My daughter has rosacea and her face was dry and red.Her skin is much softer and the redness is almost gone .It’s only been two days

  38. toby says:

    I tried the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum for my rosacea on my cheeks and it works because my cheeks really flare up in the winter with central heating, cold, etc. It has definitely helped the flare ups and moisturises really well. I use on my cheeks morning and night under foundation. No rosacea product works for everyone but the Made from Earth Rosehip Serum worked for me and is reasonable in price

  39. Lisa says:

    While I don’t think there’s a “cure” for redness, I started using Cover FX foundation after reading this article, and I really love it.

    The article compares natural products and makeup for rosacea. Hope this is helpful: The Best Foundations for #Rosacea with detailed comparison photos.

  40. Ashley says:

    I have had rosacea for more than 20 years. I flush easily and stay red for long periods. Dermalmd rosacea serum is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I got this serum to try to reduce my symptoms. It has helped reduce the redness I experience and it calms the irritation that comes with my skin staying inflamed. It’s nice to find a product that helps my sensitive skin!

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