How Collagenex (Galderma) are Promoting Oracea

Written by on December 6, 2007 in Galderma, Oracea (40mg doxycycline), tetracyclines with 31 Comments

A recent investor presentation from Collagenex shows some interesting insights into how Collagenex are promoting Oracea.

Oracea is promoted as safe and effective for long term use. It was reported that the average duration of Oracea therapy is 4 months, compared to an average of 2.5 months for other rosacea prescriptions.

52% of Oracea prescriptions are refills – the presentation suggests that this is a high refill rate thus implying high patient satisfaction.

Of the 14 million adults in the US who have rosacea, only 1.4 million currently seek treatment. The current value of rosacea prescriptions is greater than $500m a year – leading to the implication that the rosacea treatment market has plenty of room for growth. The dermatology market as a whole is presented as a $8.9 billion opportunity.

Collagenex are holding up to 6 patents relating to Oracea. These patents cover Oracea’s method of use, mechanism of action and pharmacokinetic profile (i.e. how it is absorbed and acts over time).

Their aim is to generate 85% of rosacea prescriptions by targeting 5,600 dermatologists. Collagenex need to market Oracea effectively as they have a some good competition from generic doxycycline (50mg a day). As I’ve mentioned before we should thank Collagenex for proving that low dose doxycycline is an effective and safe treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea.

From my reading of their graphs, Oracea is now selling over 1.2 millions units a month.

Your turn to write something: How much are you paying for a month of Oracea ? Were you convinced to try it by your doctor and has it worked ? Have you been able to try generic doxycycline as an alternative ? Please let us know in the comments below.

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31 Reader Comments

  1. ben says:

    Another thing too… Collagenex has a trial posted on for Oracea for the treatment of blepharitis with rosacea. So it looks like might be going after approval for ocular components as well as P&Ps.

  2. ben says:

    I used oracea for three months… it cost me $5 a month after rebates.

  3. Thanks for the tip Ben. The trial is called

    Efficacy and Safety of COL-101 for the Treatment of Blepharitis in Patients With Facial Rosacea

    and can be found here

    I assume that this trial will show similar success to using generic doxycycline to treat blepharitis and the other symptoms of ocular rosacea.

    Interestingly there is also a patent I found related to treating ocular rosacea and facial rosacea together –

    I just checked, and what do you know, this patent is owned by a VP of Collagenex.


  4. elizabeth finn says:

    After the $35 off from the coupon given to me by dermatologist the price for one month of Oracea was $143 and change. I have Part D and they pay nothing. Can not afford to stay on this. Real problem with ocular rosacea and at the same time I began this drug, I also began using Restasis. Big improvement in eyes, but also big improvement in skin. I am now taking 50mg tetracycline and I will see what I look like in a month. E.Finn

  5. ben says:

    If you have to pay that much for Oracea, I would ask the doc for generic doxycycline, 50mg. Only $4 at walmart! Not exactly the same as oracea, but very close.

  6. elizabeth says:

    Took the Oracea for a month. Very pricey. Took Ben’s advice and went back on generic doxycycline. Also advised to do so by eye doctor. Things went downhill and so the next month Iwent back on Oracea and 3 weeks into month things are improving. This time it cost $115. According to info I read they are recommending short term with this. We will see.

  7. How long did you take the generic doxycycline for Elizabeth ? was it one month ? Did you doctor advise taking it at the same time each day ?

  8. Ty says:

    Oracea worked for about a month and then things went down hill quickly. I had to go back on daily mynocycline, which I find to be much more effective against my p&ps.

  9. Barbara says:

    I have mild oracea on nose and cheeks with severe outbreaks most likely enhance during hormone variences. With insurance and rebate I am paying
    $ 5.39/161.56.
    $161.56 for a 30 day supply.
    $5.36 per capsule.
    Miami FL

  10. Wow Barbara that is a scary amount to pay if you didn’t have insurance.

  11. Barbara says:

    The comment I left remarks that “I am paying $161.56 every month for Oracea medication.

    The daily cost of $5.39 for each dosage daily.

    In Miami, with the Collagenex discount and the persription discount from my major medical insurance.

    I am healthy and self employed in Miami paying United Health Care/Golden Rule $ 1,200 a month for health insurance /a major medical plan. I have no eye, dental,or any other service included. Perscription discounts and doctor office visit copays that most people have are not in this plan. The plan pays only for catastrophe. Like when your heart and lungs fall out and you are walking into the emergency in hope that they can be put back in. My cost is over five dollars each day for Oracea. This is what insurence companies call “shared responsibility”.

  12. Sorry I wasn’t being clear. $5.39 per table seems like a huge amount, all the more so considering that you do have some insurance.

    Would your doctor and you consider generic doxycycline as an alternative ? From the comments above it looks like it might be a reasonable alternative for some.


  13. Barbara says:

    My price is 5.39 per tablet. Monthly cost is almost the cost of a car payment for a VW Jetta! I am definately going to ask about generic doxycycline .

  14. tommy says:

    i was prescribed oracea with metrogel initially.
    my insurance company told me it was covered under my plan but i had a 100% co-pay ( i think that is thier way of saying it wasnt covered )
    the total cost was $216 a month or $7.20 a day.
    after talking to my dr again he ordered doxycycl 50 mg once a day with mertonidazol twice a day.
    its been almost two months and im not seeing much if any difference.
    would oracea work better or not

  15. britt says:

    I had sever untreated Rosacea with terrible P&P’s………was on Doxy for about 2 months and it worked, but I got to where i couldn’t swallow…so the doc took me off and put me on Solodyn with Metro 1%. The 6th day, i noticed i was drying up………35 days on it now and my face is completely clear of P&P’s. They have a prescription card for the first 3 months $10.00. Also doing Lysene…..seems to working on redness…..

    Hope this helps

  16. Donna says:

    Oracea worked great for me…but price keeps going up!
    Refill this time was $340.00! I declined.

  17. wayne says:

    My old doctor left town,so I got a new lady dr,I told the wife before my first visit,well here we go ,I bet she changes the office around,paint the walls and put me another prescription,guess what,she did.Now the bad news,She gave me a new prescription called Oracea 40 mg 30 day supply,which I can’t see any different then the old one I had,This one cost my Ins.350.00 plus and she gave me a card that would save me,no more then $25.00 at a time,so I had the last one filled on 11/27/09,I leaving for Seattle,wa,tuesday morning and only have six capsules left,so I tryed to get a new prescription before I left,no, says Oracea says to early of refill,you already charged my Ins,350.00 plus and you have a proplem with $27.00 that you pay with my card plus the $25.00 I PAY,you are a rip OFF.

  18. Emily says:

    Hello. I have been on Oracea 40 mg for more than 1 year. I did see good improvement with this drug. I also use the Metrogel (1%). I just checked my co-payments for the last year. I have prescription coverage under Medco. In June 2009 my Rx was for 30 days at $38.32 ($1.27 per pill). In November I got a new prescription filled for 90 days at $96.00 ($1.07 per pill). Today I went to renew the perscription and they want $136.00 for 90 days ($1.51 per pill). I googled ORACEA COST and found this webpage. I think I will discuss with my doctor the generic doxycycline and try that. Once I let my presription run out and my face was broken out again in less that a few days.

  19. Britt says:

    I had untreated Rosacea for 10 years. Was red, but never had p&p’s until one day when it came upon me with a vengeance, then I sought help from Dermatologist.

    Initially, doc put me on Doxy, with metro gel, and it worked fine for a while till i had allergy to the Doxy. Next Doc put me on Solidyn, which worked perfect for about 3 months, till I had sever allergy reaction. Doc was at his wits end, and finally perscribed z-pack Azithromycin ($7.00 no insurance) with Erythromycin topical Solution ($18.00 no insurance). After 3 weeks, my face is totally clear of p&p’s now, with no side effects. I’m finally getting my self esteem back, and children not point and run anymore.
    Not sure how long I’m able to take these antibiotics, but for now, I’m finally enjoying life again.

    Hope this helps.

  20. Ace Lasagna says:

    Hello All,

    Galderma is owned by Nestle and L’oreal. They make Oracea which is simply a new way (low time-release) to sell an old antibiotic, doxycycline. When a generic drug company sued them in order to sell this old redone drug at a reasonale cost, they fought back, at the same time offering their customers discount cards taking the price of Oracea from a high $200./mo to $25./mo. with discount cards. The cards were good through the end of the year, but small print stated the company could revoke the program at any time. Well, Galderma won their lawsuit on June 29th, 2010, to continue exclusively selling their redone doxycycline. With no warning to their customers/patients, almost the next day, on July 1st, 2010, they revoked their program and raised their price so it would cost an average uninsured patient $300/ mo.

    Way to go, Galderma (who also makes Differin)! Thanks for caring about the patients. There is nothing more rewarding than paying $300/ mo for Oracea ($3600./yr) so one does not look like an unattractive, mature, rashy red-faced person in public. And what a great look for interviews where one might have a chance at some health insurance! Oh, sure, Galderma does have a patient assistance program for those with no-to-low incomes, but one has to give them very private information and get a signature from one’s doctor, (this is only for one year before the same process would need to be done again, and who knows, maybe it would be revoked). Would you trust this company with your private information?

    Does Oracea work? Yes, it does. Is it worth it? With what I know about Nestle, L’oreal and Galderma, I wouldn’t even eat a Nestle tollhouse cookie. It would leave a manure aftertaste.

    Let’s find something better. Let’s not support Galderma in any way.

    Good Health to All,
    Spent Enough in Washington State

  21. I am with Ace L. I will not be renewing my Oracea RX in August if the price for Oracea in 300.00 or 3,600.00 per year. I will also boycott the mother companies Nestle and L’Oreal and pass the story to others. There are not enough dispersement chemicals in the world to hide corporate greed. The more stories people hear about the corporateocracy the more they will choose to stay home. To pull the 25.00 offer four months ahead of schedule is a thoughtful indication to help us look for better solutions for Rosacea.

  22. Barbara says:

    Nestle owns Kraft, Galderma, Jenny Craig,Hershey, L’oreal which also owns La Prarie, Este Lauder, La Mer also Nestle water,frozen pizza like DiGiorno, and California Pizza, Bertoli, Tombstone, Cadbury Scheppes, Carnation, Kit-Kat, Purina, Friskies, and Glowelle that is a supplement drink promoting healthy skin for 80.00 for a one month supply. Hmmmmm.

  23. Hi Ace Lasagna,

    My understanding was that the next legal stage of the proceedings between Galderma and Mylan over generic Oracea wasn’t until December 2010.

    What happened on June 29, 2010 ?

  24. i.e. It wasn’t just that the promotional period was over was it ?

  25. pissd off says:

    was paying 25.00 per month for oreca with no prescription plan. then as of July first( i found this out today) that program is only extended to people with prescription plans. makes sense. $350.00 for a 30 day supply. no thanks. doxycycline is now the only way to go. cheap and it pretty much does the same thing. anyone find anything different that has given them good results.

  26. BevE says:

    I just went to the dermatologist today. I’ve had rosecea for over 15 years and have been on and off Metrogel whenever I can afford it. Today he prescribed Oracea, along with MetrolGel and a fash wash. Oracea was alittle over $300.00 the Metrol $250? This already is more than my house payment is a month. Why so much? I didn’t qualify for the “No patient pays more than $25” because I don’t have a prescription card but I do have health insurance. Isn’t the cost of this medicine alittle insane?!

  27. Skinnster says:

    I had been on MetroGel 1% for almost two years! Great results. I have a pay no more than $20 card now with my insurance copay. Before, when I did not have insurance I applied for the patient assistance program and Galderma was great about it. They did need some personal info but got everything processed and I received my MetroGel 1% for almost a year for free.

    As far as Dermatology companies go, Galderma is one of the most progressive and innovative. If they did not have constant new R&D we, the patients would suffer even more.

    I am intersted in trying Oracea. I have heared great success stories.

  28. Baig says:

    I am suffering from Rosacea for last 15 years. I have tried creams, Roaccutane(5 months), doxycyclne countless courses and laser twice. But every time it comes back, hurting me and my body image worse than last time. I have almost given it up by now. I want to try Oracea but don’t know much about its results.

  29. Barbara says:

    I have been on Oracea for awhile. My Doctor is glad I am off now. The cost went back to 25.00 per month so I continued but then it jumped back up because they removed me from the incentive discount. After I stopped they sent me a new 25.00 incentive card and I said screw it I am not going to be a ping pong ball never knowing what month I will not be able to afford the meds. I hate the drill at the pharmacy when you are not insured for meds. it is humiliating. In this economy no one looks at any one any way! So Rosacea wins.

  30. Suzanne says:

    Apparently we now have to call different pharmacies because they all charge a different base price. I just got Oracea at Giant Pharmacy where it cost $107 after insurance and Galderma coupon for max cost $25 — meaning I had to pay 4x what I was supposed to pay. Reason? Their base price is $630! Out of curiosity I called Target Pharmacy and turns out their base price is $556! Now I need to call every pharmacy in town to find lowest price and return my Rx to Giant. I hate getting robbed over pharmaceuticals.

  31. brians says:

    I pay $20 instead of $30 with rebate. I won’t fill it again because doxycline is cheap and for their time release insane claim they charge insurance roughly $25 per pill, $750 per month. My dermatologist is a joke and he pushes it.

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