Honevo Kanuka Honey proven to help Rosacea Sufferers

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A poster session at the just completed 2015 AAD Meeting in San Francisco has published some results that show a special formulation of Kanuka Honey is able to benefit rosacea sufferers.

The information around this announcement tells us that a `large clinical trial has proved that Honevo, a medical grade kanuka honey formulation, developed by New Zealand company HoneyLab, is an effective and safe treatment rosacea.’

The clinical trial results demonstration that 65% of triallists showed an improvement in their rosacea – 34% had a large improvement and in “13% the disease disappeared completely”. Improvements were seen in within 2 weeks.

This is encouraging news for those rosacea sufferers looking for natural treatments.

Honevo – Kanuka Honey and Rosacea AAD Presentation

The author of the paper kindly provided a copy of the 2015 AAD poster session summary.

The trial of 137 subjects were randomised to Honevo and to a control. Note that the trial could not be blinded as the appearance and smell of honey precludes this sort of comparison. i.e. trial participants would be able to tell if they were using the active preparation or not.

The main result of the trial was that 24 of the 68 in the Honevo group had a 2 grade or better improvement in their IGA-RSS.

What is the IGA-RSS Score ?

The IGA-RSS used is an assessment done by a practitioner, called the Investigator Global Assessment of Rosacea Severity Score. The IGA-RSS uses a 7 point numerical scale from 0 to 6 to describe rosacea symptoms.

Numerical ScoreDefinitionDescription
0ClearAlmost no Rosacea (i.e. no papules and/or pustules); no or residual erythema; mild to moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
1MinimalRare papules and/or pustules; residual to mild erythema; mild to moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
2MildFew papules and/or pustules; mild erythema; mild to moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
3Mild to ModerateDistinct number of papules and/or pustules; mild to moderate erythema; mild to moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
4ModeratePronounced number of papules and/or pustules; moderate erythema; mild to moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
5Moderate to SevereMany papules and/or pustules, occasionally with large inflamed lesions; moderate erythema; moderate degree of telangiectasia may be present
6SevereNumerous papules and/or pustules, occasionally with confluent areas of inflamed lesions; moderate to severe erythema; moderate to severe degree of telangiectasia may be present.


What is a 2 grade improvement in IGA-RSS ?

The AAD poster session helpfully tells us what the statistically significant proof of a 2 grade improvement in the IGA-RSS actually means.

A 2 point reduction in IGA-RSS represents a clinically meaningful improvement, for example a change from ‘severe’ to ‘moderate’, or from ‘moderate’ to ‘mild’ rosacea severity.

This published research follows on from data from a smaller trial of 10 patients that was published in 2010.

Lets revise – from Topical Kanuka Honey as a Rosacea Treatment ;

What is Kanuka Honey?

Perhaps not as well known as Manuka, Kanuka Honey is also from bees who visit primarily one bush – the Kunzea ericoides bush.

Why is Honey Interesting?

Honey has some properties that may make it useful as a topical treatment for some conditions. According to Honey Sciences from the HoneyLab, honey has some potentially useful properties.

  • In treating open wounds, honey is useful as it helps prevent scarring by keeping the skin moist
  • is a natural “humectant” as it attracts and retains moisture
  • contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide which kills micro-organisms
  • Cuts, abrasions and scalds can be covered in honey to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and promote healing
  • pH of honey is commonly between 3.2 and 4.5 and this acidic pH level prevents the growth of many bacteria
  • most of the water molecules are associated with the sugars and few remain available for microorganisms, so it is a poor environment for their growth and effectively kills them by depriving them of water
  • can destroy biologically destructive chemical agents

Media Coverage

The publishing of this research has lead to some renewed coverage in the local New Zealand media.

Honey Product is Proven to Help Rosacea Sufferers

News Release: Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Zealand Honey Product is Proven to Help Rosacea Sufferers

Large clinical trial shows that a kanuka honey formulation is as good as prescription medicines

There is new hope for the 5-10% of adults who suffer from rosacea in the form of a medical kanuka honey formulation from New Zealand.

A large clinical trial has proved that Honevo, a medical-grade kanuka honey formulation, developed by New Zealand company HoneyLab, is an effective and safe treatment for rosacea. The clinical trial was undertaken by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand and was partly funded by a grant from Callaghan Innovation.

Dr Holt says that recent developments in the understanding of the cause of rosacea explained why the kanuka honey formulation was so effective.

“It’s now thought that the underlying causes of rosacea are mites and associated bacteria living deep in the skin in the affected area, and the rosacea symptoms are an inflammatory reaction to these. As medical kanuka honey is effective at killing micro-organisms and reducing inflammation this is an excellent explanation as to why kanuka honey works so well.”

Honevo is applied as a mask twice a day and then easily washes off. This patent-pending kanuka honey formulation contains a small amount of another natural product which improves its physical characteristics which makes it less sticky than regular honey. It’s also far more temperature stable and does not get too runny when hot nor too hard when it’s cold.

What is the Honevo Formulation?

We are told that Honevo Rosacea is a patent-pending formulation of kanuka honey and 10% glycerin. The addition of glycerin makes the honey less sticky than regular honey, less runny when hot and less hard when cold.

How can I try Honevo ?

Honevo Rosacea can be ordered at http://honevohoney.com/. Honey Labs will ship Honevo Rosacea worldwide.

Does it work for you?

Please let us know if you try Honevo and how well it works for you.

The combination of being a natural treatment and now being proven to be somewhat effective will hopefully lead to some good results for rosacea sufferers.

TEDx Presentation

Kanuka Honey and Glycerin, known as Honevo was featured in the TEDx Wellington talk -Spreading The Cure | Dr. Shaun Holt | TEDxWellington

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94 Reader Comments

  1. Eric says:

    I just ordered some. It’s worth a try. It was 29.90 NZD + 14 shipping = 43.90 NZD converted to USD on xe.com = $32.85 USD. I dont know if I’ll commit to using it twice a day, but we’ll see.

    • MARK FIORE says:


    • Shirley says:

      Hi, I ordered this and used for the last 3 weeks. After day 1, I saw significant reduction in redness and my visible blood vessels. I continue to have nice results and discontinued any use of my Finacea gel and am reducing (to every other day) my use of Oracea. I’ve been really, really pleased and am placing another order since there is 20% off in May/June. I plan to order more than 1 this time since the shipping for me was about $15. I have to say that my flushing also improved, but with that said, I have had laser treatment for that. But I actually want to say that the Honevo product improved my flushing even more so. I always believed my Rosacea was related to skin mites but have no hard evidence other than suddenly at 57 years old, I started to awaken to “new” red pimples every morning, tending to be around my eyebrows and hair line- but then the dermatologists seem to want to disagree with me there. This product (knock on wood) has really been the best thing I purchased in the last two years- and sadly, I’ve purchased way too many products to be so disappointed each time. I hope this helps! Shirley/PA

  2. Pavla says:

    I am very happy they send worldwide. I will order one today and will use it on myself and my daugher (both have erythem). I will let you know after two weeks of 2x daily use.

  3. Rob says:

    So does it work on redness or papuels?

  4. Tara says:

    I placed an order & wthin 12 hours my credit card info had been hacked. Online purchases were made & I had to cancel my card. Do not know if I will receive th eroded or not.

    • MARK FIORE says:

      did you pay by pay pal. i did not but everything seems ok. i emailed honeylab direct to confirm my order and the ceo emailed me back to say its been shipped

      • Shirley says:

        I paid with PayPal and haven’t had any issues that I’m aware of- my order was placed in April.

        • MARK FIORE says:

          my first tube i brought i did not pay by pay on my second and now just brought my third payed by pay pal . but i have had no problems what so ever with my orders. but i found that using it for about a month now and very good results thus far

  5. Lisa says:

    So, how good is this? Does it really work? I have tried a bunch of creams and lotions no help. What about shipping overseas?

    • MARK FIORE says:

      not got my item yet will find out in a few weeks that’s if i get it

    • MARK FIORE says:

      i would not buy this item lisa you do until i get it first. not sure if this is scam or real yet

    • MARK FIORE says:

      think it might be a scam lisa wait until i get my item first and i will let you know

      • Chris Davie says:

        I have used this product for the last 4 months and my skin has never been any better. I have not had to use any antibiotics or rosex cream in that time and the comments around me have been positive. I live in NZ and the product is sent and received within 2 days. No probems with payment but not sure if it’s because your systems are different. They are a legit company and honey is used for all sorts of things here.

  6. Tara says:

    I did not use pay pal, I wish I would have. I have not received any confirmation on my order.

  7. Shaun Holt says:

    Hi all

    Tara – I’ve checked our Shopify and you went to the site, entered your email address, but did not place an order. You have been been charged for anything.

    Mark – you were emailed to say that it had been shipped, and had a confirmation order when you placed your order 6 days ago. Shipping time is listed at 7-12 working days from New Zealand all the way to UK.

    Lisa – yes, ship globally. And here is a link to the news release which has the highlights of the research results – http://goo.gl/ErggTT

    Here is a feature from TV at the weekend showing our business and research – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmJZ7cEYBdc

    Cheers. Shaun (HoneyLab)

    • Tara says:

      Shaun- I am showing a charge on my credit card for $49.99 from Avangate HMA PRO Amsterdam,NL. It is dated the same day I went on your website. I tried to pay with pay pal & it did not go through, Then I entered my card info, Is this your company?

  8. Shaun Holt says:

    HI Tara – this is definitely not our company name, we are HoneyLab New Zealand, and also, it cannot be from our site as it is not possible to generate a price of this amount from our site…the cost of the products ends in 0.90 cents. The rosacea product is $29.90 and shipping is a whole number of dollars eg. $6 or $8 wherever in the world it is sent, so not possible for our site to charge you this amount.


    • Tara says:

      Shaun- I just find it very strange that the same day I go to the honey lab website to try to place an order, my credit card gets charged from a company in the NetherLands. I have never ordered anything from this country in my life. It is hard for me to believe that this is a coincidence.


  9. MARK FIORE says:

    got my item as promised now c if it works fingers xx

  10. Jodi says:

    I placed an order using my Visa card with Honevo and received the honey mask right away – no problem at all! I’ve used the mask 2 times and each time that I put it on I had facial redness fade immediately. I’m hopeful that this product will help longer term.

    • stuart says:

      How are u getting on with it. It may be the reddy appearence ov thr honey that makes u think u look more red. I find the stuff awsome.

      • Jodi says:

        My redness fades immediately upon application of the mask and while it is on my face. My face reverts to red immediately after rinsing the honey off. I’ve used it for about 3 weeks.

  11. MARK FIORE says:

    but it leaves the skin really dry. dose any one else have the same problems

  12. PaulC says:

    I ordered from Australia – took about 1 week to show up – all legitimate.

  13. stuart says:

    Its from new zealand.and its awsome.ordered from honevo and had it withi 2 weeks. Cost 20 pound which is a bit steep but honestly after trying it i would happily pay more.so amazing.give it a try

  14. stuart says:

    Simply amazin

  15. stuart says:

    This stuff works. And the company is legit. New zealand dollars to british pounds it was about £20. Honestly wrth every penny.

  16. Steve says:

    No problem in receiving my order have been using it over 2 weeks now and no significant improvement at all.On applying the product the face seems to become redder,shall persevere with it until i finish the tube,

    • MARK FIORE says:

      also been using it for 2 weeks now and still no improvement at all. back to the drawing board then

  17. Eric says:

    My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed with rosacea by three dermatologists this past year. She was prescribed several heavier topical ointments but I didn’t want to use them on her. She has been using Honevo for six days and I am seeing a dramatic reduction in the redness on her skin. The bumpiness has almost completely cleared but there is still and underlying redness which seems to be improving. She thinks her skin looks better than it has in the last 12 months. We can’t wait to see what her skin looks like after 8 weeks. We love this product!

  18. MARK FIORE says:

    on my second tube of honevo. my skin is getting better day by day. 60% improvement in 3 week’s. my solution is simple it work’s for me and might work for you. I apply zenmed gentle cleanser at night. wash with luke warm water. then apply the honevo 30 minutes later also wash of with luke warm water. then apply sebclair Moisturiser from dermacare direct this if you have seb derm on the face which i do. this is a great cream. also a fantastic cream is organic olive and calendula rescue balm from amazon this is a fantastic product the best i have ever used.and my skin fill’s normal for the first time in year’s. and of course that none of this will work if you drink smoke eat junk food and lots of sugar. i have cut all this out and eat healthy like fish chicken nuts berry’s ect. and drink lot’s of water. good luck

    • stuart says:

      Have u tried cleansing with cold presss jojobo oil?

      • MARK FIORE says:

        not yet stu is it good

        • stuart says:

          Yes its really good. Pure cold pressd jojobo oil . Just wet face with luke warm water then massage a little onto face and swill off again. Twice a day. Alot better than cleansers and wont block pores atall. I was sceptical at 1st but id never use a cleanser with chemicals in now.

    • Shaun Holt says:

      Hi Mark – great, glad its working for you. All the best. Shaun

    • Emily says:

      On 10 May you wrote ” no improvment” and on May 14 60% improvement in 3 weeks. How is it possible? Your Review is a Fake!

      • mark Fiore says:

        Emily. Things change for me they basically change over night
        If you think this is fake then tough. This has changed my life

    • Lois Raitt says:

      Mark – your differing comments were 4 days apart. May 10 – “no improvement at all”. May 14 -” 60% improvement in 3 weeks.” ????

  19. Mel says:

    Hi Shaun. Can you recommend a good moisturiser and cleanser to use in conjunction with this so as not to disrupt the good work that the Honevo Rosacea is doing please? I’m in NZ. I’ve only been using this for four days. I’ll post an update after two weeks. Thanks!

    • stuart says:

      Mel,please dont use cleansers or mosturizers . Believe me ive tried them all. 100 per cent pure cold pressd jojobo oil cleanses and mosturizes. It will not block pores atall.and i say this from experiance. Just put your hovevo on in morning wait 15 minutes then splash face with luke warm water,put a little oil in palm of hand and i mean a little. Massage into face then rinse off in luke warm water. It wont all cum off but that will mosturize.

    • Shaun Holt says:

      Hi Mel – sorry, I don’t have anything specific that I can recommend. Honevo itself is an excellent moisturiser. All the best. Shaun

      • Shirley says:


        I started using the Cetaphil (tub) moisturizing cream (sensitive skin) after my Honevo treatment. That seemed to really be the ticket for me. Initially I was using Vanicream lite lotion and I stepped up the moisturizing since using the Honevo. However, with that said, the Honevo is a super moisturizer in itself. I just ordered 3 more tubes….if that is any indication on how my skin has responded.

    • Lois Raitt says:

      At almost 70 (next week), I have tried many over the years. I now use NeoCutis and love it. It is sold only through a Dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office (you can find it online but don’t buy it – don’t know what it is or how they got it). I use the Bio Cream for 3 years now, and am happier with this than anything I have ever used. For the first time, my skin is not dry in the winter. It has good stuff in it.

  20. Jeremy says:

    Is anyone using soolutrum and the honey at the same time? Does anyone have a specific lineup that works as far as medications, cleansers, moisturizers, etc?

    • stuart says:

      Cleanse with jojobo oil after applying honey. 30mg of zinc . 10 mg 3 times a day.

      • Jeremy says:

        Hey Stu, so does this sound about right?

        1) Apply the honey for 15 minutes and rinse with luke warm water

        2) Cleanse/moisturize with jojobo oil and rinse with luke warm water

        3) Apply zinc? Excuse me for my ignorance, but what type of product to you use for the zinc application? Is zinc the 3rd step in the process?

        Also, is it safe to apply soolantra after applying the honey, jojobo oil, etc?

        • stuart says:

          Zinc supplement daily i meant. All what u said sounds right. The soolantra is new treatment and ive not tried it.

  21. Jeremy says:

    Whoops, meant soolantra.

  22. Comment via facebook.

    “Hi Robin – finally got the Honevo Rosacea Cream. Have used it twice and about to put on my 3rd application. I can’t believe it – after only 2 apps – I actually had to use blusher on my cheeks today and I don’t have a red nose – in fact I didn’t even cover it with make up. I’m trying not to get too excited about this product. And my burning/stinging itchy feeling has pretty well gone. Its a bit icky to put on but who cares – it only stays on for 15 mins then you rise it off. Cheers Kathy”

  23. Tracy says:

    I’m four days into it now and my skin (I was using MetroGel and following a no-sugar diet as that’s a trigger) is scarlet red and itches like crazy. I’m not allergic to bee stings, so I doubt it’s a reaction to the honey, but I’m not thrilled with the results so far. I have to wonder if the natural sugars in the honey is the issue. Because I’m testing it for a new site my client created for me to manage, I’m going to keep giving it a shot for two weeks and see if it improves or not.

    • MARK FIORE says:

      stop using metrogel tracy it’s full of chemicals. use this stuff and keep the faith. I’m on my 4th tube it takes time

  24. MARK FIORE says:


  25. Lois Raitt says:

    Have read all these comments. What is the safest way for me to order this?

  26. Lois Raitt says:

    I have been using the Honevo for a couple of weeks now – however, I also started back on Retin A. SOMETHING has cleared up my skin!!! I think it is the Retin A because…. I didn’t put Honevo everywhere – just on my cheeks, but all of my face has cleared up. The jury is still out……. I have also stopped exercising bc I had pneumonia. Am starting back, hopefully, next week. Once I am able to work out hard, I will know whether the exercise is causing the Rosacea, and what is helping it. Just need some time.

    Have you guys tried Retin A? It needs to be done very slowly over time – and with a lot of moisturizer. Please read this – it doesn’t work for me any other way: I do not put it on my skin unless I have washed & dried my face, then put a layer of moisturizer on it, left it on for awhile, RINSED, not washed – it off, waited the 20 minutes before applying Retin A. After 10 minutes, I then put on a little moisturizer over it. This has worked well for me for years. My skin is softer when I put it on, and it doesn’t get irritated from it. I stopped when I needed to use Metrogel. I am very happy to be back on it. I urge you to try it, but like I have – gently.

  27. kathryn says:

    Hi ..I am new to this site & have found some good reading about Rosacea.
    My skin is Very dry , sensitive ,cystic acne and rosacea….. I am 47 so i thought the cystic ance which i call ( mountains on my face ) is due to hormones. I live In NZ and have tried Honevo, i rubbed it in at first but it is too thick to do that and it felt i pulled at my skin , so i just dap it on . i need to do it more often to see results. Has any one tried” Paulas choice” skin care for Rosacea ? I have just ordered it from Australia , I will up date how it goes . Avene is lovely product too , but just a bit expensive for me . Kind regards Kathryn 🙂

    • Shirley says:

      Kathryn, try applying the Honevo like a facial mask. I leave it on an hour or more if I have the time. I believe it will help to improve your dryness and cystic acne. Good luck to you!

    • Sunday says:

      I use some PC products. I’ve sampled the “redness relief gel” but did not notice an impact. I do purchase some other serums and moisturisers which work well and do not irritate. All her products are available to order as samples so I would recommend those.

  28. stuart says:

    Hi kathryn. Just apply it dont rub it in. Or put the tube in a hot bowl then apply or apply in bath tub.

  29. Kev says:

    I live in South East Queensland. Have no particular loyalty to Honevo. Was just looking for relief from the ichy burn all over my pizza face. I’m a 54 yo emergency services worker. The condition became so bad and coupled with the continues caustic jibes from my colleagues. I didn’t want to go to work or socialise. My Beautiful partner did the hard yards and found Honevo, Three weeks in and I must admit I’m impressed. Still a little red in places but nothing like the embarrassing mess that I was , and NO pustules. I hope other rosy sufferers out there can achieve the results that i have from honevo rosacea – Kev

  30. Frank says:

    For you folks from the US/Canada who purchased Honevo, how long did it take to arrive? Placed an order early October and thus far not a peep about being shipped (thus cannot count the 7 to 12 business days). Email sent has not been answered.

    • Lois Raitt says:

      I don’t remember exactly – but I believe it was less than a month.

      • stuart says:

        Im in u.k. and the 1st order i placed took a while because customs stopped it. Therefore it took a week or so longer maybe more. But every other order has been quik really. Still wsiting my order processd 6th ov octobor.

        • Frank says:

          Thank you both. Received it on the 27th, shipped the 5th thus 16 business days. Not bad. Now let’s hope it tames this damn rosacea…

          • Lois Raitt says:

            Good luck….. be vigilant! I keep it on longer than the 15 recommended minutes. I think as long as possible is good.

          • wisawk says:

            I try to aim for an hour each time I use the honey. I also have found, the longer the better. Good luck!

          • stuart says:

            On 5th tube. Amazing. 5th tube has been a slightly thicker consistency than others and mayb a bit grittier . Any1 else? Amazing thou.and honevo are greatyo deal with. Quik response from any email.

          • Jodi says:

            I ordered the Honevo for acne by mistake, it is grittier. I emailed the company and was told it was fine to use it for rosacea. Maybe you ended up with the acne version? I found the grittiness irritating and reordered the rosacea version.

          • stuart says:

            Its in a rosecea tube. I lookd on website and ingrediants are the same.

          • Frank says:

            Thanks again for your feedback, folks.
            I am definitely liking the Honevo. Second application today for more than an hour, it feels great and skin appears way less greasy. Only annoyance: my glasses tend to slip downward 😉
            So let me ask you all: would you think applying it before bed and leaving it overnight might be problematic?

          • Lois Raitt says:

            Yes – it is so sticky -it will be a mess! I put it on when I get home for the day and wash it off before bed, then use my nighttime ritual – either Retin A or a really good moisturizer. I have used Retin-A for many years and found it helpful. It has smoothed out my skin. However, I do it very carefully and moisturize my skin before & after bc Retin-A is very drying. If anyone is interested, let me know & I will tell you what I do.

          • m says:

            lois I would not leave it on overnight. in my experience leaving it on overnight just tend’s to over hydrate my skin and make’s my follicles very itchy. would recommend 2 to 3 hour’s max.but it’s up to you.good luck

          • stuart says:

            Hi i recently experimented leaving it on overnight. Works alot better. I also read that it works on demodex so it makes sense the longer its left on the better.

          • Shirley says:

            Curious- how were you able to manage leaving it on overnight without ending up with a mess? And how does it not dry up overnight?

          • stuart says:

            I just applied it before i got into bed. As long as you dont slather it on too thickly its not that bad. It doesnt dry up.the pillow cases do get sticky but i just give it a go because demodex come out at night and im curious of the mite theory.i dont know if i mine is csused by mites or made worse but i experimented and my skin is akot better. I was weary at 1st because i thought maybe that long would block pores but its made my skin better. They say the longer on your skin the better so it makes sesnse.

  31. Sarah says:

    I am in NZ and for three tubes and postage was about $90, I use it twice a day (morning and night) and notice a huge improvement in my redness and bumpiness. Far cheaper and more natural way to control my symptoms than visiting a dermatologist on the regular and using pricey chemical creams and anti biotics (which haven’t worked for me anyway) I’m very impressed with the product – as annoying as it may seem to be plastered with honey for an hour each day if it works then it’s a small sacrifice!

  32. From facebook posting.

    ” I suffer from Rosacea and have tried EVERYTHING for over 10 years and even more so during and after pregnancies (I had terrible Rosacea…didn’t want to leave my house). I have had INCREDIBLE success with this product and ZERO side effects. I LOVE this…it has also had long term benefits. I have little to zero breakouts since I started using it over a year ago”

  33. “I’ve started using this product almost 2 weeks now and I’m definitely seeing improvement. My pustules (which are 70% of the time always present) are clearing and the redness is not as angry-looking since treatment. I’ve had rosacea for over 20 years now. I’ve been waiting for something natural like this.”

  34. “That sounds very promising but instead of paying what would probably be an exorbitant amount of money for that product, it seems like a pure honey product itself will help rosacea across the board.”

    ” Used this for a year or so and had good results”

    “Try soolantra as well my redness has nearly gone, I clean my face and apply it over night. The honey gel you leave on for 15 mins only then wash off, see your GP for soolantra”

  35. Thomas77 says:

    I tried it 3 months last year on the advice of my MD. It doesn’t work on my facial flushing

  36. Christina B. says:

    I have been using Honevo for about four years now. I live in Germany and order my Honevo supply once a year. The packages always arrive quickly. I do not find it very expensive, especially when I compare the cost with what I needed to spend on Metro cream, Doxycyclin and Laser treatments before finding Honevo.
    Once I started using Honovo, I no longer needed any other treatment and my rosacea symptoms (some permanent redness and rawness, some bumps) have basically disappeared.
    When I get the occasional bump about twice a month, I put a layer of Honevo for an hour and am symptom free for another couple of weeks.
    I am glad I found Honevo and am happy to spread the word.

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