Google Health Launches, rosacea is included as a condition

Written by on May 20, 2008 in in the news with 1 Comment

Google has been talking for a while about their push into health services. One of their stated features of Google Health is "Learn about health issues and find helpful resources: Review trusted information on diseases and conditions and learn about possible medication interactions and other topics to talk your doctors about."

As part of their new offering Google Health has created some Condition References. Naturally they have created one for rosacea.

google-health-rosacea (by using this URL you won’t need to register for Google Health first before being able to read the rosacea condition page).

The content of the rosacea reference is pretty basic, much of it built using their search resources. It will be interesting to see how they can pull together their enormous resources across the Google network to help users of this new service.

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  1. D Henry says:

    Here it is folks. You heard this here, the health of your gums will show up on your face. WE all are wired a little bit different and this nerve pattern shows on the master plan of the face and nose too.
    I know in one such battle to win the blemish wars it just hit me like a shovel on the back of the head. My gums were in bad shape and this war was showing up on my nose area.
    I have gotten my face/nose in better shape now and I expect it will do better.

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