Glyco Mira developing anti-cathelicidin treatment ?

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A brief paragraph in a recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune looks quite interesting. A company called Glyco Mira (seemingly a company without a web site) is developing a drug that “may be able to cure the underlying problem that causes rosacea”. A pretty tall prediction for sure. So what are they talking about ? Glyco Mira have licensed and anti-inflammatory drug from the University of Utah.

A clue is found near the end of the article where the basic cause of rosacea is revealed to be “an inflammatory peptide”. So from this we can deduce that Glyco Mira are developing something that reduces the level of cathelicidin, the well publicised peptide linked to rosacea symptoms.

Utah’s innovative spirit on display in Salt Lake City

Business » Nine companies earn awards for new products., By Paul Beebe, The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated: 04/30/2009 09:12:44 PM MDT

Glyco Mira, a Salt Lake City-based drug development company, is working on an anti-inflammatory drug based on a technology it licensed from the University of Utah last year.

The company’s goal is to develop the drug to a point where it can be sold to another company, which would bring it to market. Profits would be used to fund research on other drugs, Chief Financial Officer Thomas Heath said.

The drug under development may be able to cure the underlying problem that causes rosacea, a skin disease showing increased redness or acne-like eruptions that affects mostly women.

“We chose rosacea because it’s a common ailment that’s poorly treated with antibiotics and steroid creams,” Heath said. “This product has the potential to treat the basic cause — an inflammatory peptide.”

Peptides consist of at least two amino acids. In normal quantities, the peptide in question helps prevent skin infections. Too much of it causes rosacea, Heath said.

We know that Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), the active form of Vitamin D is a regulator of cathelicidin. A previous Rosacea News article suggested that “another recent abstract is also promoting the synergy of Vitamin D3 and cathelicidins in opening doors for future research and discovery ;Vitamin D regulation of cathelicidin in the skin: toward a renaissance of vitamin D in dermatology?” and further “Recent work identified Vitamin D3 as a major factor involved in the regulation of cathelicidin. Therapies targeting control of cathelicidin and other AMPs might provide new approaches in the management of infectious and inflammatory skin diseases.”

For more information on Vitamin D3, see the excellent supplement resources page: Vitamin D3.

Update: I have been contacted by someone from Glyco Mira who said that they are indeed “developing a line of modified polysaccharides (SAGEs) and are presently testing in rosacea models that will be 1st in class logic based therapy for rosacea.” They also indicated that they are targetting mid 2010 for an Investigational New Drug filing and human trials.

If anyone knows anything more about either Glyco Mira or the drug being licensed please post in the comments below.

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6 Reader Comments

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Dave,

    Just ran across this.

    Ugh, sounds like a another good way to allow for runaway infections and worse, not all that unsimilar to the way the “miracle” TNF-a inhibitors have been found to cause all kinds of adverse side-effects:

    Let’s hope these researchers catch a clue before a new class of drug hits the market and we find that people are suffering from all kinds of downstream problems 5 or so years later…

    See more information on the benefits of Vit D3 here:

  2. Thanks Dan,

    Your links and comments are always so helpful.

    It is a bit worrying thinking about just what they are planning. It was a brief announcement and the company hasn’t put anything up online, so hopefully they are still in `learn what might work best’ mode.


  3. Doug says:

    SO are they saying increasing Vit D levels might help with Rosacea?

  4. Joe says:

    Vit D is not the sole cause, but it CONTRIBUTES to high levels of Cathelicidin (skin protein), which is the cause of Rosacea. Cathelicidin is the body’s normal defense against skin infections, however overactive it is the cause of Rosacea.

  5. Florian Wolf says:

    The website of Glyco Mira can be found at; it seems to be ‘in statu nascendi’, but if you visit you’ll get an idea of what they are up to.

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