Glowelle Beauty Drinks – a rosacea supplement ?

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Nestle, who along with L’Oreal are the parent company of Galderma, is promoting a beauty drink called glowelle. Their buzz word rich marketing includes references to antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, botanical fruit extracts and more. The ingredients are said to fight harmful environmental factors, staving off fine lines and wrinkles.

Certainly the natural raspberry, jasmine, pomegranate and lychee makes it sound delicious. At the same time the `clinically tested’, dietary supplement, once-a-day beauty drink is said to fight the signs of aging from the inside out.

The supplement facts list the ingredients as including: pomegranate, quercetin, green tea, coenzyme q10, lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene. A proprietary beauty blend is also detailed as: extracts from cocoa, apple, grape seed, maritime pine bark, goji berry and white tea.

The publicity provided by Nestle suggests that glowelle was championed by a small entrepreneurial group of women within Nestle who wanted to create a product that would help women feel and look good.

The pricing appears to be around $7 for a bottle or $4 – $6 for a `powder stick pack’.

User Reviews

Blogger Beauty Snob said “I can’t even describe the taste but just imagine eating the most bitter yet strangely sweet drink made of perfume”. Apparently they originally tasted the pomegranate version, the raspberry jasmine version is more palatable. Their conclusion after a month was that it was a great supplement “I feel fantastic and my skin looks, well glow-y and weirdly smooth.”

Blogger The Jet Set Girls said that after mixing it was still a bit clumpy – “So, save your $40! The only supplement we’ve ever taken that gave our skin a noticeable difference is Omega-3 pills.”

Blogger The Beauty Bunny gave it a 6 out of 10 – “After drinking Glowelle in the morning, I did notice a slight improvement in my skin’s evenness and radiance throughout the day, although the effect might be replicated through staying hydrated and taking vitamins (both of which I’m notoriously bad about).”

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Love to hear from You

glowelle has an impressively long list of hopeful ingredients. Healthy skin from the inside out, if indeed this product can deliver, is something that all rosacea sufferers with compromised skin could benefit from.

With the backing of an industry heavy weight like Nestle, this product is sure to become more visible over the next year. Please do let us know how you get on if you try it.

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8 Reader Comments

  1. El dictator says:

    I would be interested in trying this out for sure, shame it’s only sold in america.
    Would it be cheaper however in the long run to buy,
    A pack of green tea bags and white/oolong tea bags
    1bag of apples
    some concentrated tomatoe puree
    cacao nibs or high cocoa content choc
    bark supplement
    eat a few eggs
    etc etc

  2. El dictator says:

    p.s I would like to see how rosacea sufferers respond to it…so speak up people in america

  3. Gorka says:

    Yes, eating some chicken and vegtable curry with curcuma, a fresh fruit salad with berries, a few squares of dark chocolate with your tea, will probably give you just the same effect, cheaper and tastier too.

  4. PatDurb says:

    Did anyone notice the name NESTLE?
    Aren’t we supposed to boycott Nestle for their many nefarious policies?
    Read up on it!

  5. There have been a few public campaigns against Nestle in the past, but I think the reasons are all lapsed now aren’t they ?

  6. Gorka says:

    Pat, do you know Nestlé’s corporate policies ? If you really knew the company you would see that it has no ‘nefarious’ policies, quite the opposite in fact. I think you are victim to one of those rumours kept alive by gossipers who don’t bother to find out the truth in a rational way and are quite willing to slander some very good people in fact. Talk to people in Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, or just about any country in Africa about Nestlé and they will tell you it is one of the best appreciated food companies in the world. However, I don’t think I would buy the product Glowelle, because it is too expensive for me (but I do drink Nescafé!).

  7. It is also worth noting that the biggest player in dermatology and certainly the biggest player in products and research for rosacea sufferers is Galderma, which is a joint venture between Nestlé & L’Oreal.

  8. Danielle says:

    There is a better product available on the market now called Sunsafe Rx. Geared toward the most significant cause of skin aging–the sun–Sunsafe Rx is a nutritional supplement made with natural antioxidants that have been clinically shown to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. It gives you that extra boost of protection you need from the sun each day while your shopping or driving to work. Plus the healthy antioxidants are great for your skin and eyes, promoting younger looking skin from the inside out.

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