Get ready for Mirvaso Foam


A patent application has emerged that suggests that Galderma might have their eye a future version of Mirvaso in a foam formulation. Read below for some clues as to why we shouldn’t be surprised to see Mirvaso Foam as a future product.


US 2019 / 0099369


A self-foaming composition is described that includes brimonidine , for a no-rinse topical application. The composition can include : at least one intermediate composition B including a gas – generating agent ; at least one intermediate composition A including an agent for activating the gas generating agent ; and brimonidine or one of the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof being present in at least one of the intermediate compositions A and B .

Also described, is a kit or a single container including a plurality of compartments including such a composition.

Why do we need Mirvaso Foam?

A good question – why would we want to have the choice of Mirvaso Foam when the Gel has been through development and approval already and is for sale? The patent applicants think they have the reason.

Despite all the progress made, consumers are still in search of rapid and more practical compositions intended for topical application. Foams make it possible to overcome the problems of tolerance via better control of the dose, by means of their spreading properties and their low density.

… for a known topical application may result in side-effects that may limit the use and thus the effectiveness thereof. For example, some active principles have the major drawback of inducing irritation which may result in mediocre tolerance of the product.

… there is thus a need for novel galenical forms in particular of foam type or foaming compositions which allow better control of the dose, in which brimonidine is soluble, stable, well – tolerated, efficient and pleasant to apply .

More Mirvao Foam efficacy claims

The patent application goes on to make more claims about the superiority of a foam formulation  in delivering the active ingredient to the target site. If the patent claims are accurate then Mirvaso Foam may be less prone to rebound and better tolerated than Mirvaso Gel.

Furthermore, the composition has the advantage of remaining on the surface of the skin and of delivering a smaller amount so as to prevent undesirable effects (rebound effect) and to obtain a foam that is suitable for treating rosacea.

The efficacy of an active principle and its adverse effects are associated with the penetration of the active agent through the skin. The formulary composition plays its fundamental role as a vehicle for the principle so that said principle reaches its therapeutic target. The release-permeation test described in example 5 on ex-vivo human skin highlights the advantage of applying a chemical foam containing brimonidine tartrate.

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2 Reader Comments

  1. “It probably cost so much that it is not affordable i pay hundreds for the orher medication this is not a option yo add more exspense”

    ” Is this a joke? They’re still pushing this product even after all we know about it? I am very active on the rosacea forum and I have not read one good report on Mirvaso. At least…none in which the results lasted for the patient. Nearly everyone ends up getting the rebound eventually, and many of us have had long lasting or permanent damage done to our skin after using it. Stay the hell away from this. It is NOT a longterm solution for rosacea and never will be, regardless of what form it is packaged in.”

    • Natalie Skillern says:

      Totally agree I used mirvaso literally 10 days ago only wish I know the consequence of using it my face is on fire every day. I feel so rubbish and wish I could turn back the clock I have no idea how long I’ll take to recover and if I will without having treatment like most people have. My advice to anyone would be to stay away from this!!

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