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Interesting to note that Galderma’s patent on metrogel expired on June 6, 2006.

Fougera has approval to make generic metrogel, potentially leading to a cheaper alternative. Metrogel is currently a $75 million a year product and growing.

Note that only the 0.75% formulation of metronidazole has come out of patent and thus is potentially available to be manufactured as a generic product

Galderma is still the exclusive manufacturer of the 1% formulation of Metrogel. The 1% formulation of Metrogel is different to the now-out-of-patent 0.75% formulation, thus Metrogel 1% will continue to only be available from Galderma.

Sometimes Hard to Find

Unfortunately generic metrogel is still not easily and universally available.

Please let us know in the comments below how you were able to find generic metrogel and how much it cost. Thanks!

Press Release


Fougera, a specialty manufacturer of dermatologic and ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, announced today that it has received tentative FDA approval to introduce the first generic version of Metronidazole Topical Gel USP 0.75%. The patent on the branded product by Galderma expires on June 6, 2006.

MetroGel® generated approximately $75 million in sales in 2004. It is indicated for the treatment of rosacea.

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30 Reader Comments

  1. jamey says:

    I can buy the Metrogel Vaginal for much cheaper than Metrogel/cream. They’re both .75% active ingredient. Is there any reason I shouldnt use the former for topical treatment of rosacea.

  2. Jamey,

    Metrogel as a treatment for rosacea was discovered accidentally when Metrogel Vaginal was used and a benefit was seen. I would think that it is quite safe to apply it to your facial skin.


  3. howard read says:

    is there a generic for rosac cream this stuff cost a ton.

  4. ben says:

    Dave — do you have any updates on generic metrogel? I hope sufferers see a cheap alternative soon.

  5. Anne says:

    I’d like to be notified when Metrogel becomes available generically. Am presently waiting to see a dermatoligist, scarce in this area, in late February. I know it’s rosacea; I’ve seen my sister’s. But I wonder what are the chances of getting the dermatologist to prescribe the vaginal form.

  6. Anne says:

    Sorry, dermatologist, of course. Duh.

  7. Generic metronidazole gel is easiliy available in Australia, so I would have thought it was easily prescribed in the US as well ?

    For those in Australia here is a link to a generic metronidazole product that is not manufactured by Galderma ;


  8. Anne says:

    It’s more than three years now since generic Metrogel first received “tentative approval” from FDA, as I understand it. What is the holdup? For my part, and you can delete this is you want, I believe the pharmaceutical company that makes Metrogel is fighting it for all it’s worth, maybe literally. Too much lucre pours into their coffers for them to give up on this ridiculously expensive medication.

  9. This page here for the cream

    Metronidazole (metronidazole) Cream [E. FOUGERA and CO.]

    and for the gel

    Metronidazole (metronidazole) Gel [E. FOUGERA & CO.]

    suggest that the generics from Fougera are available. Has anyone been able to buy it ?

  10. Anne says:

    Not in USA it isn’t. Not yet. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, all much, much cheaper than US. Maybe not Fougera but the same generic. I’m to go to the dermatologist today and don’t know what she’ll let me do.

  11. Missy says:

    You can buy the generic metronidazole cream (by prescription only, of course) at Sam’s Club pharmacy. I currently pay between $58.00 and $78.00 (no insurance) for a tube. Not cheap, but a lot cheaper than the brand name.

  12. Missy says:

    Actually, I’ve been using the generic (purchased at Sam’s) since at least 2006 maybe earlier, I don’t remember. Anne, I don’t understand why you weren’t able to get it in the U.S., unless, your doctor choose not to prescribe the generic. Walgreens pharmacy also carries the generic, Rite Aid doesn’t always have it on hand and sometimes has to order it.

  13. Anne says:

    Missy and others, I think some of you are still speaking of metronidazole topical cream. Metrogel is STILL not available in generic, after three and a half years. My sister is still paying that arm and leg for Metrogel but has said she will ask her derm about the cream when her present tube runs out.

    I stand by my previous statement, they are raking in the dough. Dave, Australia is a whole different country.
    I don’t know what your equivalent is to FDA, but it must function better.

  14. Just a small but important point.

    A generic won’t be called Metrogel and it won’t be 1%. Galderma own the name metrogel and still have the patent on the 1% formulation. Only the old 0.75% form of metronidazole is out of patent and thus potentially available generically.

    You want a 0.75% metronidazole gel or cream. You most likely won’t be able to notice any difference between a gel and a cream – certainly not in how well it works for the papules and pustules of rosacea.

    I have to say that $58-$78 doesn’t sound like a generic price to me but that is just a gut feeling.


  15. Anne says:

    I know the cream I use is 0.75. I agree, David, $58-78 is not a generic price. You might find a dermatologist who will give you samples, which is what my sister used for a long time. The 45 oz tube of cream will last me ages. It only takes a dab.

  16. Sarah says:

    A bit off topic, but is there any reason to think the gel base might be better for oily skin than the cream? Both are available as a generic. I’m new to rosacea. I got the cream because that is what the Dr. called in. I asked the pharmacist if the cream was suitable for oily skin types and she said it was for all skin types–but it actually seemed to make me oily although the pharmacist warned it might dry my skin. Though the oiliness is a little better since I’ve made more of an effort to rub it very thin. Can anyone weigh in who has tried both or has a preference for one or the other?

  17. robert williams says:

    I am a llongtime user of metrogel. but at 73 years of age, can no longer afford it.

  18. Bel says:

    Just read all of the input, albeit a year later than the posted dates I see. Checked w/Sam’s Club in area and advised .75% strength in 45 g tube $102.62 for generic.
    Called them and answer was Sam’s Club prices vary from one club to another, one city to another, and one state to another. Obviously, the $58 – $78(no insurance) cost sounds like a heck of a good deal to me.

  19. Dr. Jerome Shapiro says:

    If Galaderma no longer has the patent on Metrogel 1%,why isn’t Fougera making the same product in generic form?

  20. Dr. Jerome Shapiro says:

    See comment above.

  21. It is the 0.75% formulation that has become available generically, not the 1%.

    Galderma upped the concentration and changed the formulation in order to create a new product that would then become their own again until the patent expires again.

  22. Christy says:

    I was able to purchase the Fougera 45g tube for $49.95 about 2 days ago. I had used Metrogel but ran out and with no insurance I was having a hard time so I went for the fougera version.

  23. Jason Governo says:

    Generic meyronidazole is available at costco for $30.93 for 45 grams.

  24. hanah says:

    has anyone actually tried the metronidazole vaginal cream for rosacea? i was thinking about trying it because i am overloaded with medical bills and really can’t afford it.

  25. debbie says:

    The Fougera .75% cream doesn’t work as well for my rosacea as their gel. The cream where I live (Louisiana) is about $30. and the gel is $71. at Walmart. BUT the vaginal gel is only $38. and is a bigger tube.
    The Galderma metrogel for facial use is $211.
    I have been using the Fougera gel for facial use formula, but next time I think I will get the vaginal kind and see how it does- so much cheaper.

  26. Susan says:

    Walmart Pharmacy now has the Generic Metrondazole Vaginal Gel by Sondoz in a Big Tube for $38.36 and it works great for me. I have No insurance and the Vaginal Gel last longer. Thanks

  27. Sandy Vance says:

    the information from this website has gotten me fired up to find out why I am paying 256.00 for a tube of Metrogel from CVS. I find this insulting to have to pay this kind of money when I have no insurance and the drug companies can charge any price the market will bear. Thanks for you bloggers out there and this web site I will now do more research and let my doctor know I am not happy that he did not advise that there is a generic out there, perhaps a Medical Doctor doesnt know what a Dermatologist knows…Ya think they could work together.

  28. L. Winslow says:

    Obagi gel at Dermahut online without prescription for $ 54.00. Metronidazole 75% gel.

  29. Wendy says:

    I ended up with a Metrogel 1% script being filled with Metronidazole Gel, USP, 1%. It seems, however to not be near as effective for my rosacea. Does anyone else have that same experience?

  30. John Howe says:

    I use a hometown pharmacy and have known the owner for many years. When I gave him the prescription for regular metronidazole gel, USP, 0.75%, he dispensed the vaginal gel. He said it was the same thing and was less expensive. I have used it for three years with good success.

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