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If you were able to attend the 2012 annual meeting of the AAD in San Diego you would have been able to attend the following discussion group on Rosacea.  The director of the session, Prof. Powell is known to rosacea sufferers because of his excellent book Rosacea Diagnosis and Management.

Powell has been a consultant dermatologist at the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland for 25 years. He has received rosacea research grants from the NRS, has been on the Medical Advisory Board of the NRS since 2000 and was also a co-author of the ground-breaking Standard Classification of Rosacea and the companion Standard Granding System for Rosacea.

Even though you may not have been able to sit in on the discussion, you can still benefit from reading his book.

Scientific Sessions

American Academy of Dermatology, 70th Annual Meeting

D013 Rosacea

Director: Frank C. Powell, M.D.

Following this discussion group, the attendee should be able to:

  1. Recognize the clinical spectrum of rosacea.
  2. Select the appropriate treatment for each subtype of rosacea.
  3. Discuss current research and etiologic theories relating to rosacea.

This discussion group will begin with a review of the historical background of rosacea.

The clinical spectrum of what constitutes rosacea will be presented with emphasis on the importance of distinguishing the different subtypes of this disorder.

Treatment options will be outlined with practitioners guided to the most appropriate therapeutic approach to each subtype of rosacea.

The discussion group will then focus on current research and etiologic theories relating to each subtype of the disorder with the potential for new therapeutic approaches to be developed.

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