Foamix Minocycline Foam works for Bacterial Infections


A recent press release teases rosacea sufferers that a topical foaming form of minocycline might become a new treatment.

The trial results promoted in the press release are for a condition called Impetigo, a bacterial skin infection.

Minocycline, as a member of the tetracycline family may offer some anti-inflammatory benefit to rosacea sufferers, but the question remains as to whether this benefit can be seen via a topical application. Minocycline is an unstable chemical and thus far has only been suitable as a systemic treatment ā€“ topical treatments have not been readily available.

Foamix Minocycline and Rosacea

We learnt in 2010 that a Phase II clinical trial was underway to examine whether a topical form of minocycline could help with rosacea. This trial NCT01134991 is due to complete in March 2012.

Foamix Impetigo Press Release

Foamix’s Minocycline Foam – 100% Effective in Impetigo Phase II Clinical Trial With No Side Effects – 80% Improved Significantly After 3 Days of Treatment

REHOVOT, Israel, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Foamix, a clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today the successful completion of the Phase II clinical trial of Minocycline foam in Impetigo patients. Minocycline Foam has shown to be highly effective against bacteria, including some multi-drug resistant strains (such as MRSA).


“These results are excellent; especially considering this study is the first to treat patients with topical Minocycline. The results confirm the efficacy of our Minocycline Foam in skin infections. It is also significant that our Minocycline Foam was well-tolerated and that there was no evidence of clinical safety concerns since one of the persistent barriers to the development of new classes of antibiotics has been the issue of patient safety,” commented Dov Tamarkin, Foamix CEO. “We intend to aggressively pursue the development of our Minocycline Foam as a first-line treatment for a range of skin conditions, including Acne, Rosacea, Impetigo and other skin infections.”

Key Features of Foamix’s Minocycline Foam

Minocycline is an extremely unstable compound, which currently exists only in oral dosage forms. Foamix successfully developed a stable, patient-friendly topical foam containing up to 4% Minocycline.

The topical administration of Minocycline Foam provides concentrated drug delivery to the infected lesion site, and leads to rapid cure, whilst avoiding the side effects common in the oral Minocycline treatment.

With a twice daily application, Minocycline Foam can lead to better patient compliance compared with other treatment options.

Foam is a user friendly dosage form which spreads evenly and absorbs easily without rubbing. This offers a great advantage when treating open wounds especially in small children.

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