Flavay Anthogenol Hydrates and Reduces Skin Stress

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I thought this product sounded interesting, especially as it is professionally promoted, readily available, but little is known about how well it works for rosacea stressed skin. Anything that has been proven to reduce oxidative stress and help hydration could also help in rosacea. Some of the other claims like ;

In addition to being a potent antioxidant, ANTHOGENOL is best known for the nutritional support it gives to the vascular system, especially to the thin and delicate capillaries where all the system’s essential functions culminate.”

[Proven Health Benefits for Circulatory System]

also sound interesting.

Only time and user feedback will tell how well this supplement works. If you do try Anthogenol please post over at rosacea-supportand let us know how you get on.

Anthogenol is made from pine bark and grape seed extract ;

Dr. Masquelier received several patents for the commercial extraction and isolation of OPCs from pine bark and grape seeds. It is these highly defined complexes that have been subject to intensive biological, toxicological, pharmacological and analytical research; and approved in Europe as over-the-counter medicines.

[Masquelier on OPCs and grape seed extracts and pine bark extracts]

The web sites are professional looking so the company is investing in the promotion of this product.

One relevant looking study is below ;

Anti-Inflammatory and Skin-Hydrating Properties of a Dietary Supplement and Topical Formulations Containing Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, B. Hughes-Formella, O. Wunderlich, R. Williams, Bioskin GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. Skin Pharmacology and Physiology2007;20:43-49

Background: Anti-inflammatory and skin hydration properties of a dietary supplement and 2 topical formulations (Anthogenol) with oligomeric proanthocyanidins were investigated.

Methods: Forty-two subjects were randomized into 2 groups: one taking the dietary supplement (100 mg/day) and the other without supplement. After 4 weeks, erythema was induced using UV radiation followed by treatment with topical cream or lotion. Erythema was measured for up to 72 h after irradiation. Skin hydration after 1 and 2 weeks of application of the cream and lotion was also measured in separate test fields.

Results: Both topical formulations led to a significant suppression of erythema formation and the dietary supplement led to an additional slightly stronger suppression. Thus 72 h after UV exposure and compared to the control fields of patients that had not taken a dietary supplement, erythema was slightly (13.2%) lower in the subjects that had taken a dietary supplement. The cream resulted in a maximal reduction of erythema of 45.9% (p = 0.0015), while the lotion resulted in a maximal reduction of 53.1% (p = 0.0002). Both topical formulations also increased skin hydration (by nearly 20%; p < 0.002 for all combinations of dietary supplementation and topical treatment) and the hydration was higher in the group taking the dietary supplement.

Conclusion: The regular use of Anthogenol products may help to protect from free-radical-mediated skin inflammation and to increase skin hydration.

Further Reading ;

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5 Reader Comments

  1. Farah says:

    I am a 43 year old woman with an extremely dry skin. Since the age of 29, I have almost always used eye contour creams (branded, expensive ones), but still had lots of fine wrinkles around my eyes.
    I started taking Anthogenol a little over 3 weeks ago and the interesting thing is that I have not been using my eye cream regularly during this time, yet I can visibly see less fine lines around my eyes! I just noticed it two days ago and I am very happy. I wish I had taken a “before” shot to compare. I suppose it is too soon to comment on the other benefits of this supplementary, but I do feel that my energy level is boosted as well.
    Mulgrave, Victoria

  2. Thanks for the feedback Farah, nice to hear that it feels like it is working for you.

  3. phil nussbaum says:

    Great stuff,

    got me through a heart attack. My problem is that it cant be shipped very fast. I have been waiting two weeks. IS there any medicine expeditor in aussie or anywhere else for that matter.

  4. YVETTE says:

    Iam enquiring about the product “FLAVAY” & who to contact about accessing this product?

  5. Please add our URL, we are the official Australasian distributors for Anthogenol in Australia/NZ and most of Asia. http://www.addslife.com.au/
    Many thanks!

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