Finacea Plus Coupon (get $2 off CeraVe and $10 off Finacea)

Many rosacea sufferers don’t get to see how the large pharmaceutical companies are marketing rosacea treatments to physicians.

It is a clever way to market pharmaceuticals; get particular rosacea treatments front and centre in doctors’ minds and they will be much more likely to prescribe them when seeing a patient.

In many countries pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to market drugs directly towards consumers, so they use the option of professional education to keep doctors informed about their products.

The program list from the recent AAD meeting in Florida gives an idea of where and how these companies think they can best promote their prescription products. Recently Rosacea News highlighted what is seen as Galderma’s quest to own the rosacea market.

Here we are looking at Intendis (part of the Bayer Group) and Coria Laboratories who are promoting Finacea Plus; the combination of Finacea and 3 oz bottles of CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion and CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.

The promotional offer is a Finacea + CeraVe Coupon that will save you $10 off Finacea and $2 off the CeraVe Moisturizer or Cleanser. Not much of a discount, but as you can see it is enough to build a colourful advertising campaign.

Finacea Plus is “For the multi-faceted challenges of mild to moderate rosacea” and is claimed to be “Offering more in one convenient package”. The coupon itself is available at the My Finacea web site.

my-finacea-plus-cerave(click to view larger image)

I wonder if offering a package of products with a glossy campaign is persuasive enough to link Finacea and CeraVe in peoples’ minds ? Do you feel a subconscious link building between the two ?

What next – should Galderma consider offering Metrogel with a couple of Cetaphil products ? Makes sense to me.

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