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Does coping with rosacea sometimes get you down ?

Finding good advice on how to cope with the anxiety of rosacea can be hard to find.

Well now you have an opportunity to ask some questions of experts.

Psychology Question and Answer session

Professor Peter Drummond, Ph.D., from the School of Psychology at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, has a particular sympathy for those suffering from rosacea and has been a good friend to the Support Group over the years. His research into the clinical psychophysiology of health-related conditions (pain, emotions, headaches including migraines, cardiovascular disorders) includes the neural control of facial blood flow, and the role of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) in pain and inflammation, so we were thrilled when he allowed us to interview him a few years ago on possible links between rosacea and the SNS. In the interview article, Professor Drummond explained how “emotional responses can be controlled to some extent with stress management techniques and anti-anxiety drugs” including beta-blockers.
Rosacea and the Sympathetic Nervous System: Dr. Peter D. Drummond, PhD

Professor Drummond will be joined by a colleague, Daphne Su, D.Psych, a clinical psychologist whose doctoral thesis entitled “Psychological stress and vascular disturbances in rosacea” can be accessed electronically from the Murdoch University library catalogue.
Psychological stress and vascular disturbances in rosacea / Daphne Su (PDF)

This is your chance to get some external insights into ways you can gain the upper hand against your rosacea stresses and anxieties. For example, you might also want to know what types of counselling or other therapies are proving particularly helpful for people with the kind of issues many rosaceans suffer from, or what kind of therapist to consult, or you might want recommendations for online or offline resources for self-help.

We would prefer that you ask your question over as the Rosacea Support Community forum site in the thread: Psychology Question and Answer session

Go For It !! Let us have your questions.

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6 Reader Comments

  1. Donna Grisham says:

    I was recently diagnosed with granulomitis rosaeca. I know this because my dermatologist took a biopsy and this was the conclusion. I was taking prednisone but just recenlty took my last pill and now I am on doryx dr 150mg tablet. I take this once a day. My face seemed to be improving but I feel like im staying the same or getting worse now. I have an appt with my dr on the 13th and will then find out what is next for me. I have had this now for 3 months and I am desperate for it to go away..i was never given any cream to put on my face, just the medicine. I feel like there should be more for me to do…any ideas???

  2. Rhonda says:

    Donna, How are you doing now? It takes time to see results and I was hoping you’ve seen some positive skin results after going off Prednisone and onto doryx. The skin creams can be added if you are not seeing satisfying results yet. Unfortunately it takes time to see results and as I’ve learned from this board it requires patience to try different remedies, too.

    We have a group at this address..


    You might like at this group if you’d like to get more responses. Also, reading the existing postings are informative, too.

    Best regards, Rhonda

  3. Donna says:

    I am now just using metrogel and no meds. I am seeing a new derm on Tues. I dont know what she will suggest. I have little bumps all over my left eyelid and under my eyes. My cheeks still hve acne but not as bad. I hope i get results from this new doc.

    Thanks for your reply!


  4. Rhonda says:

    Good luck on Tuesday.
    The eyes are even more critical to take care of than our skin, even tho our skin is the most difficult for us to look at. Sometimes I wish I could invent a fake mirror so I don’t have to see my skin.
    I messed up with my above post. What I meant to say was that I wanted to encourage you to POST over at the page link I suggested. And if you can try to read at least the last dozen or more comments you may find it very helpful as background.
    Why are you only using the Metrogel now? Seems like you weren’t given much time to try Doryx. Doxycycline is a generic version and much less expensive. Perhaps you might inquire of that alternative if they suggest you go back onto anti-biotic. It is less than $5.00 a month (no insurance required) at Walmart and if I remember correctly a 30 day supply at Walgreens is about $12.00 OK.. consider coming over to the above link and posting your results from there. And Good luck to you on Tuesday, Rhonda

  5. Donna says:

    I tried to go to the other link and it says it cant be found??

    Thanks for responding to me..i feel like im lost because my last derm didnt explain things very well to me. I am off the dorxy because he told me to. He said if i get worse to get back on but im waiting to see the new doc. Im hoping i get to go Tues…the weather is looking bad here so hope it doesnt get cancelled. I will keep u posted.


  6. Rhonda says:

    Hi Donna… sorry if I gave you a bad link. Try this one. There are lots and lots of comments here, so if this doesn’t work, let me know and I will keep trying to provide the correct link. 🙂 I can already see that the address is slightly different.


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