Exotic and Expensive Cosmetics, Do They Work ?


I had to cringe when I read this article – Golf for Women: First Annual Skin Care Awards.

It promotes some fabulously expensive cosmetics. One would really hope that their exotic sounding ingredients actually work.

Great to see that Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer is in this list, and is only $14.

Dior L’Or De Vie La Crème ($320) has a very high concentration of Myobenol C, “an antioxidant that protects against UV rays and environmental stresses,” says Dr. Sadick. It’s extracted from the shoot of sauvignon grapevines.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 ($14) “soothes tight, sunburnt skin and really improves my patients’ facial redness,” says Dr. Baumann. Feverfew, one of the ingredients, promises to prevent facial flushing and relieve acne.

Clinique CX Redness Relief Cream ($75) “is an effective, lightweight cream for rosacea sufferers,” says Dr. Airan. It contains caffeine, sucrose, tea extracts and algae to soothe red, blotchy skin.

Chanel Sublimage Essential Regenerating Cream ($350) “is rich, feels like liquid velvet on contact and smells wonderful,” says Dr. Pak. Vanilla Planifolia, its key ingredient, enhances skin tone and texture.

Kinerase Cream ($117) “contains the active ingredient kinetin, which locks in moisture,” says Dr. Waldorf. “It’s great as an under-eye cream, and the gentle formula is ideal for women with dry, sensitive skin.”

Editor’s Choice

Lancôme Platinéum Hydroxy-Calcium Re-Densifying & Strengthening Cream SPF 15 ($108) proves that calcium is good for more than bones. This cream contains hydroxy-calcium molecules to improve the skin’s strength.

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15 Reader Comments

  1. David J. WILLS says:

    Have there been any articles or studies on the use of medicinal honey.

    My soreness has almost completely gone and the lesions are only minimal.

    I am now gong to make a mixture of the honey along with sorbelene in the ratio of 1:3 to allow the sorbolene to soften the skin and the honey to repair the lesions.

    I will let your editor know of the results but so far they have left all the other treatments for dead.


  2. D. M. Moore says:

    who has the best foudation?

  3. allibear says:

    I am currently using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra.

    I have tried many make-ups over the past year, from drug store brands to department store brands and this has been one of only a few that doesn’t cause me any irritation.

    The coverage is good, but not exactly ‘full’ but I am not using any concealer with it. I put an extra little bit over my nose, where my thread veins are worse. I found the trick is to work with the redness and not against it, which usually means picking a slightly darker olive or yellow based beige shade. When I flair up really red, (usually through the day in work), and it shows through the redness is neutralized and looks more ‘bronzy’ rather than red. Most of the pale make-up shades have a pink base which only exagerates the redness of a flair up.

    If your skin is prone to dry areas Teint Idol Ultra is very hydrating and it feels more like wearing a fuller coverage tinted moisturiser. It is also very forgiving on maturer skin, doesn’t settle into all those fine lines around your eyes which many makeups can make look crepy.

    It needs to be ‘set’ with a good quality finishing powder if you want to get the ‘staying power’ out of it. I use the Lancome Poudre Majeur Excellance pressed powder which is specially formulated to be gentle on dry skin, it melts into the skin leaving a natural non-cakey finish.

    This is an expensive cover-up routine but to me it is worth it, if it makes you look half human. I have gone through moments of searching for a less expensive solution, I have also tried many brands of mineral make-ups, all of which have driven my skin nuts with itch, I just keep coming back to my tried and tested Lancome set-up!.

  4. Sara says:

    Hi, I’ve given up on liquid foundations and found that mineral powder (specifically Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals) but you have to try them out to see what your skin can tolerate because all skin is different. Allibear, you probably had an allergic reaction.

    Mineral powder goes on as light or as thick as you need it… and the best part of it is that it doesn’t make you look scary in the day light!!!

    Good luck,


  5. Jennifer says:

    I have tried manuka honey and I thought I was having good results ie no reaction. but after about 1 week my skin started to go red and was sore/ burning and dry. I stopped for 1 week and used for 2 days and the reaction again. Very disappointed. Back to metronidazole I guess.
    I also use Cetaphil moisturiser and for me its much nicer than sorbolene. And for a foundation I have started using bronze zinc!!!

  6. g.g. says:

    I always used liquid foundation but after a few flushes during the day I found the texture sort of curdles, must have been my skin getting to hot. The best I use now is L’oreal mineral powder foundation on the top of clinique city block SPF 25. The active ingredient in clinique is titanium oxide I cannot use zinc sunsreen in makes my skin really tight and burning. Is titanium oxide safe to use all the time. I have read that there could be issues with long term use. I dont have any reaction to it, it actually makes my skin feel better.

  7. Asha says:

    I think I’ve tried almost every foundation on the market. I can’t use the mineral ones. They REALLY irritate my skin. I know they work for some people, so you have to try for yourself. I finally found a foundation that I really like. It’s called Youthtopia and it’s from Origins. It doesn’t irritate my skin! You use a brush to apply and you can apply it as light or heavy as you want for the coverage you prefer. I apply a light coverage. It looks really nice. Good luck!

  8. nancy says:

    Youthtopia from Origins is so wonderful, and I have used it for years. Otoh, it breaks out my sister with cysts. She loved the texture and coverage and is so sad. I love it! 🙂

    Also, I LOVE jojoba oil!

  9. Carolyn R says:

    Giorgio Armani makes the best liquid make up I have ever tried on my sensitive, rosacea irritated skin. I’ve tried everything from drugstore brands to the most expensive offered at various department stores. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is water based, so it doesn’t break out my acne prone skin. It always wins beauty awards. I’ve used it for several years. Bare Minerals worked for about 10 days before the acne kicked in!
    Also, after trying everything under the sun to cleanse and hydrate my skin, I now use iS Clinical. Excellent results! So mild but delivers on anti-aging, sun protection, etc.
    In my opinion, using mild but effective products, using Differin, and eating right (fruit and vegetables) has been helpful in coping with my rosacea. If I’m doing the things I just mentioned, most people don’t believe me when I tell them I have it. The Armani make up covers my flare up if I mess up and eat too much chocolate!!! LOL!
    Good luck!

    • Annie says:

      I also started using Luminous Silk by Armani, it does not irritate my skin at all and best thing it is like skin and stays put whole day. I’ve tried mineral foundations but they can make me look cakey and can emphasize fine lines.

      I use Dermalogica for my moisturiser and I now have moved onto using Clinique gentle facial soap mild version. It seems to do a good job, I use it together with Clinique Take the day off cleasing balm.

      I also get flare ups from chocolate but I have to tolerate it as I can’t live without chocolate! 😀

  10. Mine is supper dry but my biggest problem is my eyes . They burn are dry, but the worst is they weep swell and it takes sometimes a week to get it under control.
    Any one know how to help .
    My nose is starting to bubble but as of yet no sores I just found out about a month ago that I had it went in because I thought it might be skin cancer.

  11. Mandy says:

    I first started getting flushing in my early 20s and never thought much about it. Then after getting very sunburnt years later I used a steroid cream on my face because of the rash I had. I realised many years later again that I have developed a sun sensitivity on my face, arms and neck along with typical rosacea symptoms of sensitivity to makeup, face cream.

    While I was pregnant my face got extremely bad with itchiness, red marks, dryness and then my scalp started to itch and all I wanted to do was rip all my hair out. So I googled and googled and googled, tried so many products and wasted so much money to try and get rid of the itch and the redness or at least cover the redness.

    I discovered that using Gamophen medicated soap (my trusted soap which I have used for a very long time) to wash my face and body with works for me. I then apply Redwin sorbolene cream (my trusted moisturiser) to my “wet” face (this is the difference, face must be wet so it doesn’t leave a thick layer) in the shower and pat dry with a towel to get rid of the excess cream. It works wonderfully well and my face is not itchy and helps stop my irritation. For my head/hair I put jojoba oil on my roots and through the rest of my hair to the ends, leave for as little or as long as you like (15min to overnight) then wash with Thursday Planation tea tree organic shampoo. No need to condition. My hair feels awful with the oil on it and then when I wash it it feels really dry, but once I have blow dried my hair it feels so smooth, I don’t have the fuzz like I used to have and my head is not super itchy any more. My hair lasts 3 times longer before needing another wash. On the odd occasion I wash it using only the shampoo to stop the oil build up. This does not affect my face at all.

    As for makeup, I am yet to find a good one. I have tried many Clinique products including the redness solution which does do a great job at covering the redness but I want to scratch me face the whole time I am wearing it and it causes a rash. I have tried mineral makeup and many other brands which have all had the same effect on my skin. I have tried powders and liquid foundation with no luck. I also seemed to have developed an irritation to the mascara I have used for many years too. Any suggestions?

  12. share says:

    Foundations have not worked to cover my rosacea. The one and only thing that works to hide my rosacea redness is loreal BB cream. All of my friends and family were astounded (in a good way) about my appearance after I started using the BB cream (I use medium). People who have seen my bare, rosacea skin are always amazed how good my skin looks when they see me in the BB cream. They actually say, “Wow, your skin looks great!”

    I also use Covergirl loose powder in medium. The duo is the best “treatment” I’ve found.

  13. S says:

    In the morning try Espa cleansing balm, massage this in, you can find facial massage techniques online, Lisa Aldridge has a great facial massage tutorial on her site. Rinse off and follow with Trish McEvoy serum and moisturiser and at night espa cleansing balm followed by Chanel le nuit and then the same Trish McEvoy moisturiser. Clairns mineral foundation is soothing. Try ginger and lemon in hot water a few times a day and Marilyn Glanville makes a product called dflam which I find very good. Make sure your water isn’t too hot when showering or bathing. Dr Lancer products are supposed to be good, I haven’t used and Le Mer the concentrate is amazing for rosecea prone skin but super, super, super pricey. Check out Calgary Avansino website too. She suffers with rosecea. Give up sugar, easier said then done but it does help things.

  14. Elisabeth says:

    The best cosmetics I’ve found to date are by Beautycounter. I’m obsessed with Beautycounter Tint Skin foundation, it neutralizes even the brightest red tones without looking/feeling heavy! Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it does not settle into fine lines, either. The Beautycounter concealer comes in a pen with a small built-in brush, and when applied after foundation/Tint Skin to undereye area, redness around my nose, and anywhere else I need additional coverage or camouflage, it is truly a miracle worker! Non-cakey and light, this concealer neutralizes, covers and even brightens darkness under the eyes. A small amount of both Beautycounter Tint Skin and concealer goes a long way. I have also tried Beautycounter Dew Skin, a lighter foundation more like a tinted moisturizer with a non-chemical, physical sunscreen and gentle hydration that doesn’t irritate my skin at all. You can layer the Tint Skin over a light layer of Dew Skin for additional coverage, or blend a bit of each together for a lighter feeling foundation. All the Beautycounter cosmetics are amazing, including the Matte Bronzer No. 1, the brown eyeliner, brow pencils, eyeshadows, and lip sheers (great on cheeks, too!), and the Lip glosses are hydrating but not sticky. Because all Beautycounter products are free of endocrine-disruptors, dangerous chemicals and the junk found in most U.S. products, they do not irritate my rosacea like other lines always do. The Beautycounter Calming Facial Oil with calendula is a blend of organic essential oils, including jojoba and rosehip, and I use it AM and PM before any other products…it’s a game changer for sensitive skin! Makeup/Foundation goes on like a dream after applying this facial oil! I also highly recommend setting makeup with the Beautycounter Rose Mist, which gently hydrates, soothes and helps keep makeup in place all day. Oh, and by the way, the travel brush that is recommended to apply Tint Skin and Dew Skin is worth every penny! I squeeze a small amount of Tint Skin and/or Dew Skin on the back of my (clean) hand, swish the brush in it to pick it up, then gently buff it into my skin for a fast, flawless finish, then use a clean sponge if needed to do any additional blending. For skin care products other than the Beautycounter Calendula Facial Oil (No. 1), check out the entire Beautycounter line of products online, they’re all fabulous!

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