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In 2005 a new range of skin care products from Eucerin (Beiersdorf Inc) called Eucerin Redness Relief was released.

They are claimed as “Safe for sensitive skin and appropriate for Rosacea”.

The Eucerin Redness Relief system has been clinically proven to provide immediate redness relief, and improve the condition of visibly red skin in four weeks.

The Eucerin Redness Relief products consist of ;

User Reviews

In the last year or so several members of the rosacea-support group have tried these products.

joann_scanlon2000 says :

I have been using the Eucerin redness relief cleanser for several months works very well for my skin but I didn’t care for the rest of the products in the redness relief line.

minina62 says :

I use Finacea once a day, and use Eucerin Redness Relief line to wash my face and moisturize. So far my skin hasn’t been this good in ages. I used to have flareups once a month and they were so serious that I had to take antibiotics for it. Not any longer.

mandyrain2002 says :

As far as cosmetics are concerned, I use Eucerin Redness Relief stuff for skin care. It works pretty well, but I’m always on the hunt for something better.

SimplyPoetic says :

I wear the green sunscreen and the night redness relief cream, and I love it! I wear it and then put zinco on top of it, and feel a strong barrier on my face! I also live in Texas, and as you know we have some HOT weather, and it hasn’t melted off yet. I am sure if you got a good sweat going on, anything would eventually wear off.

At first I didn’t like the green color, but I got pass that, and found if you use it as a base and add to are better off.

Try the night cream it is not green, but has a nice sheer feel to it, and it smells nice.

bjshadder says :

I’ve tried the cleanser, day lotion and soothing night cream. I love the cleanser and night cream – it’s the only cleanser I’ve been able to use without irritation or dryness. It’s a gel cleanser and it’s non-foaming and I have trouble with foaming cleansers – this is really great for me.

The Soothing Night Cream is wonderful for me too – it’s the only thing that I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin and it actually reversed a really bad episode of irritation and flushing and now my skin is much calmer. The day lotion is okay – it’s not moisturizing enough for me – it has a drier texture and it just doesn’t do much for me. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all though, so if you have oilier skin, it might work well.

I was a bit leary of the sunscreen, but I can tolerate it just fine. I’m returning the day lotion though because although the green tint does cancel out the red, I can’t wear it under makeup because it’s not moisturizing enough and I have to wear another moisturizer in addition to it, which is way too much product on my skin at once.

bjshadder followup up with saying :

Last week I wrote a raving review of these products. Well, I hate to say that the honeymoon is over, and I’m seeking an annullment! Yes, they are going back to Walgreen’s today.

They aren’t anything special – the anti-redness properties aren’t making me any less red anymore, and last night after I washed and applied the soothing night cream, I actually had a flare up! So, nope, they are totally out. I also have the day lotion, and while it doesn’t irritate my skin, I am getting oilier than usual during the day and oily skin is one of my triggers, so it’s going back too. They are too expensive for drugstore products not to work.

rjarrell2004 says :

I have tried the Eucerin redness relief line. I love the cleanser and still use it at night because it does a good job of taking off my makeup without overdrying my skin – gently massage on and leave for a minute or two to get a good clean.

You probably don’t need to worry about taking off makeup, so you may not need to leave it on as long as I do.

The redness relief daily perfecting lotion has a green tint to it and does a pretty good job of neutralizing my redness. It caused my skin to be a bit oily and bumpy, so I’ve stopped using it. The soothing night cream worked well, but I prefer Good Skin All Calm Moisture Lotion as it is a bit less oily and leaves my skin with a great texture.

I also use All Calm soothing toner and creamy cleanser in the morning. I didn’t try the Eucerin redness relief stick for spot treatment.

ken972 says :

I tried out the Eucerin Redness relief products myself. The only relief I got was the green tint of those products took some of the redness away. Not much of a breakthrough. And some did sting a little. Seems some of these new products are just about masking the redness instead of actually reducing it.

Erika_in_Michigan says :

I caved in to the pressure & bought the cleanser & night creme (from Rite Aid). Used it for 4 days & returned both items (keep those receipts!). The cleanser made me really red, and I would stay red longer than usual. I was also starting to get a build up of dry skin on my chin. The night cream didn’t calm my skin, & in the morning I’d be a bit pinker & greasier than normal.

NanHIm says :

I have just begun using it within the past couple of weeks. I like the cleanser as it is a foaming type. My face is slightly red after cleansing but it always is, no matter what I use.

I do not like the texture of the moisturizer. The green color does help to tone down redness though.

NanHIm also says :

I have been using these products for about a month and overall am pleased. No miracle cure but they work well enough.

I didn’t like the Daily Perfecting Lotion at first as it doesn’t appear to moisturize very well but it does do a good job of toning down the redness. Now, as I write this, I am wondering if it is even intended to be a moisturizer. Does anyone know?

I do plan to continue using this for the forseeable future, or until someone here writes about some other product that catches my eye.

clpass2000 says :

I have been using the Eucerin Soothing Redness Relief Cleanser for two weeks now with no luck. My redness is the same and I have twice the amount of Papules & Pustules. I will stop using it today….I assume I will have no luck with the rest of their “Rosacea claimed Friendly Line”

beefamerica says :

I like the cleanser well enough. Not sure to what extent it actually “soothes” my skin or relieves redness. But it at least seems not to irritate, which is a rarity. And it rinses off well. My face doesn’t feel tight after washing like it did with the Cetaphil bar soap.

In my ongoing quest for a decent sunblock I looked at the Daily Perfecting Lotion as well, but the tinted formula doesn’t blend in well enough for a dude.

smches says:

I tried this and was not impressed with it. It didn’t do anything for me.

wwwdotchat says:

All their products burn my skin and make me red as a radish 🙂

sk8shan5 says:

Sorry, I couldn’t find the original post in my e-mails. Yet, I swear by this line. It’s the only thing that doesn’t make my face burn. The only thing I’d say to avoid is that green cover stick. It covers great, but there is not enough product in it to warrant a purchase. I used it a total of 3 times – not even covering my whole face – before it was empty. The rest of the stuff, especiallly the cleanser seem to work well for me.

polockhart says:

I really like the Eucerin Sensitive Skin wash. It is very gentle and extremely economical. One squirt lathers up nicely so the bottle lasted for several months. I have tried the nighttime Redness Relief cream and like it although I think some people might find it irritating. I also have the sunscreen and like that as well.

I would also recommend the Aveeno Ultra Calming products. They have feverfew in them which really calms down my skin quickly. I really like the Ultra Calming Moisturizer with sunscreen the best of all I have tried. I just bought that last night at Eckerd on sale for $13 minus $2 on a coupon. I don’t like the foaming face wash, it doesn’t really lather up and seems wasteful. The nighttime cream is excellent and I use that more than the Eucerin. All products are over the counter and reasonably priced.


Since I wrote this article Eucerin has released a new product in the Redness Relief product range. According to Eucerin the Soothing Anti-Aging Serum is the first anti-aging serum specially formulated for red facial skin. They claim that it can visibly reduce red skin with concentrated `skin soothing’ Licochalcone and has proven reduction of fine lines and wrinkles from its usage of Coenzyme Q10.

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