Epsom salts or Milk of Magnesia actually works ?

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Could a folksy treatment found in your cupboard help your rosacea? Is life that simple?

A few newspapers have picked up the following Question & Answer article where rosacea sufferers are encouraged to try Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) or Milk of Magnesia on their skin.

Surely there isn’t such a simple, cheap and easily available topical treatment that will offer some kind of relief is there? Read on to see for yourself.

Epsom Salts and Milk of Magnesia

One can imagine that a bath with Epsom salts would be relaxing, but I’m not sure that it is a reliable rosacea treatment per se. One possible reason for any benefits might be the presence of sulfur in the form of the sulfate.

Milk of magnesia is a mildly alkaline suspension of magnesium hydroxide and has been known to be used topically for canker sores. Other `folk’ usage of topical milk of magnesia is for acne, seborrheic dermatitis, and oily skin.

Might there be something real in using these kind of easily available products topically ? That would be a great result for those looking for cheap treatments !

Let us know below if you have found Milk of Magnesia or Epsom Salts helps your skin.

People’s Pharmacy

By Joe and Teresa Graedon


Q. I read about using milk of magnesia for treating acne. My skin condition is called rosacea. It is a painfully embarrassing problem, and no one seems to know what causes it or how to cure it. (W.C. Fields was the most famous rosacea victim, and people sometimes assume a red nose is a result of drinking too much.)

The pharmaceutical products my dermatologist prescribed failed to clear up my red bumps. So I tried magnesium sulfate in the form of a warm compress soaked in an Epsom-salts solution. This worked beautifully, but nobody is making the rounds telling dermatologists about it.

A. Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) is an old-fashioned multipurpose remedy that is sold as a laxative and muscle soak. Why it might work for rosacea is a mystery, but some readers have gotten relief from their redness and breakouts with topical milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide).

Here is one testimonial: “I’m 52, and my acne (actually rosacea) is related to menopausal hormone changes. Since my mid-40s, I’ve tried many different prescription and OTC treatments. I like milk of magnesia the best, and it’s by far the least expensive. I put MoM on my face at bedtime, and by morning my skin looks better.”

Milk of Magnesia Reviews

From LoisAnne on Sun May 10, 2009, Anyone ever had this experience? My derm’s wife has rosacea and he laughs and says that she claims milk of magnesia works best for her! I told him he should check out this forum and see what people are doing for rosacea. (and I am also going to try Milk of Magnesia) Oh….on the face, not internally!

From Strive, 4th May 2008, Milk of Magnesia or magnesium hydroxide. Several years ago I read that this is a good mask for folks with acne, etc. I think the information might have been in the Paula Begoun book. Recently, I came across a bottle in my closet and have been experimenting with it overnight with some pretty good results. Maybe it’s just the absorption of oil that is helping, since I also have seb derm. Some people apparently keep it on briefly before washing it off. Has anyone else tried it?

Article Update

Another update to this potential treatment, from the same columnists but this time in the People’s Pharmacy in the LA Times

“I have been using Epsom salts for the past two weeks to treat my rosacea, and the results are amazing! Since the first day, the redness went away, the pores got smaller and the oiliness disappeared.

I put about 1/4 cup Epsom salts in some warm water. I use a sponge to put it on my face and chest in the shower. After a couple of minutes, I’m done.”

Thanks for this interesting suggestion. Epsom salts contain magnesium sulfate. We could find no research to support this approach, but it seems inexpensive and low-risk.

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45 Reader Comments

  1. Pam says:

    My doctor has prescribed clobetasol cream for my rosacea, just wanted to know if anyone has tried this.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Steroids should only be used short term as they can worsen rosacea and even cause rosacea to occur in people who didn’t have it before using steroids.

    Here are some articles on steroids that you might like to read ;

    http://rosacea-support.org/articles/steroids and especially over the counter steroids can cause steroid induced rosacea.


  3. Craig says:

    I’ve had rosacea for ten years and have spent thousands of dollars on treatment. I finally gave up and resorted to taking tetracycline whenever I would have a breakout. A friend of mine called a few weeks ago saying he had read an article on Milk Of Magnesia and rosacea. I’ve been applying it to my face once a day since and have not broken out at all. A friend was over yesterday and mentioned that I wasn’t “Red” as I usually am. I cannot believe it took me ten years to find out about this!

  4. Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the note. I hope it continues to work for you !


  5. Tracy says:

    Has anyone heard if you can use Milk of magesia topically while you are on the Oracea/Metronidaxole regimen?

    Thanks, Tracy

  6. Rosacea Victim says:

    I am going out today to buy some Milk Of Magnesia. How are you all applying it? I have read some people apply it twice a day, at night and in the morning. How long do you leave it on or do you wash it off like soap……I have applied Hydra-Cortisone, which is a light steroid you can buy over the counter. I use it once a month. It works incredibly well, but my derm. said do not use it more than monthly.

  7. CC says:

    I tried Milk of Mag. for subb. dermatitis and it completely cured my condition. Just dab in on before a shower, and rinse it after the shower. Bang, done. None of the chemicals my doctor prescribed worked at all. Trust me, this really works.

  8. Tom says:

    I tried it for my rosacea/flushing and it pretty much stopped the flushing completely. I still have a slight redness to my skin but i don’t flush every night like i used to. Make sure to keep the skin moisturised also…hope this works for someone else.

  9. Cyndi says:

    I have the papular (hard red welts) type of rosacea. I have had one on my nose now
    for over two weeks and am trying the milk of magnesia tonight.. Metrogel and doxycycline doesn’t budge these things! I have the red lights (LED) and the blue which makes it worse I think. I also tried zinc oxide. I may just end up drying it up
    with benzoil peroxide if nothing else works. It takes about a month but eventually
    the benzoil peroxide is the only thing that seems to shrink it up. Lately I have been
    wondering about too much niacin. Red wine and coffee aren’t a trigger but if you
    read the ingredients of most crackers and pasta, niacin is the second ingredient.
    I had a half of a box of wheat thins and then pasta and that is what did it. Any
    one have this problem with eating lots of crackers. I eat plain Triscuist or wafers
    and read the box first. Corn chips are fine. Please let me know if anyone has the
    same trigger with niacin.

  10. Cyndi says:

    Oh, I forgot to mention that for the most part I found azelaic acid to be a good
    cream for the scarring. I got it off of ebay. The doctor gave me a sulpha lotion
    which did nothing. I am really into this too much niacin theory if anyone can
    let me know their thoughts.. Also, Finecea is the RX name for azelaic acid cream.
    This stuff softens the scars. None of the other sulpher soaps or creams worked
    as I ended up trying all the sulpher products out there.

  11. Jo says:

    I have found that Finacea works much better for me than Metrogel. I’m also interested in the magnesium “connection”. I usually take magnesium orally at night for muscle issues and to help me sleep. These issues had been better in the last few weeks and I left off the magnesium. My rosacea became terribly red and sensitive, but I blamed this on cold dry weather. I’ve started taking my magnesium again and my rosacea is under control — although the weather hasn’t changed that much (coldest winter ever, right?). Now I’m wondering if the oral magnesium was/is helping my rosacea. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  12. Paula says:

    I have had rosacea for 5-6 years now, been on doxycycline several times and that usually works okay but then I get terrible stomach problems. It does not seem worth it.

    Finacea works for me, but in combination with other things. Epsom salts seem to be doing wonders, twice a day.

    The magnesium sounds interesting, I’d like to try it. Is the external the same as epsom salts? Do you need to take it internally too, and are there any known side effects?

  13. Paula says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I am allergic to sulfah-based meds, so all those made my rosacea worse. I’m not sure if there’s a connection there, too, between sulfah and sulfur and rosacea.

  14. Jo says:

    I just take a supplement with 500mg calcium and 200 mg magnesium. Too much magnesium can cause upset stomach, but I’m not nervous about this low dosage. Ask your doctor if there’s any reason you shouldn’t take it. I plan to try the milk of magnesia applied to the rosecea too — if I can ever remember to buy it! I still have some redness, but no breakout or sensitivity, so I’m giving credit to the magnesium supplement.

  15. Valerie says:

    I was diagnosed with rosecea 3 months ago, but my skin declared war on me last Christmas. I thought it was stress, but my biggest stressor was my skin. I had no idea that all I had to do was turn 40, be of Celtic and/or Germanic descent, and have fair skin, to break out like a teenager, again, but only worse. I tried an epsom salt and water ‘mask’ this evening. I diluted epsom salt in water, applied it with my fingers, let it dry (5 mins.), and splashed it off. My bumps are no longer bumps, and all redness is gone. I’m WOWed! I may start bathing in this, too. I hope it works in the long run.

  16. Comment via email from claycrow

    “wow. I wish I had tried this years ago. I poured a marble sized drop of “Head and Shoulders” shampoo and rubbed it into my hands in the shower. I then took the suds and rubbed them around the affected area on my face (at the beginning of my shower). I then shaved, etc, and washed it off of my face after about 3 minutes. I have not had a TRACE of inflammation in three months now- not even a hint of it. The chemical in the shampoo is specifically designed to attack the yeast that causes the flare up. Try it!”

  17. Grayson says:

    I am 35 and I’ve had rosacea for about 17 years on and off, more so when I have put on weight.
    I have tried everything from antibiotics, to cortisone tablets to vitamins and every topical cream under the sun. I tried Epsom salts this morning mixed in with water and washed my face with it, leaving it on for 3-5 minutes. it almost instantly made the red blemishes less red and the sores started to heal within an hour, I have reduced my coffee intake to 1 cup a day from 4 – 6 cups I found my skin was more oily from drinking too much coffee. I also have reduced my intake of spicy food as this made me break out more too. I will keep washing my face with Epsom Salts and see how it goes, I wouldn’t mind trying the milk of magnesiaand see if that helps.
    Damn this Scotish curse!

  18. jo says:

    Had to laugh about the “Scottish curse” and share a blurb taken from our family history. Apparently, in the 1700s a father told his daughter who was marrying one of our ancestors that she was “marrying into the ruddy-faced ______ clan.” My daughter, niece, sister and I — all having rosacea — agree that there is no getting around 400 years of genetics!

  19. Karen says:

    I tried the Epsom salts in a bath this evening. I was actually using it for some hopeful relief of an ongoing foot/leg soreness. I had read this “article” prior. I decided to try the Epson on my face as well. I will say that the redness is not deminished, but it did seem that the bumps were greatly lessened right after the bath.

    A short history…I have had Rosacea for several years. About 2 weeks ago, I was given a steriod pack to try to get my foot problem under control. I have to say the steroid pack cleared my Rosacea up within 1 day to the clearest I have been in 10 years. However, after the pack was over, the rosacea came back with a vengence. Now, I am actually worse than before the steroid pack.

    5 days ago, I decided I had better go back on my doxy. I am taking it morning and night trying to get this under control. It is very discouraging.

    A couple of questions for those who used the Epson salts:
    1) how much epson salt did you mix with water?
    2) How often?
    3) Did you have to mix up new Epson salt each time or can you mix some in a botle and will it keep?
    4) Is there a problem with using it long term?

    A couple for those who have used Milk of Magnesia:
    1) How much do you put on, and how often?
    2) Should you wash it off, or leave it on like when you are going to bed?

    I realize these are a lot of questions, but I really am interested in getting more specifics before I go out on my own. 🙂


  20. Karen says:

    I am sorry…One more question:

    I feel like my case is a very bad case. I have extremely red area over the inner cheeks and now two areas on either side of my chin. They are covered in bumps and many white pin size “pustules.” I guess I was just wondering if anyone has tried any of these remedies with luck on a case such as mine.

  21. cyndi says:

    Just wondering why it is that milk of m didn’t help my red bumps? I also take magnesium and calcium. I also tried espsom salts but never left it on my skin
    longer than a few minutes. Maybe an overnight mask will work? I am still on
    Benzaclin and added sea buckthorn oil. My nose is slowly getting better but still
    swells slightly at the tip. Sadly, I just decided to fill my Oracea (the new form
    of doxycycline) yesterday after waiting 2 weeks to see how the Benzaclin was
    working. I have a wedding to go to Sat and would like a bit less redness with these
    persistant spots where there is still inflammation. this morning things are about
    the same with no great improvement and still a slightly swollen tip. Will give it
    more time but it aggravated my intestines and i had pains all night. I think
    the sea buckthorn oil is a nice emolient and doesn’t irritate at all. I think that
    is the only thing I will definitely be buying again. The seed oil is not orange like
    the flower oil . I thought it was hype but i can see why people are talking about it.

  22. MM says:

    I’ve been struggling with seborrheic dermatitis for over 5 years. After waiting and waiting, I went to a dermatologist to get some answers. He wasted less than 10 minutes with me and was very quick to try to proscribe tar, coal or steroid creams and shampoos. F-that. I later tried Nizoral shampoo which helped a bit, but still would go out of control from time to time. Redness on the eyebrows, flaking peeling skin, but the worst was in my ears… lots of cracking, flaking, peeling skin. I even noticed that my hair was thinning. Its quite possible that hair loss and dermatitis is linked.

    Anyway, long story short I now apply a light coat of Milk of Magnesia on my face, ears and scalp in the shower after shampooing, wait a few minutes, then rinse. The results are insane, no redness and no flakiness. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for hair thickening up top, or at the very worst, no more hair loss. F-the evil dermatologists who are quick to prescribe expensive, chemical-laden junk at the consumers expense.

    I suggest people read up on Wikipedia, which says that its possibly caused by a fungus that lives on the skin. All I can say is thanks to Milk of Magnesia, now I can keep this under control.

  23. bbish says:

    Epsom Salts takes away the redness from my rosacea – it’a amazing. I am not into medications (very rare that I even take aspirin). About 10 yrs ago a dermatologist prescribed sulfer ointment, it worked ok (not as good as Epsom salts though). But after that one trial I did not put that stuff on my skin again (along with the sulfer were a bunch of other non-readable ingredients).

    I just wanted to give a thumbs up on Epsom – i don’t even use a sponge, I just put a teaspoon in my hand, run a little water over it and spread on my face – i leave it there for 2-3 minutes then rinse it off – miraculous how it takes away the red.

  24. al says:

    amazing. my own “scottish curse” was cleared up in 24 hours. thank you all. I just leave the salts in a cup of water, then dip two fingers in and then apply to my face in the evening. the internet told me magnesium sulphate was invented in the town of epson, england. oh well!

  25. cyndi says:

    I believe the people who have had success with M of M and epsom salts may have
    a different type of rosacea than myself as neither of these helped with my red thickened welts.
    I am still having most success with the Elidel (pimcrolimus ointment). My nose
    looks like the one in the picture for “how to cure a swollen nose”. It is a deep
    skin thickening on one side that burns and itches. It is accompanied by an overall
    swelling of the tip of the nose. Each welt takes about 3 months to
    go away. It also leaves a slight indentation. Does anyone know who’s picture that is
    so I can find out how he’s doing?

  26. Tee says:

    Oh what a terrible thing…this rosacea! In the beginning, I was desperate and tried everything that was suggested online. I bought the supplements and the creams…I tried the oils and the potions…all to no avail. I spoke to a geneticist a couple of weeks ago and she turned to me and said magnesium so matter of factly. I researched it and thought what the heck its worth a try. I mix milk of magnesia with a bit of vitamin E oil just so it doesn’t dry tight on the face and Bam…2 days I was over the read. Started a Cal-Mag supplement and the worst seems to be over. After months of waking up and dreading the day, it seems I have turned the corner. I wash my face with epsom salt and apply my concotion before bed. Every day I wear less and less make-up. I am 56 years old and my skin is looking better and better everyday. Best wishes to all that have to deal with this.

  27. Cyndi says:

    Hello-is anyone there anymore reading this site? Just looking at my post from last
    Sept. I still have a swollen nose tip that is not red and one painful new bump that
    looks really red and hurts with the slightest touch. It has been there 6 weeks and
    very hard to cover. I canceled two social events because of it. What a hermit I
    am nowadays. The rest of my face is perfectly fine but this one red sweltering
    bump is right on my nose tip this time. it is hard to hide. The dermatogist can’t
    figure out and wants to do a biopsy. I don’t think there is cancer there because
    it is just behaving like the other ones that take months to heal. He put me on
    Doryx 150 mg. which is strong but cheaper and stronger than the Oracea 40 mg
    I was on last fall. I bruise horribly though so the ONLY supplement I just added
    is Vitamin K-2. I am hoping that might help heal the capillaries. I took grapeseed
    extract thinking it would help but ironically it makes thes red bumps get more red.
    I am 55 and desperately trying to keep the ugly spider veins and old bruise marks
    from the doxycyline down to a minimun..Antibiotics help swelling but I think they
    make your capillaries more frail. Why does the epsom salts not work for these
    red welts. i am wondering if this is even rosea. Why is my nose swollen at the tip
    but no redness. Even prednison did not help. Is anyone else having the swollen
    tip problem with no redness? i think I will get a refill on the Retin-A and go back
    to that. The BenzaCyn (benzoil peroxide and clindamycin) was a waste of $50.00.

  28. Cyndi says:

    Please excuse my spelling errors above on rosacea and prednisone.

  29. John Harcourt says:

    Hi, I read the article on Epsom Salts for Rosacea in the Home Pharmacy on the Mayo Clinic Web sight. I mixed a small mixture in a little warm water , and applied it to my cheeks and nose where I have Rosacea. In 10 minutes I gently washed it off. Even on the first application my face felt cooler, looked less red, was smoother and felt really nice. I couldn’t do it again for 4 days , and have just recently done it . My face, even before I did the second application looked a lot better .

    Now when they say mix a small amount of Epsom Salts and apply to your face , you will notice you have a little gravelly mixture. You have to dab it on your face and nose , or where ever you have the Rosacea. It is a little hard to keep on your face, ( at least that is what I found ), but the results are wonderful. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and gently wash off. If you want , you can use a little cover up. You will notice you need a lot less than you used to.

    All the Best.

    I am going to keep doing this until I can see no results , or I get some side effects I don’t like. I don’t think this is going to happen.

  30. trackgirl says:

    Put a small dab of an anti-fungal cream in the palm of your hand (think Lotrimin or Rite Aid’s “foot care antifungal cream” – active ingredient is terbinafine hydrochloride cream 1%). Add a couple of drops of milk of magnesia and rub your hands together – then quickly spread this mixture all over your clean face and leave on overnight. I actually use it during the day and it acts as a primer for my makeup! My seb derm is almost completely under control. I mix up the anti-fungals just to make sure that the yeast (malassezia – sp?) doesn’t become resistant to it, but you only need to do this every other week. Also started washing my face with Cerave and a Tbsp. of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mixed, again, in the palm of my hand. I do leave that on about 5 minutes before rinsing it off. I am thrilled with the results and just wanted to share. I’ve done so much research on seb derm and rosacea (though not sure I have it), to have found something that seems to help and has decreased the scaling and enlarged pores to a noticeable extent is wonderful!

  31. trackgirl says:

    No, make that like a tablespoon or two of MOM – sorry, wasn’t thinking clearly!

  32. John Harcourt says:

    Hi again. I wrote a piece on Nov. 2nd/2012 about Epsom Salts for Rosacea. I have been using it every day now for about a week and a half. The Red on my cheeks and and nose has definitely gotten a lot better. I really don’t even notice it now. I will keep putting it on once a day as I find it feels quite good , and the results are great.

    The only things I have to watch are my Triggers. I find that Indoor Heat, and my Hyperness cause me to flush. I have to keep the Heat lower, and try not to get myself worked up for good or bad. I have always been Hyper , so it is hard to just be a layed back person, but I am working on it. Both of these Triggers can be avoided. If you know your Triggers, try to illiminate them as much as you can.

    The Best : John .

  33. John Harcourt says:

    Hi, I was just giving an update on my Epsom Salts treatment for my Rosacea which I thought was a good piece to help people give it a try. I had worked so well for me. If you don’t want it, that is fine.

    The Best: John.

  34. trackgirl says:

    John – have you considered letting the Epsom salts dissolve in hot water, letting it cool and then applying? I mean, ES dissolve in the bath tub to a certain degree – irregardless, I am going to try this today as it sounds promising. I don’t have severe rosacea, if at all, mostly seb derm, but my nose is redder than I like and the pores are huge! I would be thrilled to find something to help calm it down! Thanks for the update – good to know that 13 days later it is still working – so many things don’t work long term.

  35. Belinda says:

    I have been dealing with rosacia for 18-20 yrs and have tried LOTS of expensive meds. I have been using MOM for about two weeks after my derm. Recommended it. I pour a little bit in the cup and apply with a cottrn ball. My husband says he can tell a difference in the redness. I am going to try the Epsom salt and see if that will help also!!!! THANKS FOR THE INFO!!!!! 😉

  36. Mahara says:

    I have dealt with Rosacea for over 30 years and have done everything including expensive laser treatments. The best solution for me is seabuckthorn fruit oil and vitamine E capsules taken every morning—unbelievable how the redness and swelling have been reduced and I do not flush nor do I have painful, irritated, inflamed or itchy skin. (You need to experiment with the amount but my maintenance dose is 2 capsules of SBT fruit oil and 1 vitamin E 400 IU every morning) Also I have used Dr. Nase’s Rosadyn which has really helped to eradicate the awful swelling and really helps to keep things under control. Also, diet is crucial: lots of fresh vegetables and try to eat really clean.
    People actually compliment me on my beautiful complextion and I inform that actually I have had rosacea for years. Please give this a try and also it has practically cured Raynauds that I have had since I was a child.
    Taking antibiotics for Rosacea is not the answer; the backlash is horrible and you cannot stay on them all your life so I would urge everyone to reconsider resorting to that protocol! I really hope this information helps someone so you do not have to suffer like I have trying everything to no avail–costly financially and emotionally.

    • Kathy says:

      May I ask what brand of SBT you use? Sibiu seems popular and I’ve read that 30 percent is key, but at this point, I’m confused. Many thanks!

      • Mahara says:

        SBT The original seabuckthorn company from Peachland, B.C. Each capsul is 500 mg 100% Pure. I hope this brings you lasting relief.

        • Kathy says:

          Thank you! Do you buy it directly from the manufacturer?

          • Mahara says:

            I used to buy it at Wholefoods but I now purchase it from amazon.ca (Much better prices) Also, I use the seabuckthorn soap from SBT and it is fantastic on my face—-best cleanser ever and I have tried so many expensive cleansers and none of them compare to just the plain old SBT soap for rosacea. You can purchase from the SBT website and it is definitely worth researching.

  37. CarmenG says:

    December 25th, 2014. Yes Christmas, . Thanks to your testimonies I have received me Christmas gift. My rosacea has become milder with both Epsom salt and water on my clean skin topped off with Milk of Magnesia. For the first time in a year of suffering with what I call the HIB, (hurting, itching abd burning), of my acne rosacea, I was able to apply makeup and go out for Christmas dinner and not worry about my looks. Thank you all. I found the Epsom salt and water calm the redness and inflammation. The Milk of Magnesia helps even further by helping to tighten the pores. Ever so thankful to you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  38. rebecca says:

    i just want to say i am thankful for this site and others comments regarding what you have tried. since i hit 15 i have battled redness and swelling around my cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead and never really knew what this redness was. i just thought it was an Irish trait until i was diagnosed at the age of 18. (i am now 23) since no cream that the doctor had given me worked i just gave up and continued to just cover it up with makeup over the years until i found this site and seeing everyone recommend espon salt. WOW is all i can say. just two days of using this natural product has almost eliminated all the redness, i woke up this morning thinking i had left makeup on over night and then realized i havnt been wearing foundation but it was my natural skin! my nose is still a slight red but my chin, forehead, and cheeks had almost no redness to them. i also suffer from having high amounts of oil that builds on face which has caused acne. i have no acne or red bumps and my face dosnt feel like its been drowning in oil all night. i really recommend using espon salt. 1/4 of cup of the epson salt, 1/4 of water (i use cold) once i wash my face once in the morning and at night, i then take a wash cloth soaked in cold water and press it against my face for 20 seconds. i then use a small dab of head and shoulders and wash my face gently. this is also soothing and creates a moisturizer leaving my face clean and hydrated so it will not itch or become dry, which is something another person recommended. i hope this will help someone else because i was at the point of just covering my face up every day because of how embarrassed i was. dont give up, try different methods and see what works for you 🙂

  39. Mike Hackett says:


    Horrible, horrible scalp, forehead, and rosacea that started in the mid-thirties and that no dermatologist could touch with any pharmaceuticals:

    We first took Vitamin D3 (5,000 ius) daily for a year and that cleared up most of it, then we totally STOPPED using soap/shampoo, etc body wide — just plain water — which cleared the remaining rosacea.
    Can’t wait to try the Milk of magnesia for lingering minor residual problems.

  40. Jack says:

    I have also found Milk of Magnesia very effective for seborrheic dermatitis. I’ve been using it for about 10 years, now. Just before going to bed, I put a few drops into the palm of my hand, dip in a fingertip and pat it onto the affected area (about a square inch either side of my nose). It dries very quickly (less than a minute). If I miss a couple of days, the symptoms come back (red, flaky, itchy skin). It’s not a cure, but it does control the symptoms completely.

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