Efracea is the UK version of Oracea

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Publications filed with the UK and EU health and approval authorities suggest that Galderma is marketing the 40mg modified release doxycycline (known as Oracea in the US) as Efracea in the United Kingdom.

Other member countries also granting approval are Austria, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland and Sweden. The medicine is also approved under the name `Oraycea’ in Germany.

Officially known as “EFRACEA 40 mg modified-release hard capsules”, finally rosacea sufferers in Europe will be able to try Oracea/Efracea to see if it is a good match for them.

How is it taken ?


Rosacea sufferers will be able to fill a prescription for Efracea in packets of 28 and 56 tablets.

The supporting documentation suggests that patients should be evaluated after 6 weeks of once-daily usage of Efracea. Interestingly it is confirmed that patients do tend to experience a reappearance of lesions 4 weeks after ceasing treatment. Thus patients should be re-assessed a month after their 6 week treatment – or indeed 8 weeks as the 56 table pack might well suggest.

How much does it cost ?

Unless you have full health insurance, Oracea is prohibitively expensive in the US.

Can anyone who has filled a prescription for Efracea in the UK tell us what it cost ? Is it available on the NHS ?

I was unable to find a press release announcing that Efracea was available in the UK, so perhaps it is close to being available but not yet on pharmacy shelves. Some documents are suggesting that Efracea was only officially approved in mid November 2009.


It seems that Galderma have published a high level UK site for Efracea – www.efracea.co.uk

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11 Reader Comments

  1. DukeCity says:

    I have found it online with many Canadian Pharmacys, cost varies, but the lowest prices are consistent at $199. for 60 capsules. There are some that sell it for much more, but the larger pharmacys will always price match any of the low prices you find at any other approved site, “CIPA” approved ect. I purchased at CanadaPharmacy.com since they are highly rated and they price matched the $199 price I found from Global Drugs, Blue Sky Drugs & Big Mountain Drugs. You will need a prescription which you can fax or attach & e-mail. Buying Oracea in the USA would cost me $320 for 30 capsules, so it’s a big savings.

  2. Naturaltreatments says:

    I was prescribed Efracea today on the NHS (had been considering getting it privately now that it is available in the UK, and was quite surprised it was easily available on NHS, although it really ought to be since it is now approved by Nice). I know some trusts are refusing to pay for it/approve it at the moment, but the costs to the NHS (though these may differ to the privately prescribed cost of the drug in the UK?) are roughly £15 a month, so much cheaper than in the US and Canada I think. Its sold in packs of 56 for around £30, so if you want it it’s worth pointing out to the GP/dermatologist that you will get two months treatment for the headline price they will see of £30. Efracea is not yet listed in the BNF (the doctors’ medicine bible) where they will first look when you request it since they probably won’t have heard of Efracea yet, but it was listed on the GP’s computer prescription system as an available drug.

  3. Thanks for that excellent detailed information Naturaltreatments !

  4. jane willingale says:

    I have just been prescribed this drug, and now having read all the information about it, I am not sure that I want to take it. I know it has been tested etc but the side effects sound rather worrying, has anyone used it and felt OK? plus see that condition comes back when you stop taking it!

  5. Hi Jane,

    As Efracea is just the well known antibiotic doxycycline, if you have been ok in the past taking antibiotics then you should be fine.

    It is definitely worth knowing the common negative side effects of taking anything, so do keep an eye out for changes and let your doctor help you with any concerns.

    One of the touted benefits of Efracea is the potential for less side effects due to the lower dosage.

    For some sufferers, symptoms will return as they come off antibiotics, but potentially less severe especially if you are able to reduce inflammation through a good skin care regime for eg.

    all the best,

  6. Jackson says:

    Hello. My doctor prescribed Oracea, 30 pills. My pharmacy asked for $460. I declined, then I ordered a bottle of oracea from Blue Sky Drugs in Surrey, BC. Took a few weeks, and they sent me Efracea, mailed from the UK.

    MFG by Galderma. Cost: $109 for 56 pills, plus $10 shipping. What does that tell you about the health care system here in teh good ol’ USA?

  7. Hi Jackson,

    Unfortunately the obscure/obscene pricing of Oracea is a common topic of conversation. Certainly Galderma are being richly rewarded for their creation of this “new form” of doxycycline.

    As a further comparison, I wonder how cheaply you could get 50mg generic doxycycline tablets.

    For those without full medical insurance, this is an alternative they could discuss with their doctor.

    Additionally, Oracea and Metrogel is available for free for those with no medical cover at all and on a low income.


  8. Richard says:

    Just arrived to the UK from the US where I was a regular user of Oracea 40mg 1/day pills. My cost for the pills worked like this: full retail cost of 30 pills was $600, my health insurance covered about $385 of that meaning I would pay the remainder of $215, finally I had a coupon from Galderma which then knocked the price down to $25. That is absolutely the only way I would buy this drug. Just before moving to the UK I asked for a 4 month supply and my doctor said yes, my health insurer said yes, but Galderma said no and would not allow the coupon to be used.

    Just went the the local GP and he knew nothing of Oracea but gave me Erythromycin (4 pills a day for a total of 122 pills for 8 pounds 20 pence.). I’ll use this up and then go back and ask for Efracea.

  9. Gandha says:

    I just bought 3 months supply of Efracea and it cost £54.00, my GP would not give me a prescription I had to get one direct from the Opthalmologist and then order it at a chemist. I read the contra indications though and have decided not to take it, so I have a fresh supply if anyone wants them.

  10. Burnie says:

    I am in the UK and recently started taking Efracea, after about two weeks it has left me with all over body itching, and raised bumps on my chest and the rest of my face (which is normally clear apart from my patch of Rosacea). I’m going to stop taking it today and ask my GP for something else, however Rosex Gel and Soolantra ointments both didn’t do anything and were a pain to apply and wait to be able to apply night creams.

    Anyone else using anything that seems to work?

  11. Jim says:

    Seems to be available on the NHS for the usual flat rate prescription fee of £10 regardless of how much is supplied. Or you can have it prescribed by one of the online pharmacies for about £25 for a month’s worth if you want to pay privately.

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