EC approves Oracea for sale in Europe

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The news sites are buzzing with the announcement that the European Commision has granted marketing authority for Oracea. The first domestic approvals for Oracea will be granted in Germany, UK, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. MediGene has the rights to sell Oracea throughout Europe. Local approvals are expected within 30 days.

This news follows on from the announcement in April of a positive opinion by the EMEA.

Potentially good news for those in Europe who would like to try Oracea. I feel I should again point to my comments about the why these sorts of press releases are really not that interesting to rosacea sufferers.

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  1. vanna fiore says:

    I need tetracyclines for my disease : meibomian glands dysfunction .
    But this antibiotic is dangerous for my health , so I ask for antibiotic ,not injurious to health .
    But just few bacteriostatic.
    Is ORACEA CMT-3 ?
    Can I Buy it in ItalY or Europe ?

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