Dr. Syed charged for posing as a doctor

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Quite a few news sites today are covering the filing of charges of and arraignment of rosacea identity “Dr. Syed”.

Known to rosacea sufferers as Tanweer A. Syed MD. PhD, 66 year old Timothy Syed Andersson is facing 51 felony charges including practicing medicine without a license, grand theft by deception and perjury.

Andersson has been found to have no formal training or license in the United States or abroad.

His web site has impressive sounding terminology such as “professional expertise in the field of extracting and synthesizing natural bioactive” and “incorporating biologically active natural ingredients into skin cream emulsions”, as well as “patent pending proprietary formulation” and also “powerful antioxidant is truly bio-available”.

Rosacea News has covered Dr. Syed and his products in the past. He was well known to rosacea sufferers for his very expensive Green Tea based cream. His cream was in fact found to contain hydrocortisone. The District Attorney Kamala Harris was quoted as saying the green tea cream was “a bunch of BS”. Users of his cream were found to be located all over the United States as well as several overseas countries.

Andersson has cleverly promoted his cream as appealing to rosacea sufferers. In 2007 he was listed as a member of the RRDi Medical Advisory Committee. His $125 Hypo-Allergenic Facial Cream (supposedly green tea  based) was not well received by rosacea sufferers as you can see in a few forum postings.

Be Careful out There

The charging of Andersson on serious charges is a great opportunity for rosacea sufferers to step back and think about what they read and accept and who they trust. Especially online, we all need to watch out for people who call themselves a doctor and have a web site full of gobbledegook.

Don’t trust someone who is not a licensed M.D. to offer you a consultation. Don’t buy products that promise results that appear suspicious.

Andersson has claimed to investigators that he does not practice medicine and just sells his facial cream from his home.

The District Attorney urges everyone to check the official registration of medical doctors and to not visit Andersson/Syed’s web site.

[Update]: an article has been published in SF Weekly News:

The Many Faces of Dr. Syed.

By Ashley Harrell Wednesday, Apr 21 2010

A phony dermatologist misdiagnosed patients and stuck them with needles. It took four years for the medical board to figure it out.

Syed’s deception spree came to an end in February, nearly four years after he had been brought to the attention of the MBC, when he was finally arrested and jailed. He refused to talk to SF Weekly for this article. But his former friends, victims, and one of his ex-wives (he has four) have plenty to say, as do the hundreds of pages of investigative documents in the D.A.’s file. They tell the story of a man whose genius wasn’t for medicine but for fraud.

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15 Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for this information. Ouch! I have removed him from the RRDi MAC.

  2. Peter says:


    Dr. Syed or shall we say Mr Anderson isn’t the only fraudster out there with an interest in rosacea. Despite being aware of this person’s background and history you are currently advertising the product of another very suspicious character who is well known to many of us in the Rosacea Community.

    I wrote to you privately about this and you never replied. Unless you want to damage your own reputation then my advice would be to review what products you allow to be promoted via your website.

    Once all the facts about the Syed deception come out, then questions will be asked about some of these other bogus doctors around, who falsify their qualifications so they can con innocent people.



  3. Bill says:

    Unfortunately I bought two jars of his magic
    until it dawned on me his background claims had every indication of fraud. Product of course didn’t work
    as suggested. Thanks for info. Hang him!

  4. Jenny says:

    Just goes to show that we most certainly can’t believe everything we read on the Internet! Sadly, there are more charlatans out there! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date David.

  5. Peter says:

    Hello Jenny

    Well however we want to describe this type of person, charlatan, fraudster, conman, impostor, cheat, swindler, phoney etc etc – despite Syed being nailed recently, the main one involved or still trying to be involved with rosacea, remains out there trying to peddle his wares via the internet. He claims to be in rosacea remission for many years due to this wonder product of his or the ingredients contained within but nobody ever gets to meet him or see a series of genuine photographs as proof? Now you would have thought most people would find that very odd?

    Despite all the rave reviews emanating from his own press releases and some suspicious looking testimonials, the claims about product testing and clinical trials etc, we never get to see anything authenticated from a known and reliable source or respected medical body. Very strange considering this doctor’s claimed qualifications and the fact he tells everybody he is always at the forefront of cutting edge rosacea research?

    If you regularly use the internet to research rosacea or belong to the Rosacea Support Group Forums then you really must have been asleep for most of the time or had your head buried in the sand to miss all the adverse publicity about this particular doctor.

    Anyway after a recent exchange of PM’s it was good to see Brady Barrows do the decent thing and remove the Rosadyn adverts from his website.



  6. abacab says:

    Wow, another “doctor” down. This really drives home the need to check people credentials out, and wait for research from respected institutions that have nothing to do with said inventor. I big give away I suppose is his “all natural” slant. The “natural products” industry has more than it’s share of fraudsters (just check all the weight loss products, and 80% of what is out there on natural cures).

  7. clara says:

    2 years ago I used Dr Syeds green tea cream and now I just found out that it’s just a fraud!

    And now I’m scared that the cream contained some dangerous styff which can gice me cancer or something else.. a dangerous disase

    If anyone have any information about him and this cream I would be so thankful for if you could send me an email here in sweden…


    I would also be very happy if anyone knows who I can contact, a police office?, and ask if they have made a control of what the cream really contained?

    I live in sweden so I have no idea how this works in US..?

  8. Jenny says:

    Hi Clara

    Please do not panic! You have lost money on a cream and it is highly unlikely that it will cause Cancer.

    This is an Australian information site and I’m sure the owner, David, will up-date as the case proceeds.

    Please do not be so worried.

  9. Hello Clara,

    The SFDA has asked for anyone with information to contact them.


    .. anyone with information about Syed Andersson’s fraudulent practice of medicine should contact Lieutenant of Investigations Kathleen McCarthy at (415) 551-9579.

    Her email address is Kathleen.McCarthy@sfgov.org

    It doesn’t seem that the cream contained anything truly dangerous, but not disclosing the steroid is pretty unforgivable especially given that he was targeting rosacea sufferers.


  10. Nataljaoo says:

    This is really appaling! To promote a cream for rosaceans, thát expensive also, and to find out it has HYDROCORTISONE in it, the one thing all rosaceans should stay far away from is just shocking. I hope no rosaceans have had a severe deterioration of their condition from it. My rosacea started out of nothing from only a few days of sparingly use of hydrocortisone, so I can only imagine what it could do to people who unknowingly used i for weeks or months. He should get lawsuits on his plate with demands for compensation!


  11. Peter says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Natalja and hopefully he will go to jail for fraud.

    Of course we still have the other fraudster out there – Dr Geoffrey Nase – who still thinks he can get away with conning people suffering from rosacea. Equally appalling is his collaboration with Nielson at the RTIT where some people had their rosacea made much worse following the treatment advice made by Nase. Nielson has been reprimanded and fined by the TMB but Nase because he doesn’t reside in Texas and isn’t a MD has so far escaped or so he thinks. Maybe one day soon he will be sharing a cell with Syed 🙂

    We need to rid the rosacea community of these type of people.

  12. Elizabeth Sospenzo says:

    I am totally shocked to read the above allegations about Mr. Syed. I have been using the greantea extract creme at the suggestion by Dr, David Williams in his circular “Alternatives” a number of years ago. I had been told by my dermatologist to immediately stop using hydro-cortisone creams for my rosecea as my skin was getting thinner and thinner. I told this to Mr. Syed and he was confident his green tea extract creme was the answer. I hope somewhat tells Dr. David Williams to check his referrals.

  13. Friend says:

    I think so that person is not a fake person he is Ph.D in chemistry and his experience in his field is very good but he just have need for any good person in medical who help him for make good medicals for healthy future of peoples but in america they don,t like to make any one raising in there country so i think we guys have need to help him…. thanks….

  14. Peter says:

    Who are you referring to – Syed or Nase?

    They are both fakes and proven conmen.

  15. Rex says:

    I have used several jars of the ‘green tea extract’ for about three years. It kept my roseasa under control better than any prescription lotions that my local dermatoligists recommended. ( I’ve been to four different ones.) My son also has the same problem so I have given two jars to him. He likes it and wanted me to order another jar, since I was going to be ordering again. When I pulled up the website to get the address, I found the article about the charges against Dr. Syed. Be assured I will put that order on hold until I learn more. (I also had seen the article in “Alternatives” magazine recommending the ‘green tea extract’ after I had been using it for a couple of years). Thanks to all those who sent in comments on the subject!

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